“XG Is Already Well Established, Hikaru Will Not Bring Something New” – Netizens Discuss Whether Adding Kep1er’s Hikaru to XG Will Be a Good Move

“XG Is Already Well Established, Hikaru Will Not Bring Something New” – Netizens Discuss Whether Adding Kep1er’s Hikaru to XG Will Be a Good Move

Project group Kep1er was formed through the survival show Girls' Planet 999 and with Kep1er's contract ending in the first half of 2024, netizens already started to discuss the future career of the members of the group.

There has been a rumor going around that after the disbandment of Kep1er, member Hikaru will be joining the all-Japanese girl group XG.

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XG, with hit songs such as "LEFT RIGHT" and "SHOOTING STARS" has started to gain a foothold in the industry. In a video posted by one netizen on the social media app TikTok, she expressed her thoughts regarding the addition of Hikaru to the group pointing out that by 2024, it would be too late to add the idol.

Fellow netizens also agreed to the original poster, they commented:

  • I hope Hikaru redebuts in a new group
  • this is like Yena with everglow after I*ZONE disbanded. they wouldn’t add Hikaru after over two years that would be such a bad move
  • That's what I'm saying. Ithink hikaru is good/fits the concept but XG is already a well established group together and they don’t need another member
  • I agree Hikaru is so talented but XG already has plenty of rappers
  • They have it all honestly so she wouldn’t add anything new
  • the other members are all mostly fluent in korean and english, the only thing hikaru would add is ANOTHER rapper to the group.
  • I wanna say she would bring stans but Kep1er barely has any
  • She’s definitely not joining XG but I hope they debut her in another group with a similar concept cause she would absolutely devour
  • plus I'm worried Hinata would get even less lines if they added another member
  • if they add Hikaru it’ll literally just be because she was in kep1er, plus the other members speak korean.
  • I've been thinking about this too, Hikaru is a great rapper, dancer and performer but so are all the members in XG. There's nothing she would add to aside from her Korean.
  • XG speaks Korean too so idk it's ap to the company but some people need to be realistic this is their 3rd comeback and they already have 4 rappers
  • They don’t need another member and I hope they don’t. I want her to have her own group and help establish them herself.
  • They whole groups speaks English, Japanese and Korean, also they already struggle with line distribution so adding another person would not work
  • I kinda agree with this because they’re going to already have a built fanbase by the time Kepler disbands and it might be harder to build a bond
  • If she had debuted with them she’d fit so well, but by the time kep1er disbands it would be odd to add her in
  • She’s gonna ruin it tbh.
  • I hope they don’t
  • They already have chemistry and growing steadily, adding Hikaru is somehow...
  • Great now we can see Hikaru is gonna get alot of hate from fans when she joins
  • in my opinion I would like to see Hikaru debut in a new group, XG is well established as they are right now and I don't think they need another member
  • their dances are perfect for her tbh but i kinda agree she wouldn’t bring anything new
  • She's a great performer but so are the rest of XG and she's average at rap when XG has enough outstanding rappers and vocalists


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