Kpop groups that debuted in 2019

List of every kpop group that debuted in 2019
Debut Name Gender Status
Mar 27th 1TEAM male disbanded
Apr 12th 1THE9 male disbanded
May 21st 3YE female active
Mar 11th 4CARAT female active
May 22nd AB6IX male active
Sep 16th ANS female disbanded
Apr 19th API female disbanded
Mar 11th ARGON male disbanded
Oct 24th ARIAZ female disbanded
Jan 31st AWEEK male disbanded
Aug 24th B.O.Y male disbanded
Oct 29th BDC male disbanded
Jun 3rd Black Bunny female disbanded
Apr 10th BVNDIT female disbanded
Jun 17th BZ-Boys male active
Jan 21st Cherry Bullet female active
Jul 23rd CIX male active
Jan 28th CoCo female active
Aug 6th CSVC female active
Aug 1st D1CE male disbanded
Apr 24th DKZ male active
Apr 29th E.RUDA female disbanded
Apr 19th ENOi male disbanded
Mar 21st EVERGLOW female active
Jul 22nd EXO-SC male active
Aug 6th FANATICS female disbanded
Jun 24th G-(i)Kon female disbanded
Apr 8th GIRL CRUSH female active
Aug 28th GIRLKIND XJR female disbanded
Sep 2nd GLOSS female disbanded
May 2nd GROW.B female disbanded
Apr 30th HIGH SCHOOL female disbanded
Feb 26th HIGHCOLOR female disbanded
Nov 3rd HINAPIA female disbanded
Nov 16th Hoppipolla male active
Jun 1st HOT TEEN female disbanded
Dec 30th HWAITING female active
Oct 22nd ICU female active
Jul 1st If Enough female active
Apr 30th ILUV female disbanded
Feb 12th ITZY female active
Mar 5th JUS2 male in hiatus
Dec 5th JxR male in hiatus
Sep 19th K-TIGERS ZERO mixed active
Aug 29th Lalary mixed active
Mar 27th Lilynote female active
Jul 9th LIMITLESS male active
Jun 26th Lusty female disbanded
Jan 4th M.O.N.T male active
Dec 19th MDD female disbanded
Jun 28th Morethan7 mixed disbanded
Jan 21st Must.Be male active
Aug 27th N.CUS male disbanded
Apr 27th NEKIRU female active
Apr 25th NewKidd male active
Jan 9th ONEUS male active
May 28th OnlyOneOf male active
Apr 12th PEACE female disbanded
Mar 26th PinkFantasy SHY female active
Jun 22nd PRSNT mixed active
Jun 24th PURPLEBECK female disbanded
Dec 23rd Q6IX female active
Apr 4th Rainbow Note female active
Feb 1st Refiners female active
Aug 7th Rocket Punch female active
May 30th Rockit Girl female active
Jul 18th ROLIGHTS female active
Aug 28th Signal male disbanded
Nov 14th SKYGIRLS female disbanded
Aug 20th Sunshine female active
Oct 4th SuperM male active
Sep 18th TEEN TEEN male disbanded
Feb 20th The Pink Lady female active
Feb 19th TREI male disbanded
Mar 6th Triger male active
Nov 10th True Damage mixed active
Mar 13th Two Stars female active
Mar 4th TXT male active
Jul 16th U.A female active
Feb 14th VANNER male active
Aug 6th Venus female active
Jan 9th VERIVERY male active
Sep 1st VIOLET female active
Aug 23rd wave to earth male active
Jan 17th WayV male active
May 27th WE IN THE ZONE male disbanded
Jun 14th WhiteDay female disbanded
Aug 27th X1 male disbanded