Battle of the Dancing Machines (Male Edition)


Rank Picture Name Wins
1st j-hope j-hope j-hope 30%
2nd Taemin Taemin Taemin 17%
3rd Jimin Jimin Jimin 15%
4th Hyunjin Hyunjin Hyunjin 10%
5th Kai Kai Kai 6%
6th Hoshi Hoshi Hoshi 5%
7th Ten Ten Ten 5%
8th Yugyeom Yugyeom Yugyeom 3%
9th Yeonjun Yeonjun Yeonjun 2%
10th Hangyul Hangyul Hangyul 2%
11th Kang Daniel Kang Daniel Kang Daniel 1%
12th Shownu Shownu Shownu 1%
13th Daehwi Daehwi Daehwi 1%
14th DK DK DK 1%
15th Woojin Woojin Woojin 1%
16th Sehun Sehun Sehun 0%