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SAAY Returns With "DOMINO"

SAAY Returns With "DOMINO"

On June 12th, singer-songwriter SAAY made a powerful comeback with her newest digital single "DOMINO." Fully in English, the song represents SAAY’s complicated feelings that have accumulated over the span of her career: anyone who yearns for success can experience conflicting emotions in the form of anticipation and anxiety. Working step by step towards perfection increases the excitement, but the fact that a single mistake can make everything crumble also increases apprehension, just like a domino.

"I wanted to express our feelings of insecurity and imperfectness. I had to do it for me and for us," SAAY elaborates.

Written and co-composed by SAAY, “DOMINO” is her first release in 7 months since her last single “RollerCoaster.” For the official music video, SAAY collaborated with the renown male dance crew WE DEM BOYZ, as well as dancer IBAN, all who have shown stellar performances in the popular Korean dance competition series Street Man Fighter and Street Woman Fighter.

Check out "DOMINO" below!

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