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Korean: 범한


New York


United States

Full name:
Harald Wu
23 years old
Blood type:
5'9" (174 cm)


Harald Wu also known as Beomhan (범한) is a Chinese-American rapper, dancer, and trainee. He is a former member of the pre-debut boy group M.O.N.T Arena.

On January 31, 2020, Beomhan was revealed as a member of the pre-debut group MONT Arena, a 3 unit team derived from the original group M.O.N.T. Due to Coronavirus, M.O.N.T Arena was unable to proceed with the trainees group and Beomhan was allowed to continue on trainee activities by himself. Thus his social media presence began, with his infamous "Day in The Life of a Kpop Trainee" videos on TikTok.

On June 11th, 2021, a schedule of Beomhan's upcoming activities was released with July 2nd, being the date of his pre-debut project release. He released his first pre-debut project single "Sun's Up ft. Mont's Roda" that same day, followed up by "Ashes ft. Mont's Roda" on August 20th.

From August 27th to October 30th, Beomhan, along with Under19 participant Jay Chang, appeared at different events such as K-pop festivals in the United States, as well as barista events where Beomhan and Jay worked as boba baristas and waiters. From November 27th to December 5th, they held different events in Florida and Los Angeles as a part of their K-pop Trainee Rookie Show. From January 1st to January 16th, 2022, Beomhan, along with Jay and fellow M.O.N.T member, rapper Roda, was a part of the FM Tour 2022 New Year Kick-Off, which included barista events, as well as a concert and gallery showcase. On July 21st, 2022 Beomhan and Jay also released a pre-debut song called "The Awakening"

On September 6th, 2023, FM Entertainment announced that Beomhan's contract with them had been terminated due to allegations made by the artist about the agency. None of these allegations were ever proven to have any real value, as neither Beomhan nor the agency took a legal route. Anything that was said should be taken as alleged, due to the only 'proof' being word of mouth.

On January 31, 2024, Beomhan debuted with single "Me Myself & I". Beomhan had said that it was his "one day debut", due to the negative reviews on the song. Fans were quoted on saying, per X, that the song should have "never left the vault", which Beomhan himself has described as the worst birthday ever!

Jan 30, 2020-Sep 6, 2023
Jan 31, 2024
Current state:
Active years:
English, Korean, Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese
Brooklyn Technical High School
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Tiger Cubs
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