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Should aespa’s Karina Be GOT the Beat’s Center? – Korean Netizens Discuss Karina’s Quality That Makes Her Center Material

Should aespa’s Karina Be GOT the Beat’s Center? – Korean Netizens Discuss Karina’s Quality That Makes Her Center Material

SM Entertainment's all-girls supergroup, GOT the beat which debuted with the hit song "Step Back" recently returned with "Stamp on It" currently at 6.2 million views on YouTube.

Despite the song's success, the group's comeback has garnered a bit of controversy, specifically involving BoA, the supergroup's center. Many netizens expressed their disappointment regarding BoA's energy in dancing the song's dance break part and hence a discussion about Karina's quality that would give her an advantage if she was to become the center was opened in a forum post on Nate Pann.

They commented:

  • Karina's bangs are so good
  • GOT the Beat Karina
  • Ugh... Sales that are always crazy
  • Karina, Winter, Taeyeon, these three are crazy
  • It must be her well-maintained face, it gets prettier and prettier
  • Since the year-end stage, Karina is so pretty that I'm on the verge of becoming a fan..
  • It's going viral hahahaha
  • I really want to see Karina
  • They're all pretty, but I personally like Seulgi's face. She's a matchless beauty, but when she smiles, she's so cute like a bear.
  • I'm definitely not cursing Karina. Isn't Jeong Seok-sang a good fit for the center, like Winter or Taeyeon?
  • Are you in business or not? My older brothers are posting dozens of posts a day, so why do they not allow pretty and popular female idols like Karina to post sales posts? Haha Ah~ I was ignoring Karina while watching the SM audition, and then I remembered the first round of madness, so I burst into tears? LOL
  • It's funny how hotheaded people bite their noses and oppose comments that say they're pretty haha. ​​But that's why Karina is pretty and well-known
  • I don't know if Karina is pretty because she's a snake, and she's not very good at dancing or singing, so she's not that good.
  • She is the prettiest among Korean idols. Skills are the best
  • Winterquills are hitting on Karina and seniors again
  • Only dope feminists curse at Karina... All normal people like it
  • Other members are not good visual members
  • The eyes and face shape have a strong impression, but with the bangs down, it really gives off a delicate feeling. It's pretty.
  • Jimin is really the best...
  • Aespa comeback? Why are there so many Karina virals these days?


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