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Delulu or Real Girlfriend? Fans Divided Over Song Da Eun’s Now Deleted “Jimin” Instagram Posts

Delulu or Real Girlfriend? Fans Divided Over Song Da Eun’s Now Deleted “Jimin” Instagram Posts

Fans of BTS member Jimin have flocked to Actress Song Da Eun’s Instagram account to express their feelings about their dating rumors, allegedly being “leaked” by the actress herself.

According to netizens, Song Da Eun shared hints multiple times about her connections with Jimin, such as visiting the same places, wearing similar accessories, and even having the same furniture.

Most recently, she posted what seemed to be white cases with the names “Jimin” and “Daeun” further sparking speculations among fans that the actress might just be confirming the dating rumors.

However, Song Da Eun, Jimin, and Big Hit Entertainment never confirmed these rumors.

Fans and netizens are divided over this rumored dating news. Here are some comments netizens left on Song Da Eun’s Instagram posts.

BTS members never dated anyone publicly since their debut in June 2013. The closest we can all get to seeing a BTS member dating are those pictures of V and Blackpink’s Jennie walking together in Paris. Big Hit Entertainment and YG Entertainment both released statements that did not confirm nor deny the dating rumors.

BTS members are now between 26 and 31 years old—Jimin is 28. It is not impossible for them to be currently dating or at least dated one or a few people in the past.

Jimin is currently serving his mandatory military service.

Song Da Eun is a 31-year-old actress who started her career in 2014. She appeared in the KBS Drama “Once Again” in 2020.

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