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"Was Lucas Unofficially Kicked Out?" — Korean Netizens Discuss the Status of NCT's Lucas

"Was Lucas Unofficially Kicked Out?" — Korean Netizens Discuss the Status of NCT's Lucas


's fourth sub-unit WAYV recently celebrated their fourth debut anniversary and fans couldn't help but notice something in the fanarts that member Yangyang shared.

In the fanarts, only six members were visible. It excluded Lucas, who is currently in hiatus after being embroiled in various accusations.

Back in 2021, an alleged ex-girlfriend of Lucas accused the idol of gaslighting and being a gold digger. Other women also came forward, claiming that they also had a past relationship with Lucas, even accusing him of badmouthing group members. While fans tried to debunk the allegations, Lucas himself released a lengthy apology and announced his hiatus for reflection. Fast forward to 2023, Lucas still hasn't returned from his hiatus.

Meanwhile, Yangyang's post became a hot topic among Korean netizens, who commented:

  • It's crazy considering a member really posted it.
  • Yangyang cut him off in the last photo lol.
  • I think he got annoyed because WAYV's comeback kept getting delayed after Lucas stained their image.
  • I'm sure the members are mad too.
  • This is so sad ㅠㅠㅠ
  • Wasn't Jessica kicked out too?
  • Wow, I've never seen a member nail it like this.
  • I almost forgot who Lucas was.
  • When Yangyang posted this, he got cursed a lot by fans ㅠ Yangyang is very disappointing. He betrayed Lucas.
  • Was Lucas unofficially kicked out?
  • How about SuperM? Will they promote as a six-member group?
  • At one time, I thought he was handsome and fun, but after the scandal, my view changed.
  • But if you really look at them, it doesn't feel empty at all.
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