Produce 101 Season 2

Produce 101 Season 2 (프로듀스101 시즌2) was a boy group reality survival program created by Mnet that ran from April 7 - June 16, 2017. It is the sequel to the hit program "Produce 101" which formed the girl group IOI. The second season featured 101 male trainees competing to debut and become members of an 11-member boy group. By the end of the show, WANNA ONE was formed.

Kwon Jae Sung (Dance)
Kahi (Dance)
Don Mills (Rap)
Cheetah (Rap)
Shin Yoo Mi (Vocals)
Lee Seok Hoon (Vocals)
Leeteuk (MC (Position Evaluation))
BoA (MC)
Group created:
Apr 7, 2017 - Jun 16, 2017
93 contestants
11 survivors
11.1M votes
11 episodes
70 day(s) duration

Contestants of Produce 101 Season 2

Rank Name Company Votes 1st Evaluation 2nd Evaluation
2nd Park Jihoon Park Jihoon Fantagio Music 1.1M C B
1st Kang Daniel Kang Daniel KONNECT Entertainment 1.6M B A
3rd Daehwi Daehwi Brand New Music 1.1M A A
4th Kim Jaehwan Kim Jaehwan Swing Entertainment 1.1M B B
8th Jisung Jisung DG Entertainment 902.1K F D
6th Woojin Woojin Brand New Music 937.4K A A
10th Jinyoung Jinyoung C9 Entertainment 807.7K C F
28th Donghyun Donghyun B B
11th Ha Sung Woon Ha Sung Woon BPM Entertainment 790.3K A A
9th Hwang Min Hyun Hwang Min Hyun Pledis Entertainment 862.7K C D
5th Seongwu Seongwu Fantagio 984.8K A A
7th Kuanlin Kuanlin Cube Entertainment 905.9K D F
25th Taehyun Taehyun Star Crew Entertainment A A
26th Sanggyun Sanggyun Hunus Entertainment F D
13th Baekho Baekho Pledis Entertainment D D
20th Ren Ren BPM Entertainment D F
19th Ju Haknyeon Ju Haknyeon IST Entertainment F F
78th Yul Yul The Jackie Chan Group Korea F F
85th Sanchung Sanchung The Jackie Chan Group Korea D F
39th Hweseung Hweseung FNC Entertainment D C
21st Longguo Longguo Choon Entertainment D D
Shihyun Shihyun Choon Entertainment D D
14th Kim Jonghyeon Kim Jonghyeon Pledis Entertainment B B
15th Lim Young Min Lim Young Min Brand New Music B A
17th Yoo Seonho Yoo Seonho F F
18th Samuel Samuel BPM Entertainment A A
12th Jeong Sewoon Jeong Sewoon Starship Entertainment B B
22nd VIINI VIINI Ghost Studio F F
24th Kenta Kenta C B
29th Donghan Donghan OUI Entertainment D B
83rd Daehyeon Daehyeon OUI Entertainment B D
45th Hyunmin Hyunmin K-Tigers E&C F C
38th Hong Eunki Hong Eunki GON Entertainment C D
47th Seongri Seongri C2K Entertainment B A
62nd Wontak Wontak INTER BD Entertainment B C
53rd ONE.KI ONE.KI 2Y Entertainment D D
31st Sunghyuk Sunghyuk THINK ABOUT Entertainment D D
68th Dongmyeong Dongmyeong D F
44th Kwang Hyun Kwang Hyun B C
94th Seoho Seoho D F
33rd Keonhee Keonhee D D
42nd Hwanwoong Hwanwoong B B
81st Jaehan Jaehan IPQ C C
66th Yeonkuk Yeonkuk F D
Yunsung Yunsung C C
87th Hoyeon Hoyeon LUK Factory F F
34th WooJin WooJin Media Line Entertainment A A
90th Jooen Jooen C C
56th Jini Jini Illusion Entertainment D D
93rd Yonggeun Yonggeun D1CE Entertainment F C
35th Woodam Woodam D1CE Entertainment D D
40th Jinyoung Jinyoung D1CE Entertainment C A
Parkha Parkha NOGA Entertainment B C
97th Jiann Jiann J-FLO Entertainment C B
30th Taedong Taedong IPQ F A
32nd Yehyeon Yehyeon SPK Entertainment C C
71st Taewoong Taewoong Chrome Entertainment D D
27th Vok Vok ONO Entertainment F F
46th Heeseok Heeseok ONO Entertainment F B
61st WOO WOO F F
95th Woncheol Woncheol HF Music Company B B
66th Woohyuk Woohyuk C C
73rd Yongbin Yongbin Banana Entertainment C D
72nd Joel Joel D D
50th Junwoo Junwoo F B
92nd Dokka Dokka Baikal Entertainment C C
86th K-Bean K-Bean Gieok Company D C
89th Minhyuk Minhyuk GINI STARS Entertainment D D
Sihyun Sihyun F F
59th Taemin Taemin Hanahreum Company F F
37th Sungwoo Sungwoo HIM Entertainment F F
88th Kyumin Kyumin IMX Entertainment F D
69th Seokyu Seokyu F D
74th Bourbon Bourbon D C
58th Dongbin Dongbin One Cool Jacso Entertainment F F
41st Jinwoo Jinwoo FineCut Entertainment F F
49th Taewoo Taewoo F D
91st Sungwook Sungwook F F
98th Jihan Jihan 935 Entertainment F B
36th Arkay Arkay B C
55th Jaechan Jaechan B C
51st Zhengting Zhengting Yue Hua Entertainment C D
43rd Justin Justin Yue Hua Entertainment C D
23rd Lew Lew Yue Hua Entertainment C D
16th Hyungseop Hyungseop Yue Hua Entertainment D A
67th Hyojun Hyojun F F
80th Hoolim Hoolim D B
70th Hyeonwoo Hyeonwoo F C
57th Insoo Insoo C B
48th n99d n99d B A

