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“It Girl Curse” – Fans Worry That BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon Might Experience the Same Hate Train BLACKPINK’s Jennie Faced in 2018

“It Girl Curse” – Fans Worry That BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon Might Experience the Same Hate Train BLACKPINK’s Jennie Faced in 2018

Debuting in one of the most anticipated K-pop groups this year and being the sister group of BLACKPINK, pushed Ahyeon of BABYMONSTER to be subjected to overwhelming support, as well as criticism.
Ahyeon (BABYMONSTER) profile, age & facts (2024 updated) | kpopping

After her unofficial hiatus before her debut due to personal reasons, she came back as shiny as ever when she was confirmed to join her group's official debut with "SHEESH."
240407 BABYMONSTER - 'SHEESH' at Inkigayo | kpopping

Since she reclaimed her position, she was frequently seen in their group's official accounts joining trends and updating her fans, to which she was warmly welcomed.

However, recently, following their official debut, Ahyeon faced criticisms for her performance to which some netizens said "She was doing too much" and "She sounds like she's screaming during her high notes."

With this, fans cannot help but share their worries that Ahyeon might also face the same hate train that Jennie experienced in 2018.
180824-26 BLACKPINK Jennie at Arena Tour 2018 in Chiba | kpopping

Netizens commented:

  • People are saying she is performing at Inkigayo like it’s Coachella. At least she ain’t performing at Coachella like it’s Inkigayo.
  • It girl curse: 2nd gen Suzy, 3rd gen Jennie, 4th gen Wonyoung and 5th gen Ahyeon
  • History repeats. I really love how Jensetters are protecting Ahyeon from the hate she is getting. We know how it feels.
  • Isn't she 16??? Why are people hating on children just because they are more successful than the haters will ever be?
  • I hope she doesn't end up like Jennie.
  • So the bar has become too low now that people called Ahyeon too much or overreacting? I thought we agreed that stage presence is important in a K-pop performance, but now we are calling Ahyeon's expression "overreacting"? Woah, the bar has become too low.
  • Not the It-girl curse happening again.
  • The Ahyeon hate is so forced like she didn't even do anything to hate her for. Just be happy that she is giving her 100% on stage
  • "She just wants attention" Isn't that the whole point of performing, grabbing someone's attention?
  • We Jensetters will always protect our Jennie as well as Ahyeon
  • They just love their job
  • Ahyeon clearly enjoys performing and she’s giving it her 100%. I don’t get the hate
  • First it was Lee Hyori, then it was Suzy, then it was Jennie, then it was Wonyoung and now it’s Ahyeon.
  • Since when was being a good performer, a bad thing? If you stand out in comparison to your other members, clearly they need to work harder to shine also.

Being from the same company, the netizens were even more worried as according to them "The hate is so forced." Nevertheless, the fans are assuring the Ahyeon that they will always support and protect her against malicious commenters.

YG Entertainment has yet to issue a statement regarding the matter.


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