Kpop groups that debuted in 2020

List of every kpop group that debuted in 2020
Debut Name Gender Status
Mar 6th 2NYNE female disbanded
Jan 5th 2Z male active
Feb 14th 5but mixed active
Nov 17th aespa female active
Aug 21st AREAL female disbanded
Jan 27th Asome.D female active
Nov 3rd BABY BLUE female active
Nov 19th BAE173 male active
Aug 2nd Bamsem & hyeminsong female active
Mar 13th BECZ male disbanded
Oct 16th BLACKSWAN female active
Jul 31st Blastar female disbanded
Nov 17th Bling Bling female disbanded
Aug 26th BOTOPASS female disbanded
Nov 16th BTOB 4U male active
May 1st Burvey female active
Aug 23rd Byulzzi female disbanded
Sep 21st CHECKMATE mixed disbanded
Jul 20th Chic&I's female active
Feb 4th cignature female active
Apr 14th CRAVITY male active
Mar 3rd CRAXY female active
Aug 31st DAY6 (Even of Day) male active
Feb 23rd Daydream female disbanded
Feb 3rd DKB male active
Oct 28th DRIPPIN male active
Jan 5th Dustin male active
Jun 9th E'LAST male active
Nov 30th ENHYPEN male active
Feb 4th Episode female active
Jun 5th male active
Aug 11th FLORIA female active
Sep 23rd GHOST9 male active
Mar 5th Girls2000 female disbanded
Oct 11th H!bana female disbanded
Feb 2nd H&D male active
Jan 11th Half Moon female active
Jul 7th I:KAN male active
May 19th IRRIS female active
Mar 4th JO1 male active
Apr 15th KAACHI female disbanded
Apr 10th KEEMBO female active
Jul 3rd LA POEM male active
Mar 25th LABELUP female disbanded
May 24th Like Me female active
Jan 2nd Lubless mixed active
May 8th LUCY male active
Sep 2nd LUNARSOLAR female disbanded
Aug 4th MAKAMAKA female active
Feb 27th MCND male active
Oct 11th MERAMERAHEART female disbanded
Sep 14th MOONBIN & SANHA male disbanded
Dec 17th My Yellow Poney mixed active
Mar 26th male disbanded
Dec 2nd NiziU female active
Oct 28th P1Harmony male active
Oct 11th Perfume de Ange female disbanded
Jul 14th PinkFantasy Shadow female active
Dec 16th Play With Me Club mixed active
Jan 23rd Poetic Narrator mixed active
Sep 25th PRECIOUS female active
Mar 5th Purple Rain male disbanded
Nov 19th Q.O.S female active
Jul 6th Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI female active
Oct 10th Refund Sisters female disbanded
Dec 16th Resonar female active
Nov 2nd RoaD-B male active
Dec 30th Rolling Quartz female active
May 19th SECRET NUMBER female active
Jul 25th SONOKI female active
Jul 25th SSAK3 mixed active
Nov 12th STAYC female active
Oct 29th SWAY mixed active
Apr 1st TO1 male active
Aug 7th TREASURE male active
Feb 23rd UNVS male active
Jun 30th Weeekly female active
Oct 5th WEi male active
Nov 17th withus male active
Sep 24th Wiz N female active
Oct 7th WJSN CHOCOME female active
May 13th woo!ah! female active
Sep 24th XUM female disbanded
Jun 1st Y&Z Project mixed disbanded
Nov 19th Yudabinband mixed active