“Chungha, You’re Finally Free!” — Korean Netizens Celebrate Chungha’s Departure From MNH Entertainment

“Chungha, You’re Finally Free!” — Korean Netizens Celebrate Chungha’s Departure From MNH Entertainment

On January 30th, Korean media outlets reported that soloist Chungha is set to leave MNH Entertainment after her contract expires in March.

Chungha and MNH Entertainment decided not to renew the contract after a long discussion. Both sides supported each other and chose a mutual parting. A representative shared, "The artist wanted to challenge herself in a new environment. After parting ways with her current agency, whether to find a new agency or to prepare for a one-man agency, nothing has been decided yet."

Chungha made her initial debut as a member of the project girl group IOI, which is a product of Produce 101. After the group's disbandment, Chungha made a name for herself as a soloist.

In August of last year, fans were worried after Chungha voiced out her frustration with MNH Entertainment, saying, "I wish to leave. Please let me go."

The news of Chungha's departure from MNH Entertainment became a hot topic among Korean netizens, who commented:

  • Chungha, finally! Congratulations!
  • I hope you can find a good agency fast.
  • Didn't Chungha openly say that she wanted to leave the agency? Hahahaha
  • You worked hard Chungha ㅠㅠ I hope you find a good place to enter!!!
  • Let's leave and have lots of activities!
  • Chungha, you're finally free!
  • I'm cheering for Chungha's escape. At first, when she debuted, I thought she was in good hands, but now not so much.
  • Finally ㅠㅠ Go to a good place, Chungha.
  • Please release the part 2 of your regular album!
  • I'm looking forward to her being active again.
  • Wow, I was just thinking about her the other day.
  • Chungha's 'Sparkling' was really good. I hope she meets a good agency and goes on tour.
  • It was fine in the beginning, I wonder what happened between them.
  • The agency became strange at some point
  • Congratulations on leaving the agency ㅜㅜㅠㅠㅠ
  • Chungha, fighting!


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