"SM, What Are You Doing to 127?" — Korean Netizens React to NCT 127's "Ay-Yo" MV

"SM, What Are You Doing to 127?" — Korean Netizens React to NCT 127's "Ay-Yo" MV

On January 31st, NCT 127 made their highly-anticipated return with fourth album repackage, "Ay-Yo," along with the music video of the title track of the same name.

As soon as it was released, the music video became a hot topic among Korean netizens, who commented:

  • I'm not a fan, but I listened to the album. Out of all the songs they released, I liked this the most.
  • The song is good, but it didn't showcase the members' talent in vocals and rap. They should've returned with a better song.
  • SM, what are you doing to 127?
  • What's up with Taeyong's hair?
  • The music video looks really insincereㅠㅠㅠ
  • The intro was difficult at first, but the chorus gets better the further you listen to it.
  • Not as good as "Sticker" and "Favorite."
  • I don't know anything else, but Jung Jae-hyun's visual was great.
  • What's up with the negative comments? The song sounds good.
  • 127 doesn't seem to fit with Kenzie, I hope they receive songs from other composers.
  • NCT's song is totally my taste ㅋㅋ
  • The song is good, but the music video was boring. It's obvious how SM didn't spend a lot on them.
  • Isn't this the mildest of NCT's songs?
  • They managed to release a worse song than last year.
  • Looks like the male version of GOT the Beat.
  • The quality of the title song is getting worse and worse.
  • They can do better than this.
  • NCT 127 is one of SM's main groups, but why do they keep giving them low quality content?
  • TVXQ Changmin's hair made a comeback.


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