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BTS' Jimin Tops 'Most Beautiful and Handsome K-Pop Star of 2024' Survey

BTS' Jimin Tops 'Most Beautiful and Handsome K-Pop Star of 2024' Survey

BTS's Jimin shone in popularity by taking first place as the most beautiful and handsome K-pop star of 2024.

Jimin of BTS was selected as the '2024 Most Beautiful K-Pop Star with the Most Beautiful and Handsome Face', which was conducted by global fan voting site 'Dabeme Pop' from March 14th to April 21st for global K-pop fans. It was ranked first in the Handsome Faces in K-POP 2024 survey.

Jimin ranked first with a total of 846,497 votes out of 200 male and female K-pop singer candidates.

The idol boasts captivating features such as a small face with large and long eyes without double eyelids, a straight nose extending from the forehead, luxurious voluminous lips, and a strong yet sharp jawline.

In particular, Jimin's eyes, which show a variety of moods depending on the makeup, make the performance stand out even more. He has both masculinity, femininity, and a boyish image. At the same time, the mystery of the harmonious coexistence of the charms of the East and the West, and his glowing skin further maximizes his beauty, making it attractive to both men and women of all ages. Of course, it captivated many fans regardless of nationality.

Jimin, who is praised as a muse who inspires artists, was selected as a global ambassador for luxury brands Dior and Tiffany & Co. and is active in various fields, participating in major brand events and presenting a luxurious and elegant appearance in each advertising campaign.


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