Rank of Produce 101 Season 2

Rank Name Company Votes 1st Evaluation 2nd Evaluation
1st Kang Daniel Kang Daniel KONNECT Entertainment 1.6M B A
2nd Park Jihoon Park Jihoon Fantagio Music 1.1M C B
3rd Daehwi Daehwi Brand New Music 1.1M A A
4th Kim Jaehwan Kim Jaehwan Swing Entertainment 1.1M B B
5th Seongwu Seongwu Fantagio 984.8K A A
6th Woojin Woojin Brand New Music 937.4K A A
7th Kuanlin Kuanlin Cube Entertainment 905.9K D F
8th Jisung Jisung DG Entertainment 902.1K F D
9th Hwang Min Hyun Hwang Min Hyun Pledis Entertainment 862.7K C D
10th Jinyoung Jinyoung C9 Entertainment 807.7K C F
11th Ha Sung Woon Ha Sung Woon BPM Entertainment 790.3K A A

Episode 1

Aired: Apr 7, 2017

Episode: 1

The trainees from each company enter the studio, where seats are arranged in a pyramid with chairs numbered from 1 to 101. Each contestant chooses his preferred seat. Then contestants perform in a group or individually according to their company for evaluation. Some participants are asked to showcase any dancing, singing, or rapping skills for individual evaluation. Each trainee is judged on his potential and judges grade and assigned them into temporary groups for training: A, B, C, D, and F (with A being the highest and F the lowest). At the end of the episode, the popularity vote revealed Maroo Entertainment's Park Jihoon at 1st place who became popular after a gif of his wink at the end of the "나야나 (Pick Me)" performance went viral.

Episode 2

Aired: Apr 14, 2017

Episode: 2

After a few more evaluations, the trainees are assigned to dorms by their evaluation grades, and MC BoA announces that they will be performing on M! Countdown with their single "나야나 (Pick Me)"; they introduce the lyrics and choreography, and are told that they have three days to memorize the choreography and lyrics for a video evaluation. Line distribution and stage placement are determined by their final letter grade; A will have the most lines while F will be backup dancers who stand on the floor by the stage. The trainees film themselves individually performing the song while their fellow grade members watch. Each video is evaluated by the mentors. After the re-evaluation, they are given their new grades and are asked to move to their new rooms by rank. Four F ranked trainees moved up from their grade: Jellyfish Entertainment's Yoon Hee-seok, HF Music Company's Jung Woncheol and Pan Entertainment's Lee Jihan are moved to B rank while The Vibe Label's Kim Taedong moves to the A rank.

