Experience Points (XP)

Users gain XP by doing just about anything on our website ranging from leaving comments, editing our profile, submitting music shows or survival shows

Profile submissions and edits
  • Submitting new artists to our database that meet our guidelines. The amount of XP gained is determined by how much information is added to the profile when submitted
  • Editing currently existing profile pages. Basic information (birthdays, height, weight etc) users will be awarded 5 XP per edit. Images are 10 XP per edit (50 if they're currently on our help needed front page warning).
  • Fun facts with sources are 10 xp per submission
  • Discographies are 10 XP per submission and 5 XP per track added. Each track also can be liked which each like given from other users grants the owner 1 XP per like
Music Shows
  • Music show submissions are 10 XP per and 5 XP per performance added. Each performance can be liked by other users which grants the owner 1 XP per like
Survival Shows
  • Basic information on survival shows such as a start / end date is 5 XP per edit.
  • Depending on how many contestants/survivors are added per edit will determine how much XP is awarded. 
  • Episode submissions users will be awarded 25 XP per submissions
Bias Battles
  •  10 XP is awarded per bias battle submitted
  • 5 XP is awarded per calendar submission / edit
Comments / Music / Pics
  • Every pics album / music submission / comment can be liked by other users which will award the user with 1 XP per each unique like given

Every submission or edit on our website requires moderation approval sometimes more XP will be awarded then mentioned in this guide if it is clear a lot of work has been put into the edit (written descriptions of profile pages, survival shows, photo cropping) and sometimes bonuses will be awarded or bonus XP will be added if a page is in severe need of help.
Each level you gain on kpopping unlocks new ways to use the site. Below is a list of the XP requirements and new features granted.

At level 1 you start off with 8 biases and the ability to comment, add calendar events and edit the database. Level 2 you can start adding music to the site, bias battles and photos. At Level 3 the website fully opens up where you add idol, group and company submissions to the website.

Level 1 (Nugu) - 0xp 
Level 2 (Trainee) - 10xp 
Level 3 (Rookie) - 100 xp
Level 4 (Idol) - 1000xp
Level 5 (Hallyu Maker) - 10,000xp
Level 6 (Daesang) - 50,000xp
Level 7 (Sunbae) - 100,000xp - also removes ads from the website.
Level 8 (Jjang) - 500,000xp
Level 9 (All-Killer) - 1,000,000xp

Each level you gain also awards more biases you can track.

Level 1 (Nugu) - 8 biases
Level 2 (Trainee) - 12 biases
Level 3 (Rookie) - 16 biases
Level 4 (Idol) - 20 biases
Level 5 (Hallyu Maker) - 40 biases
Level 6 (Daesang) - 60 biases
Level 7 (Sunbae) - 80 biases
Level 8 (Jjang) - 100 biases
Level 9 (All-Killer) - 120 biases