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“Please treat TREASURE better!” - Fans React to YG Entertainment’s 2024 Plans for TREASURE

“Please treat TREASURE better!” - Fans React to YG Entertainment’s 2024 Plans for TREASURE

Earlier today, former YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun-Suk announced the 2024 release plans for TREASURE and BABYMONSTER on the company’s YouTube channel.

The former CEO said, “TREASURE’s last full album was released on July 28, 2023. We are presenting a new song to our fans after 10 months. During this time, TREASURE has been very busy. They’re currently on an Asia tour too. Fortunately, we have a 2-3 week break period which allows us the opportunity to introduce a song called ‘KING KONG’. So I feel very happy about that.”

While TREASURE is currently on tour and preparing for the ‘KING KONG’ release, fans believe that the group’s career is not being pushed enough with proper promotions outside of Asia.

It’s safe to say that majority of the comments in the YouTube video for ‘BABYMONSTER / TREASURE | YG ANNOUNCEMENT (2024 Release Plan)’ are fans pleading to YG Entertainment for better treatment.

What fans have to say:

  • Dear YG, promote TREASURE properly. They are already in their 4th year. The boys are full of potential, they just need a push and boom, I believe they will be at the top.
  • YG please treat TREASURE better. I want worldwide know TREASURE not only Asia and Japan please promote them in USA and Europe, please.
  • Please, give Treasure good promotions!!!! They're amazing as an artist and the world need to see it.
  • As an international Treasure fan I'm begging you YG , please promote them outside of Asia. Pleaseeee.
  • We, the people (teume), demand a world tour for Treasure. It's been 4 years since their debut and it's time for them to go outside Asia. Please YG listen to the fans.
  • We want Treasure to do a USA tour, not just Asia and Japan, but we want Treasure to do a world tour.
  • YG, please treat Treasure better than last year, give them promotion better than before! Pleaseee.
  • Treasure is being treated unfairly. They know how to command a stage and put on a great performance. Aside from BIGBANG and IKON who definitely have that next level star quality, Treasure is truly talented at engaging an audience and bringing high energy to their shows.
  • We demand you to promote Treasure outside Asia too. The world needs to know Treasure's music and talent.
  • Please promote Treasure well in Korea and US. We know what YGE is capable of. Don't keep them busy in fanmeets only.
  • I honestly think TREASURE needs a WORLD TOUR.. or maybe somewhere outside Asia, I agree with the comments. Though I may not come to see them, at least I can see all their smiles from seeing all their fans worldwide!

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