Episode 3

Aired: Apr 21, 2017

Episode: 3

After the announcement of the new batch of A ranked trainees, A rankers are given an hour to prepare a stage to appeal to the other trainees. The trainees, including those in the A group, have to vote for who they believe would be the best for the center position. Brand New Music's Lee Daehwi of group A is voted to be the center. After their live performance, BoA announced the departure of 3 trainees from the show and that the 37 contestants who would receive the lowest ranks would be eliminated in the first elimination.

The trainees started their second mission: group performances in front of a live audience. 16 teams are formed to compete for 8 songs given: Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry", Shinee's "Replay", 2PM's "10 out of 10", B2ST's "Shock", Infinite's "Be Mine", EXO's "Call Me Baby", BTS's "Boy in Luv", and SEVENTEEN's "Mansae". Being the center, Lee Dae-hwi chooses his team first. Following the finalized picks for his team, by random draw, Lee Dae-hwi picks Hwang Minhyun to choose his team. The remaining 14 team founders are also chosen by random draw. Each group consists of 5-7 members. The team founders then compete for songs individually through a race: only 8 can secure their desired songs and choose their opponent from the remaining 8 teams who lose in the race. The episode later showed the groups rehearsing and assigning roles of the 'leader', 'center', 'main vocalist', 'sub vocalists', and 'rappers'. Each song is then performed live by the two groups and each member is voted on separately by the live audience. The winning team among the two is determined by combining the individual scores. Members of the winning group would gain an extra 3000 points each, to be included into the ranking announcement of the week after. The group with the highest overall points would later perform on M! Countdown. Only four teams covering "10 Out of 10" and "Call Me Baby" were covered this week.

Episode 4

Aired: Apr 28, 2017

Episode: 4

The remaining 12 teams performed their respective songs and rehearsals for the groups are shown. After the last performance, the contestants are shown their ranking based purely on individual live votes and the additional 3000 points for the contestants of the winning teams: Park Woodam takes the 1st place. His "Mansae" group (composed of Park Woodam, Ju Wontak, Kim Yeonkuk, Woo Jinyoung, and Kim Taedong), also score the highest, and are able to perform a special stage on M! Countdown.

Episode 5

Aired: May 5, 2017

Episode: 5

For this episode, contestants from Produce 101 Kim SohyeChoi Yoojung and Kim Sohee appear as special panelists. The episode opens with the remaining 98 contestants entering the main studio by company. In between announcements of each trainee's ranking, events leading up to the elimination are shown, such as their dorm life, exercise and a hidden camera prank. I.O.I's Kim Doyeon and Choi Yoojung met with the trainees and hosted a dance battle among the trainees, in which Hong Eunki was crowned "Dancing King". A poll for 'Top Visual' was also conducted, in which Park Jihoon was ranked 1st. Park Ji-hoon also retained his first place in the rankings announcement. First center Lee Daehwi was ranked 7th, the shocking fall in his rank surprising everyone. After announcing the top 59 trainees, BoA announces that the last trainee to be saved from elimination is Kim Sangbin, ranking 60th. At the end of the episode, BoA announces that the team formation for the 4th mission, which is position evaluation, will be decided by online voting. This is a major difference to that of Season 1, where trainees got to choose the song they want.

Episode 6

Aired: May 12, 2017

Episode: 6

BoA once again meets with the trainees to announce the next challenge. The trainees are tasked to perform live in groups based on positions they want to debut in: vocal, dance or rap. There are five songs for vocals (I.O.I's "Downpour", BTS's "Spring Day", BoA's "Amazing Kiss", Blackpink's "Playing With Fire", and Jung Seung Hwan's "If It Is You") four songs for dance (Jason Derulo's "Get Ugly", NSYNC's "Pop", Ed Sheeran's "Shape of You", and Flo Rida's "Right Round") and four songs for rap (Mino ft. Taeyang's "Fear", iKON's "Rhythm Ta", Zico's "Boys and Girls", and Simon Dominic, G2, BewhY, and One's "Who You"). Each song has a member limit and would be picked by each trainee based on their ranks: Park Jihoon who ranked 1st (center) from the first elimination round would have the privilege of choosing the song he wants to perform first. BoA also announces that only 35 trainees will remain in the next round and that the winner from each position category will receive 100,000 votes while the winner from each group will receive 10,000 votes. After each performance, they are ranked in their groups first and then overall in the category. On the day of the stage performances, Super Junior's Leeteuk substituted BoA to host the show due to the latter's prior commitment. Only six groups are covered this week, with "Shape of You" group (composed of Noh Taehyun, Park Sungwoo, Kim Taedong, Justin, Kim Donghan, and Lee Junwoo) receiving the show's first-ever encore call.

