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TWICE's Nayeon Shows A Funky Girlish Aura In New Photo Teasers

TWICE's Nayeon Shows A Funky Girlish Aura In New Photo Teasers

TWICE's Nayeon, who will make her comeback in June, released concept photos of her new mini-album.

Nayeon will make a comeback as a solo artist after releasing her second mini-album, "NA," on June 14. JYP Entertainment is releasing teasing contents such as track list and album trailer through its official SNS channel. On May 20, she released a teaser photo showing Nayeon's concept and heightened the enthusiasm for her comeback.

In the four photos, Nayeon creates a kitsch atmosphere against the backdrop of a mysterious pink-colored space. She shows off her girlish yet funky styling with rich pigtails and unique accessories, and shows off her natural energy with her confident attitude. She exudes the look of a goose holding a jelly, and raises fans' expectations with her flower-pollinated charm that conveys chic eyes while holding her chin up.

The new album will have seven songs, including the title song "ABCD," "Butterfly," "Haven," "Magic," "Halligali," "Summing," and "Count It."

Breaking new records already!

The title song "ABCD" was written by Rick Bridges and JYP's representative producer Park Jin-young, and composed and arranged by Big Hit Music's exclusive producer Pidoc. Attention is focused on the synergy that "K-pop's representative solo queen" Nayeon and K-pop's representative producers will create.

Leading global writers such as Gingerbread, Sam Klempner, Sam Fisher, Daniel Obie Klein, and Charlie Taft, who embroidered the new credit, are making fans look forward to the birth of a high-quality alum.

Nayeon will collaborate with several talented artists and present a unique musical chemistry.

A hoodie into a dress? Only Nayeon could pull it off.

When her first solo mini-album and title song "Pop!" were released, she ranked 7th on the main U.S. Billboard 200 chart and stayed on the charts at home and abroad for a long time. Through this new album, she is expected to convey her full appearance as well as new musical charms and further solidify her reputation as a solo artist.

Nayeon's second mini-album, "NA," will be officially released on June 14 at 1 p.m. (0:00 p.m. ET).


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