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Personal Decision or Company’s Order? – XG Cocona’s Buzz Cut Sparks Mixed Reactions Among Fans

Personal Decision or Company’s Order? – XG Cocona’s Buzz Cut Sparks Mixed Reactions Among Fans

The highly awaited "WOKE UP" music video, the fifth single by XG, was released on May 21st. Renowned for being a worldwide girl group that captivates listeners with their catchy songs, the members of this group are also open to taking risks.

Member Cocona startled the industry with a completely different hairstyle, this time sporting a buzz cut for their comeback. Her fans, who are shocked by her transformation are still amazed and supportive of the change.

@kpopcurator wigless and serving! @XG Official #xg #wokeup #xg_wokeup #cocona #kpop #kpopfyp #jpop ♬ original sound - keeping up with kpop

Still, some netizens are uncertain as to whether this is Cocona's decision or that of her company and hence are worried for the idol, they commented:

  • Can you all please be a little nicer to Cocona? Isn't she just 18 years old? She looks great with this buzzcut! It's bold and not easy to actually go through with so please be a little respectful for once.
  • XG really is such a good and original group like you won't see this anywhere else in K-pop
  • As long it's her decision it's fine!
  • I doubt her company would force her to do this! Pretty sure AVEX just gives them a lot of creative freedom and Cocona just wanted to drastically switch things up
  • Omg, so she really cut her hair... why?
  • Somebody buy her a cute wig please
  • It's better than braids, I guess
  • She's enlisting
  • I just hope it was her decision to get the buzz cut and not the company that forced her to do it
  • For me this is the real definition of "I wanna change the K-pop industry"
  • She is the real miss change the industry miss Eunchae and Yunjin could never
  • Real definition of doing something for K-pop
  • This is how you shake the industry

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