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Kpop groups that debuted in 2010

List of every kpop group that debuted in 2010
Debut Name Gender Status
Apr 22nd 10cm male active
Aug 12th 9MUSES female active
Aug 26th B.Dolls female disbanded
Sep 6th BeBe Mignon female disbanded
Jan 1st Chic'6 Muscats female disbanded
Oct 28th Co-ed School mixed disbanded
Mar 4th DGNA male disbanded
Sep 1st DMTN male in hiatus
Jan 8th F.Cuz male active
Aug 27th F1RST mixed disbanded
Dec 24th GD & TOP male disbanded
Jul 7th Girl's Day female in hiatus
Jul 28th Homme male disbanded
May 14th Honey Dew female disbanded
Jun 9th INFINITE male active
Nov 27th J Rabbit female active
Apr 1st JYJ male in hiatus
Jul 1st miss A female disbanded
Jan 22nd OKDAL female active
Jun 16th Orange Caramel female in hiatus
Jun 4th SISTAR female disbanded
Nov 1st SM the Ballad mixed in hiatus
May 17th SongCryGirlz female disbanded
Apr 23rd Soya n' Sun mixed disbanded
Jul 9th TEEN TOP male active
Apr 13th Vanilla Lucy female disbanded
Nov 4th VNT female disbanded
Jan 7th ZE:A male in hiatus