“I Want an Explanation From YG Why All BABYMONSTER Members Are So Talented” – Netizens React to BABYMONSTER RORA’s Live Performance

“I Want an Explanation From YG Why All BABYMONSTER Members Are So Talented” – Netizens React to BABYMONSTER RORA’s Live Performance

On January 29, YG Entertainment released BABYMONSTER RORA's live performance where she covered the song "Forfeit" by Kiana Ledé.

Impressed with her crystal clear, deep yet very enchanting voice, netizens felt amazed at how mature her voice sounds despite being only 14 years old in the video.

Currently at 1 million views and counting in less than 24 hours, BABYMONSTER's upcoming debut will surely be the talk of the K-pop town and the soon-to-be newest addition to the long list of legendary YG family will definitely slay.

They commented:

  • Dude…wtf! How are her vocals so good at 15?! Every vocalist so far in this group has top notch vocals. Damn this groups packed
  • I’m speechless wow, BABYMONSTER’s talent is so overwhelming we have so many main vocalist, rappers, and dancers!! I love Rora’s old school and R&B vibes she’s just oozing with swag I love it!! BABYMONSTER FIGHTING
  • Her singing is so beautiful. Rora really has such a mature vibe in her voice despite her being so young. Love her already
  • how does she sound so freaking mature for her age omg i could never
  • Her voice sounds so elegant and mature. I can't wait for BABYMONSTER!
  • YG never disappoint us... always gives legend a stage
  • I want an explanation from YG why all the Baby Monster members are so talented, why they are all amazing singers and they are all visual. Wow, I can't wait for their debut. Let's support Baby Monster forever
  • YG surprises us with every step!
  • YG always has a good selection! Let's support them! Let's show how much we love "BABYMONSTER"
  • I love her voice!! So far, this group has everything from vocals, dance, rap, and visuals! I'm really happy that these girls are finally achieving their dream to be an idol!!!
  • I'm out of words from each members. But wow Rora's vocals is too good to be true for a 14 years old. This is absolutely insane. Is she the main vocalist of the group? I don't know anymore, we will only know after revealing all the members live performance. They are truely worthy of the name BABY MONSTER.
  • come on they are slaying cant believe they are so talented at this young age definatly supporting these babies
  • One thing I'm sure is they all have amazing vocals.
  • If you just listened without looking, you'd never guess any of the members are so young. Their vocals (and rap, for some members) are so mature. I'm not one for idols debuting at such a young age, but I can't help but look forward to Babymonster's debut, because these girls are going to be a powerhouse.
  • Wow her voice is insanely dope she's awesome she'll be my bias for sure all the members of Baby Monster are so talented I think I'm biased to all of them!!!
  • Her vocal tone is soooo unexpected i thought she would've a cute vocal tone girl came and slayed and im so shocked...her tone is so mature
  • YG really got a good group, they’re all aces. better treat them well yg. Don’t go wrong, this group has so much potential!
  • Only two contestants left! I'm waiting. I think YG never disappoints us! I will support them. BABYMONSTER
  • Rora's deep voice is so beautiful and comforting. Baby Monster has like the whole spectrum of different talents and vocals
  • All the girls so far have incredibly powerful voices, I hope YG gives them songs to show that.

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