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Kpop Groups that debuted in 1997

All Kpop groups that made their Kpop debut in 1997.
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Name Members First Debut Gender
BABY V.O.X Jul 10th female
Diva Vicky, Jini, Lee Min Kyoung, Chae Ri Na Aug 29th female
Enue Lee Ayoung, Lee Hyunyoung, Lee Jinkyoung Jan 1st female
Jinusean Mar 1st male
NRG Sungjin, Myunghoon, Yoomin, Sunghoon, Hwansung † Oct 28th male
S.E.S Bada, Shoo, Eugene Nov 1st female
Sechs Kies Jiwon, Jaejin, Jaeduck, Sunghoon, Suwon, Jiyong Apr 5th male
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