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Korean: 제이튠캠프

Japanese: ジェイチューンキャンプ




South Korea


J. Tune Camp, a former J. Tune Entertainment subsidiary, was an independent music record label based in South Korea. Founded in 2009 by J. Tune Entertainment, the record label roster of artists included MBLAQ. Founded in 2009 by J. Tune Entertainment, J. Tune Camp debuted their first artists, MBLAQ, in October 2009. Following the merger of J. Tune Entertainment with JYP Entertainment on December 27, 2010, J. Tune Camp stated in an interview with Newsen on January 3, 2011 that "J. Tune Camp and J. Tune Entertainment are separate corporate bodies" and that the merger of J. Tune Entertainment and JYP Entertainment will not affect the label. It also stated that MBLAQ will not be seen as part of JYP Entertainment. On February, 2017, G.O wrote a letter to fans, hinting the closing of J.Tune Camp. Allkpop has confirmed the dissipation of the label, said "J.Tune Camp has basically dissipated. All the managers left, and Mad Town has signed with another label. They don't even have a celebrity that can promote, so it won't be able to be a company.".

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