NewJeans Officially Joins the "Million Seller" Club

NewJeans Officially Joins the "Million Seller" Club


' "OMG" sold 1 million copies in just three weeks.

The group NewJeans achieved its first million seller.

According to the Circle Chart (formerly Gaon Chart) on the 26th, sales of the new single album "OMG" by NewJeans , which was released on the 2nd, totaled 1,013,462. This marks the first million-selling album for NewJeans in about six months after their debut.

"OMG" became a half-million seller on the second day of its release and recorded 700,000 copies on its first week (in the week of its release date).

Meanwhile, "OMG" is also showing strong performance in music platforms. The track "Ditto" and the title song "OMG" of the same name topped the global K-pop charts, digital charts, and streaming charts altogether.


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