BTS Jimin’s Funny Story Where He Denied That He Is BTS’ Jimin When He Ate a Meal in Busan Went Viral

BTS Jimin’s Funny Story Where He Denied That He Is BTS’ Jimin When He Ate a Meal in Busan Went Viral

BTS members are truly angels!

It is not a hidden fact in the industry that BTS members are humble, respectful, and passionate about their craft.

Coming from a then small company BigHit Entertainment, now known as HYBE, BTS debuted holding on to their dreams and persevered their way to the top. With members that are genius in songwriting, rapping, singing, and dancing, BTS using purely hardwork and talent, achieved their dreams and now they have made history globally.

Recently, BTS' Jimin collaborated with BIGBANG's Taeyang for the song "VIBE" where he expressed his admiration towards Taeyang in the nicest way. Jimin told viewers that he is learning so much from Taeyang every second that he felt he was on a field trip.

With that, a clip of Jimin about his Busan trip where he narrated his experience during his meal at a restaurant went viral. Jimin shared that the owner asked him if he was BTS' Jimin to which he replied with a "No" using a Satoori accent. He further added, "Isn't Jimin from the South side" and Jimin and the owner continued to converse about where "BTS' Jimin" is really from.

Netizens reacted:

  • Laughed so first time seeing this vid, Jimin! There will be no 'next bts' for us ever.
  • You're a comedy master, Jimin!
  • Wait, the vid is funny
  • Plus them declining discounts cuz they know they can afford it is just another thing that differentiates them from these other idols. Also, how they refer to other idols or musicians is just with admiration and respect.
  • I adore him, so sweet, well they all are tbh. 7 great guys...much respect
  • "not using his own name to avoid paying for his own stuff" that's just basic respect towards ppl and the shop owner...
  • this is why they are blessed.. they are all very humble and don't use their fame for freebies. Love them to bits!
  • JIMIN’s & other #BTS members’ laughs—instant serotonin


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