“I Think the Issue Arose Due to the Lack of Honorifics…” – Netizens Discuss NCT 127 Allegedly Disrespecting BTS by Calling Them “That Group”

“I Think the Issue Arose Due to the Lack of Honorifics…” – Netizens Discuss NCT 127 Allegedly Disrespecting BTS by Calling Them “That Group”

Fans have been debunking the whole BTS and NCT127 issue and expressed their thoughts.

On January 27, K-pop group NCT 127 went live on Instagram to celebrate "127 Day" with their fans. At some point in the live, NCT127's Jungwoo narrated their experience in Columbia which was supposedly a humorous story that ended up angering some fans.

NCT127 was mistaken for BTS at a restaurant in Columbia by a staff who worked there and as an apology, they were given free extra drinks as service.

Netizens took their time to defend the group mentioning that it is because Jungwoo knows that people would react like this, hence he hesitated to reveal the name of the group directly. However, some netizens also mentioned that Jungwoo may not mean to disrespect the group but even local Koreans can see that he did not use honorifics.

Jungwoo mentioned BTS as "That group," and his members sensing that Jungwoo may have felt uncomfortable, encouraged him that it is okay to continue with the story with member Taeil making it clear that Jungwoo was talking about BTS.

Twitter user @multipegasus took her time to debunk the story in a series of tweets:

Netizens commented:

  • I think the issue arose due to the lack of usage of honorifics.. they could've worded it better, should've said 'that senior group' instead lo 'that group'. Even many local Korean fans were taken aback due to the lack of the honorifics
    • okay yeah that totally makes sense. the lack of honorifics was likely what caused a bit of uproar so i can understand that. it likely wasn't their attention but i get what you mean.
  • Even if the free drinks were ok they shouldnt have called them "that group". Armys are mostly pissed off because of that. Show some respect to ur sunbaenims.
  • I already knew it's probably drama generated by the fans themselves and not something the idols actually did.
  • the fact that some of these armies really thought bts would be mad, punch the walls, cries to death bc nct (apparently) "used" their names ??? like do they really know bts? jungkook and jaehyun are friends?? hello?? they would probably find it funny as well
  • Thank you for explaining this to me. Must admit I believed what they were saying at first. Honestly ARMYs are so dramatic and I’m speaking as a dedicated army myself
  • The truth is BTS are way better. They are better human beings, better artists & infinite times more successful. But guess what, from their beginnings to this date BTS have never been disrespectful to anyone; a major fact that sets them way above anyone else.


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