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"Who Are You?" — Netizens Left Confused Over Red Velvet's Recent Concept Photos for "Cosmic"

"Who Are You?" — Netizens Left Confused Over Red Velvet's Recent Concept Photos for "Cosmic"

With Red Velvet's highly-awaited music comeback drawing near, fans are thrilled at the release of multiple teaser materials signalling what's in store for the group's 9th mini album "Cosmic."

In particular, on June 18th, SM Entertainment released the group's concept photos called 'Midnight Sun.'

Fans were instantly captivated by the members' visuals and charms that suited the ethereal backdrop to perfection.

However, among the recently-released concept photos, Joy's caught the most attention and instantly became a hot topic all over South Korean online communities. Many pointed out how the singer-actress looked so different, to the point of almost being unrecognizeable.

Most of the netizens criticized Red Velvet's agency, SM Entertainment, for the photos' excessive editing, while others expressed utter confusion at the sight of the photo. They commented:

  • Sullyoon???
  • Seriously, who are you?
  • I thought she was a rookie.
  • This isn't Jeon Soyeon?
  • Why do this to a pretty girl?
  • Is the person in-charge an Instagram influencer?
  • Wait, I thought it was Soojin?
  • I really thought she was a Chinese Tiktoker.
  • I thought it was Nayeon who had been edited...
  • Wow, I can't even imagine it's Joy.
  • I thought it was Nam Gyuri.
  • It really looks like a weirdly edited Soyeon.
  • But all of the teasers this time were a bit harsh.
  • Joy????????????????????? Red Velvet Joy?????????????????????
  • She looks like a completely different person. Why did they edit it so badly?
  • I really can't see Joy's face.
  • Jeon Soyeon?? Nayeon?? I never thought it would be Joy
  • I thought it was a picture from a Chinese shopping mall.
  • Wendy's is weird, too. The members' are all weird.
  • Why did they put that much touch up on someone who is pretty even without retouching?
  • Did they do this on purpose?
  • Wendy transformed too ㅠㅠ
  • I thought it was Kwon Eunbi who was heavily retouched....
  • SM has been doing a lot of editing of concept photos for a long time, but this is too much ㄷㄷㄷ
  • I thought they uploaded someone else's photo by mistake.

Meanwhile, Red Velvet's "Cosmic" will be released on June 24th at 6PM KST.


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