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Did BLACKPINK Popularize the Hype About Idols Being Brand Ambassadors? – Korean Netizens React

Did BLACKPINK Popularize the Hype About Idols Being Brand Ambassadors? – Korean Netizens React

K-pop supergroup BLACKPINK which debuted last 2016 took the K-pop industry by storm with its girl crush concept and members' unmatched stage presence.

With their music discography getting better with each comeback, fans have been giving the group tremendous love and support which cemented the group's status as one of the greatest girl groups of all time with their legacy. The influence of the group also transcends the music industry as they debut as brand ambassadors of multiple luxury brands.

In a forum post on Instiz, a Korean netizen asked whether BLACKPINK popularized the hype about idols being brand ambassadors of luxury brands.

220819 BLACKPINK -  "Pink Venom" Global Press Conference documents 2

Korean netizens shared their thoughts, they commented:

  • But it's not like being an ambassador looks good, and a contract has to come from the brand.
  • It's true that BLACKPINK was a sensation in many ways, but since ambassadors are adopted by brands, it should be seen that K-pop's status has risen, so there are more ambassadors in the idol industry
  • Is that so..?
  • That's right, the selling point was like that too
  • Why is it so sarcastic? Is there anyone who denies this?
  • That's right, even though I'm not a fan of YG-dol, I know this. It was a selling point in the first place.
  • As if the ambassador-related posts sometimes have a strange fight, I feel tired because of the people who make a fuss over trivial words
  • If you're a fan, you probably won't say things like this...
  • Isn't it right? I also asked what an ambassador is before, but now I use it
  • That's right
  • That's right. At that time, there were more ambassadors centered on female idols and male idol groups
  • That's right, but before that, there were a lot of people who didn't even know exactly what it was
  • That's not it, K-pop has become global
  • Isn't that true? It's just a fact.
  • I'm a 4th generation fan, but I think it's right
  • To say that K-pop has become global, I think BLACKPINK was an ambassador even before it became global (just in case, I'm not a fan, but I'm afraid they'll think I'm a fan)
  • I learned about the concept of an ambassador through BLACKPINK
  • In the first place, luxury ambassadors such as Chanel, Givenchy, and Saint Laurent all started with G-Dragon, but if you want to say it like a title, you have to say G-D, right
  • If I had to ask, GD pioneered everything
  • I'm not a fan haha but BLACKPINK's coordinating sensation was also a sensation. Up until then, I wore them in a unified way, but all four BLACKPINK members were dressed differently so I wore a lot of luxury items. Until then, there were only ambassadors and muses like GD Chanel...
  • Isn't it right? At that time, each group had an ambassador seat, and there was no such thing at all. You didn't even know what an ambassador was
  • Honestly, that's right. And after that, the advertising model became more and more of an ambassador
  • I'm betting on everything and I'm another fan, isn't it right? I didn't even know what an ambassador was before BLACKPINK took on the role of a luxury ambassador in a row I have to admit that
  • You're right, but why is everyone reacting like this...?
  • If you just search for ambassadors in the big room, there are a lot of ambassadors from 2018 and 2019 with BLACKPINK and two specific male idol teams.
  • It's perfect. After that, luxury brands are still popular among young people...
  • I'm not a fan but I think it's true that it influenced me. Why are you rushing to deny it?


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