Kpop groups that debuted in 2018

List of every kpop group that debuted in 2018
Debut Name Gender Status
May 2nd (G)I-DLE female active
Dec 7th 11Degrees mixed in hiatus
Aug 8th 12DAL female active
Mar 25th 3RACHA male active
Nov 5th A Train To Autumn female disbanded
Feb 24th AboutU male active
Jul 25th AiRiSU female disbanded
Aug 25th ALiKE female disbanded
Nov 17th AQUA female disbanded
Oct 24th ATEEZ male active
Mar 2nd AZM female disbanded
Feb 2nd Bbeum female in hiatus
Jun 28th BBURECTOR female disbanded
Apr 27th Berry Good HEART HEART female disbanded
Oct 12th Blue Fox female active
Apr 20th BNF male disbanded
Sep 21st BOY STORY male active
Mar 21st BSS male active
Aug 29th CAMILA female disbanded
Jan 24th Celeb Five female active
Aug 9th CHERRY ON TOP female disbanded
Jun 12th CST female disbanded
Aug 6th D-CRUNCH male disbanded
Sep 28th DESTINY female active
Jun 8th Dewsisters female active
Dec 18th Diawings female active
Aug 15th DIH female active
Oct 5th DongyangGozupa mixed active
Nov 7th DreamNote female active
Nov 4th Fallanc male disbanded
Aug 18th First Bite mixed active
Nov 26th FLAVOR female disbanded
Dec 18th flor_us female disbanded
Jun 27th Fly With Me female active
Mar 14th Forestella male active
Jan 24th fromis_9 female active
May 1st GBB female disbanded
Jan 17th GIRLKIND female disbanded
Sep 5th Girls' Generation - Oh!GG female in hiatus
Oct 10th GonyBand mixed active
Jul 18th gugudan SEMINA female disbanded
Apr 10th Gunmin X Heedo male active
Sep 5th GWSN female disbanded
Mar 21st Honey Popcorn female in hiatus
May 1st ii female active
Oct 29th IZ*ONE female disbanded
Dec 10th Jins mixed active
Nov 3rd K/DA female active
Oct 30th KENTA · SANGGYUN male active
May 23rd KHAN female disbanded
Sep 4th Kitten Girls female disbanded
Jun 16th Like A Movie male active
Aug 20th LOONA female in hiatus
Jul 12th Lower female active
Oct 12th LST male disbanded
Sep 18th Lucente male disbanded
Jun 12th Luna Pirates mixed active
Oct 17th Maywish female active
Apr 10th moi female active
Jul 1st MUSKY female active
Apr 26th My Darling female disbanded
Feb 26th N.tic male active
Aug 3rd NATURE female active
Jun 1st NeonPunch female disbanded
Jun 21st NEX7 male active
Apr 9th NOIR male in hiatus
May 28th NTB male disbanded
Apr 2nd OH MY GIRL BANHANA female active
Mar 15th OuiOui female active
Aug 16th OurR mixed active
Oct 24th Pink Fantasy female in hiatus
Jan 3rd PLT male in hiatus
May 24th PRISM female disbanded
May 28th PRISTIN V female disbanded
Sep 18th PURPLE female active
Feb 7th Rayin Tree male active
Jul 31st Red Sonnet mixed active
Mar 16th REDMINT female active
Oct 3rd Rose Finger female disbanded
Oct 18th S#aFLA female disbanded
Jul 18th SATURDAY female active
Feb 27th SHA SHA female disbanded
Mar 12th SIOSIJAK female disbanded
May 9th SPECTRUM male disbanded
Mar 25th Stray Kids male active
Nov 11th Team 119 male active
May 21st The Volunteers mixed active
Aug 30th TROPICAL female disbanded
Apr 7th UNB male disbanded
May 18th UNI.T female disbanded
Mar 8th W24 male active
Aug 31st WeGirls female disbanded
Jun 1st WJMK female in hiatus
Apr 5th YDPP male disbanded
Sep 5th YJIG female disbanded
Jun 1st YPDA female disbanded
May 30th yyxy female disbanded