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Universe Ticket

"Universe Ticket" is a girl group audition program created by SBS. The show features 82 trainees who competing to debut in an 8-member group, which will be managed by F&F Entertainment. Moreover, the debuting group will promote for over 2 years and 6 months.

The show is aired on SBS on Wednesdays at 22:40 (KST) from late 2023 to January 2024. The show has a unique concept of evaluation from which contestants can advance to higher levels both by getting points by the 'Unicorns' (through Unicorn Ticketing) and from fans (through Fan Ticketing)

The final top 8 contestants debuted in UNIS with "We Unis". The group consisted of Elisia, Gehlee, Nana, Bang Yunha,Lim Seowon, Oh Yoona, Kotoko & Jin Hyeonju.

Sejeong (Mentor)
Hyoyeon (Mentor)
Younha (Mentor)
Rian (Mentor)
Adora (Mentor)
Yeji (Mentor)
Chaeryeong (Mentor)
Lee Hwan Jin (Producer)
Group created:
Nov 18, 2023 - Jan 17, 2024
82 contestants
8 survivors
0 votes
10 episodes
60 day(s) duration

Contestants of Universe Ticket

Rank Name Company
38th Kwon Chaewon Kwon Chaewon MBK Entertainment
8th HyeonJu HyeonJu C9 Entertainment
52nd Jieun Jieun Marbling E&M
10th Sunwoo Sunwoo Evermore Entertainment
69th Jang Minju Jang Minju ANS Entertainment
34th Yewon Yewon S2 Entertainment
37th Choi Hyerin Choi Hyerin J Win Entertainment
18th Kim Sujin Kim Sujin Starting House Entertainment
49th Kim Soyul Kim Soyul Woollim Entertainment
79th Park Yehyeon Park Yehyeon Woollim Entertainment
42nd Vu Linh Dan Vu Linh Dan
57th Xiaoyu Xiaoyu
33rd Aya Natsumi Aya Natsumi
40th Alyssa Alyssa
59th Yamaguchi Yuriko Yamaguchi Yuriko
67th Yang Eugene Yang Eugene
31st Oh Daeun Oh Daeun BLADE Music
77th Yu Yu
45th Yoon Sooin Yoon Sooin Starting House Entertainment
32nd Lee Soovin Lee Soovin BLADE Music
54th Lee Suan Lee Suan Woollim Entertainment
5th Seowon Seowon LeanBranding
82nd Jang Subin Jang Subin Biscuit Entertainment
27th Jang Sua Jang Sua Entertainment CUP
15th Jeon Jinyeong Jeon Jinyeong J Win Entertainment
65th Jung Jiwon Jung Jiwon
22nd Jayla Jayla
2nd Gehlee Gehlee F&F Entertainment
75th Cho Chaeyoung Cho Chaeyoung
48th Choi Sungeun Choi Sungeun Jellyfish Entertainment
50th Choi Yeojin Choi Yeojin
25th Heo Sunbin Heo Sunbin TR Entertainment
12th Gabi Gabi
24th Kwon Eunhyung Kwon Eunhyung STARON Entertainment
44th Kim Seoyeon Kim Seoyeon MYSTIC Story
30th Kim Soobin Kim Soobin BLADE Music
46th Kim Hyojin Kim Hyojin
3rd Nana Nana FNC Entertainment Japan
39th Nako Nako
78th Noh Yeonwoo Noh Yeonwoo GGA
62nd Laura Laura ADOR
36th Riel Riel
28th Minari Minari
76th Mila Mila
35th Vanesya Vanesya
2nd Yunha Yunha F&F Entertainment
20th Bae Yeram Bae Yeram Daekyo Media Contents Business Division
14th Bae Haram Bae Haram
43rd Ahn Seungbi Ahn Seungbi Daekyo Media Contents Business Division
6th Yoona Yoona STARON Entertainment
55th Oukikk Oukikk
80th Yena Yena Woollim Entertainment
19th Goo Gyoryeon Goo Gyoryeon Jellyfish Entertainment
73rd Kwon Yejin Kwon Yejin
68th JinE JinE TNK Entertainment
60th Kim Hyemi Kim Hyemi
81st Izumi Izumi
23rd Yona Yona GOLDDUST Entertainment
16th Yuri Yuri STARON Entertainment
56th Yukino Yukino FNC Entertainment Japan
29th Idota Yui Idota Yui MODHAUS
26th Lee Eunchae Lee Eunchae EightPrime Entertainment
21st Lee Huran Lee Huran STARON Entertainment
72nd Zhou Jiaqi Zhou Jiaqi TOP CLASS Entertainment
51st Anxin Anxin
74th Jeong Huigyeong Jeong Huigyeong KPLUS
9th Kim Sumin Kim Sumin BLADE Music
61st Kim Yuri Kim Yuri
41st Natchayathorn Natchayathorn
63rd Jessica Jessica
17th Nizi Nizi Stepout Dance Studio
71st Cho Minseo Cho Minseo
7th Kotoko Kotoko F&F Entertainment
47th Enny Enny Troy Entertainment
58th Pia Pia
66th Honma Yuriko Honma Yuriko
1st Elisia Elisia F&F Entertainment
13th Hwang Sieun Hwang Sieun FNC Entertainment
53rd Kim Chaea Kim Chaea
70th ChaeWon ChaeWon MODHAUS
11th Narumi Narumi
64th Evie Evie Big Ocean ENM

