Korean Netizens Defend NewJeans Haerin After Being Told to Lose Weight

Korean Netizens Defend NewJeans Haerin After Being Told to Lose Weight

In a local forum, a Korean netizen posted a side-by-side comparison of NewJeans Haerin's past and present photos, and said, "Let's lose some weight. I was surprised how round she was while watching Music Bank. Did you eat a lot on Lunar New Year? I'm not telling you to lose weight like crazy. I just want you to find the form when you debuted. Haerin, it's really sad because you have such a pretty face."

The post enraged fellow Korean netizens, who instantly defended the rookie idol:

  • There's nothing wrong with her. Shut up.
  • Close your mouth, OP.
  • What weight gain? This was just her on the way to Music Bank.
  • Her cheeks are her charm, you idiot.
  • Haerin, baby, just eat whatever you want. There's nothing wrong with you.
  • Get lost, OP.
  • Lose your weight first, OP.
  • Haerin will always be pretty even if she gains weight.
  • Haerin didn't gain weight. Besides, kids at her age should eat more.
  • Why would she lose weight? Haerin is pretty.
  • She looks like Winter on the right photo.
  • Don't be a jerk. NewJeans are attractive because of their natural charms. Don't stress them out. They are just kids.
  • OP, why are you like this?
  • OP, do you think you're cool for saying stuff like this? Why are you interested in other people's lives?
  • Anyone's weight should be none of your business.
  • Whatever. Haerin will always be pretty.


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