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"Watch The Burning Sun Documentary" HyunA Faces More Criticism After BBC Documentary

"Watch The Burning Sun Documentary" HyunA Faces More Criticism After BBC Documentary

Singer HyunA is facing more malicious comments for dating Yong Joonhyung.

HyunA's Instagram post on Monday had a number of malicious comments in English, Japanese, and Chinese. "I hope you watch the documentary video of Burning Sun BBC. What kind of human being is your boyfriends," the comments said. "Your lover is dirty. You have to break up with him."

Earlier on the 19th, BBC News Korea released a documentary titled "Burning Sun: The Stories of Women Who Exposed the Secret Chat Room of K-pop Stars." The video featured the story of Seungri from the group Big Bang, the starting point of Burning Sun Gate, singer Jung Joonyoung, who distributed sexual videos that sexually assaulted women and illegally filmed them, and Choi Jonghoon from the band FT Island.

After the release of the video, the past behavior of Yong Joonhyung, who was close to Jung Joonyoung, was re-examined among Internet users, causing outrage. Yong Joonhyung, a former member of the group "Highlight," left the team in March 2019 after admitting that he had seen illegal videos shared by Jung Joonyoung at the end of 2015.

Yong Joonhyung had suspended his singing career in the aftermath. Although he has not received any legal punishment in connection with Jung Joonyoung's case, he still does not have a good eye among the public as it was intertwined with what he was criticized for.

Yong Joonhyung acknowledged his romantic relationship with HyunA through a fan community earlier this year and said, "We are doing well while receiving positive energy from each other, so I hope you support us."

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