The Battle Week

Aired: Nov 18, 2023

Episode: 1

As soon as the show starts, the 82 contestants face Battle Week, where half of them will be eliminated. The first battle, 1-on-1 Battle, commences, and the girls who are ranked 1-42 are to pick their opponents and go up against each other. The low-ranking contestants unexpectedly put on amazing performances, surprising the judges.

Revenge Battle

Aired: Nov 25, 2023

Episode: 2

After the 1-on-1 Battles are over, the girls are divided into winners and losers. The final battle of the Battle Week is revealed, and after the last battle, and only 41 of them will survive. The final battle, the Revenge Battle, is a team battle between the winners and losers of the first battle. The winners get to choose their teammates, concepts, and songs, whereas the losers must follow everything decided by the winners and battle against them.

Revenge Battle Part Two

Aired: Dec 2, 2023

Episode: 3

The Revenge Battles continue. Enchanting Winners show a good performance but, Enchanting Challengers put on a surprising performance. Pure Winners face a crisis as one of the members hits her limit.

Road to Prism

Aired: Dec 6, 2023

Episode: 4

Charismatic Winners present “DDU-DU DDU-DU,” while Charismatic Challengers perform to “FIRE.” The judges are torn as both groups do an excellent job. After the Revenge Battle, the 20 contestants advancing straight to Universe through Unicorn Ticketing is revealed. The rest must make it to the Universe through their fan voting.

The First Journey, Level Station

Aired: Dec 13, 2023

Episode: 5

The 39 contestants who made it to the Universe go through the Level Test to determine their levels. After deciding their levels, the Level Station, the official war of promotions to the next level, begins. The contestants must compete against a team of the same level to determine which team will be promoted to the next level.

The Level Station Continues

Aired: Dec 23, 2023

Episode: 6

The Level Station battle continues with the low-rank and high-rank groups facing off against each other. With the prospect of four members being eliminated from the losing group, the two low-rank groups are as nervous as ever.

The First Promotion Ceremony

Aired: Dec 27, 2023

Episode: 7

The contestants have a day of fun with trips to a garden, an aquarium and a cruise trip. They are then invited to compete for the oppurtunity to perform for "SBS Entertainment Awards." They divide into three teams to come up with a highlight choreography for their signal song, "Want to Come With Me?" Only eight of them will be picked to perform. The First Promotion Ceremony is held. Their new levels are revealed and some of them are eliminated. A third type of ticketing (apart from Fan and Unicorn Ticketing) is revealed.

Episode 8

Aired: Jan 3, 2024

Episode: 8

The girls are divided into 3 categories, Vocal, Visual and Performance. Each of the teams perform a song which showcase the respective concept (vocal, visual or performance) while competing for the one spot that promotes them to the next level in the Road to PRISM.

Episode 9

Aired: Jan 10, 2024

Episode: 9

The second performance showcase of the unit station begins from which 2 will be eliminated from each group after the performances but the Unicorns and Producers aren't the only ones who will be deciding. This time the contestants themselves help in determining who will be eliminated. The girls fight for their place for the Finale which is right around the corner and not all of them will survive but there is a surprise in store for one of the contestants whose debut gets finalized after they reach PRISM Level and get the PRISM Ticket.

Episode 10

Aired: Jan 17, 2024

Episode: 10

The final rankings are revealed, with the first 8 contestants debuting in the girl group UNIS.

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