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“Maybe Rei Was Just Nervous?” — Korean Netizens Are Divided Over IVE Rei’s Behavior During ‘Running Man’ Guesting

“Maybe Rei Was Just Nervous?” — Korean Netizens Are Divided Over IVE Rei’s Behavior During ‘Running Man’ Guesting

A Korean netizen recently shared still cuts of Rei during IVE's full group guesting on the hit variety show 'Running Man' and said, "IVE's Rei was so insincere and unwilling. ​​​​​She kept giving short answers to Yoo Jaesuk's questions and felt so unmotivated. She doesn't laugh at anything he says and just makes a silly face. The 'Running Man' members try to save the mood by laughing."

The post became a hot topic and earned mixed opinions from Korean netizens, who commented:

  • But isn't that how you make yourself stand out and make a character? Do idols only have to be active and talkative? I mean, being an idol is a game where people originally decide on a concept, create their own character, push it, get reactions from people, and the public finds and consumes it according to their taste. This is how idols attract attention. Also, there are kids with personalities with what you want, so go find them and root for them. Not all idols are the same as Jang Wonyoung. Besides, if you don't like IVE, will you force yourself to be a fan of them? If they don't suit your taste, you don't have to badmouth or even pay attention to them. Actually, Rei is popular and cute. Just looking at the Youtube shorts, there are many people who love her. You're just one of the people with a bad heart who make a fuss over everything she does.
  • This is how you get your character (as a celebrity)
  • I'm not a fan of IVE but I feel bad because everything they do keeps getting twisted and turned into a controversy.
  • The general public likes stuff like this. It doesn't matter.
  • Maybe Rei was just nervous?
  • I thought it was cute.
  • If Jang Wonyoung had done that, it would've been a mess. Looks like there are perks for being an unpopular member.
  • No matter how good Rei is in speaking Korean, she's still not at the stage where she can understand nuances, so I think she just spoke her mind.
  • Is it fun to hate on someone?
  • Thank you to those who keep making IVE a hot topic even when they're not active.
  • In the past, Hyukoh did that to and everyone said it was funny.
  • Stop fighting, shows like these are scripted anyway.


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