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NewJeans Selected as Brand Model for Coca-Cola

NewJeans Selected as Brand Model for Coca-Cola

On March 30th, Korean media outlets reported that NewJeans had been selected as Coca-cola's new brand model and will participate in the 'Coca-Cola Zero' campaign.

According to reports, the selection was made because NewJeans and 'Coca-Cola Zero' had a common feature of differentiated charm that no one could easily imitate. The meeting between NewJeans, which has become an icon of the new generation with its differentiated music concept and styling, and Coca-Cola Zero, which has had a unique brand identity since opening the domestic zero-calorie beverage market in 2006, is expected to create a meaningful synergy.

In the future, Coca-Cola will work with NewJeans and carry out various activities that convey the thrill of Coca-Cola Zero in a different and trendy way. In particular, expectations are high on how NewJeans will showcase their unique charm through collaboration with Coca-Cola's global music platform, "Co-K Studio."


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