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“Our IU, Thank You for Coming Back!” — Korean Netizens React to IU’s Comeback Drama With Park Bo Gum

“Our IU, Thank You for Coming Back!” — Korean Netizens React to IU’s Comeback Drama With Park Bo Gum

After almost four years since the fantasy drama "Hotel Del Luna," IU is confirmed to make her small-screen comeback with actor Park Bo Gum through the drama "I Was Fooled," also known as "Thank You For Your Hard Word."

Set in Jeju Island, IU will play the role of the rebellious and strong-willed Ae-soon, while Park Bo Gum will play the sincere Gwang-Sik. The drama will depict the pair's adventure-filled lives in the 1950s.

The news of IU's new project instantly became a hot topic among Korean netizens, who commented:

  • Oh my God!
  • So it's set in the 1950's at Jeju Island? That's awesome!
  • It's a combination of Lee Hyori's guests! (IU and Park Bo Gum appeared as guests on Lee Hyori's show, 'Hyori's Homestay' in Jeju Island)
  • Being the same age drives me crazy hahahaha
  • The title is weird hahaha
  • Our IU, thank you for coming back! It's been a while since you were in a drama!
  • I'm excited to hear their Jeju dialect.
  • Finally, IU's acting again!
  • A little smart girl whose voice trembles like a goat whenever she rebels hahaha! The character description suits IU well. it's so cute!
  • There are a lot of dramas that target middle-aged people these days.
  • The writer of the drama also wrote "When the Camellia Blooms" so I know it will be good!
  • I'm looking forward to the fresh combination of the writer, director, IU, and Bo Gum!
  • The combination of IU and Park Bo-gum ㅠㅠ I'm so happy and excited!
  • I know IU will kill this. She was awesome in "My Mister."
  • I can already tell that this drama will be a hit!
  • I just want to see IU act again.
  • IU, I love you!


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