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Stars Awakening

Stars Awakening (Korean: 청춘스타; Japanese: 青春スター), originally knowm as "Youth Star" is a co-ed audition television show created by Channel A and ABEMA. It premiered on May 19, 2022 at 9:30PM KST. The show was originally set to premiere on April 28, 2022, but was delayed due to COVID-19. Through the show, 108 contestants competed in different categories including 48 in the idol category, 30 in the singer-songwriter category and 31 in the vocal category.

Shindong (Special angel)
NO:ZE (Angel)
Yoon (Angel)
Soyou (Angel)
Younha (Angel)
Yoon Jong Shin (Angel)
Lee Wonseok (Angel)
Kim Eana (Angel)
Lee Seung Hwan (Angel)
Jun Hyun-moo (MC)
Channel A, ABEMA (Japan)
Group created:
May 19, 2022 - Aug 4, 2022
108 contestants
7 survivors
0 votes
0 episodes
77 day(s) duration

Contestants of Stars Awakening

Rank Name Company Votes
Chibin Chibin One Cool Jacso Entertainment
Kyung Min Kyung Min
Ki Hoon Ki Hoon
Subin Subin Cube Entertainment
Soovi Soovi Hi-Lite Records
Sunwoo Sunwoo Evermore Entertainment
Nam Yuju Nam Yuju WAKEONE
Sebum Sebum HOWLING Entertainment
1st Junhyeok Junhyeok withHC
Soojung Soojung SW Entertainment
Wonhui Wonhui BlockBerryCreative
Robin Robin n.CH Entertainment
Park Haewon Park Haewon
1st Hanjun Hanjun n.CH Entertainment
Choi Cello Choi Cello INPLANET MUSIC
Dahye Dahye Happy Robot Records
Yiyeon Yiyeon WD Entertainment
Sumin Sumin DG Entertainment
Zena Zena THE MUZE Entertainment
Kim Gawon Kim Gawon WAKEONE
An Soyeon An Soyeon
Baek Narin Baek Narin
Jang Jiyun Jang Jiyun
Jeong Eunji Jeong Eunji Irion Entertainment
Jeong Nara Jeong Nara
Kim Chaehyun Kim Chaehyun
Kwak Yumi Kwak Yumi
Lee Taerim Lee Taerim
Yeeun Yeeun
Park Seohee Park Seohee
Park Yuri Park Yuri OUI Entertainment
Son Miri Son Miri
HeeJin HeeJin
7th Becky Becky n.CH Entertainment
Han Inhye Han Inhye
Han Jisu Han Jisu
3rd Hyun Shinyoung Hyun Shinyoung n.CH Entertainment
Hong Sumin Hong Sumin
Jeon Minkyoung Jeon Minkyoung
Kang Eunji Kang Eunji
Kim Myojin Kim Myojin
Kwon Hyunmo Kwon Hyunmo
Lee Yurim Lee Yurim
Ryu Minhee Ryu Minhee
Park Heejung Park Heejung
Seo Minna Seo Minna
Son Euisun Son Euisun
Aito Aito
1st Huiwon Huiwon n.CH Entertainment
1st Sungyun Sungyun YES IM Entertainment
Kang Jeonseo Kang Jeonseo n.CH Entertainment
1st Kazuta Kazuta n.CH Entertainment
Kim Seunghyuk Kim Seunghyuk
Kodai Kodai Play M Entertainment
Lee Deul Lee Deul
Lee Geon Lee Geon
Haseung Haseung C-JeS Studios
Park Gwanyoung Park Gwanyoung Play M Entertainment
1st Hyun Hyun n.CH Entertainment
Park Mingeun Park Mingeun Biscuit Entertainment
Son Minseok Son Minseok
Takuma Takuma
Dowon Dowon One Cool Jacso Entertainment
1st Doha Doha n.CH Entertainment
Yoon Junho Yoon Junho
An Yuchan An Yuchan
Lee Hyungkyu Lee Hyungkyu
Lee Jaeyup Lee Jaeyup
Jung Soo Min Jung Soo Min Neuron Music
Baek Ah Baek Ah Studio JAMM
Choi Yeowon Choi Yeowon
Aro Aro OnGray
2nd Kim Pureum Kim Pureum n.CH Entertainment
Park Nakyung Park Nakyung
5th Ryu Jihyun Ryu Jihyun n.CH Entertainment
Shin Alin Shin Alin Plus N Entertainment
Qman Qman Happy Robot Records
Cheon Pilgeun Cheon Pilgeun
Bumjin Bumjin
Jung Seunghwan Jung Seunghwan
Kang Seokju Kang Seokju
6th Jonghan Jonghan
Kim Junseok Kim Junseok
Park Sejin Park Sejin
Yooshin Yooshin
Woshi Woshi
Yoo Yongmin Yoo Yongmin
Kim Zion Kim Zion
Bang Junwon Bang Junwon
Jung Pyungeun Jung Pyungeun
Kang Chanhwi Kang Chanhwi
Kim Kwangho Kim Kwangho
Kim Seonin Kim Seonin
4th Kim Taehyun Kim Taehyun n.CH Entertainment
Koo Doheon Koo Doheon
Moon Jeho Moon Jeho
Park Junghyun Park Junghyun
Shin Jinan Shin Jinan
Son Junyong Son Junyong Fantagio Music
Yoon Youngwoong Yoon Youngwoong
Haneol Haneol
Seokhee Seokhee
JN JN Nature Space
Laurence Laurence n.CH Entertainment

Rank of Stars Awakening

Rank Name Company Votes
1st Doha Doha n.CH Entertainment

Stars Awakening's categories