Episode 7

Aired: May 19, 2017

Episode: 7

The remaining seven teams perform their respective stages and rehearsals for the groups are shown. After the last performance, the contestants are shown their overall ranking based on their positions. The additional 10,000 points are given to 12 contestants for receiving the highest points on their respective group and the extra 100,000 points to Lee Gunhee, Noh Tae-hyun, and Kim Jonghyun for receiving the highest points in vocal, dance, and rap position respectively.

Episode 8

Aired: May 26, 2017

Episode: 8

The episode opens with BoA treating the contestants to pizza before she temporarily goes overseas during the Position Evaluation filming. Sometime after the performances and before the ranking announcement on May 12, BoA gathers the boys informing them about the coming elimination round (where contestants ranking 36 onwards would get eliminated). She then introduces the next challenge: Concept Evaluation. She introduces the five songs: Hyuk Shin's "I Know You Know" (Synth-pop/Funk), Veethoven, Oh Sunghwan, Kiggen and ASSBRASS's "Oh Little Girl" (Hip Hop), ASHTRAY & KINGMAKER's "Show Time" (Nu-disco), Devine-Channel's "Open Up (열어줘)" (Future EDM), and Triple H's "Never" (Deep house). Group formations are based on the viewers' poll which was first introduced at the end of Episode 5. The top 12 trainees voted for each song are assigned to the songs first. Due to voting manipulation controversies, however, Kang Daniel, Lee Ki-won, and Kim Dong-bin are banned from their alleged preferred songs. After they are given their designated songs, the formed groups started to rehearse.

The second elimination round takes place during the second half of the episode with the remaining 58 contestants from each company are seen entering the main studio by company. Names of the top 35 trainees are called by BoA one by one starting from rank 34. In between the second elimination round, a mini contest of who punches the strongest is conducted. Kang Dongho is given the title "Punching King". Kim Jonghyun receives the 1st place in the ranking announcement while Kim Donghan ranks 35th, just escaping elimination.

Episode 9

Aired: Jun 2, 2017

Episode: 9

BoA announces that since there is an uneven distribution of members after the last elimination, groups with more than 7 people need to vote on who stays. The remaining groups, which have less than 7 people after the elimination, pick from the members who were voted out. All the composers for the concept evaluation songs visit the trainees and they perform in front of the composers. This episode shows the live performances for all five concept evaluations. "Open Up (열어줘)" group (composed of Kang Daniel, Kang Dongho, Kim Yongguk, Joo Hak-nyeon, Yoo Seon-ho, Takada Kenta, and Lim Young-min) received an encore call and afterwards was also declared the winner of the concept evaluation, resulting in at least 20,000 benefit votes for each member, with the person from that group with the most votes, winning 100,000 benefit votes, to be revealed in the next elimination (Kang Dong-ho and Kang Daniel are the two candidates for 1st place). In addition, the group will also perform on M! Countdown.

Episode 10

Aired: Jun 9, 2017

Episode: 10

The episode opens with the remaining 35 contestants from each company entering the main studio. Amidst the eliminations, the trainees participate in a question relay and a team game event where "Open Up (열어줘)" group emerges as the winner. They are also asked to vote for the top 6 pick for the debut team in the trainees among them, with MMO Entertainment's Yoon Ji-sung taking 1st place and Kang Daniel, Jung Sewoon, Park Jihoon, Ong Seong-woo, and Park Woo-jin taking 2nd to 6th place respectively. At the elimination, BoA reveals that only 20 trainees will advance to the final stage. Kang Daniel is announced as the overall winner of the concept evaluation, winning 100,000 benefit votes. With ranks 19 to 3 revealed, Kang Daniel and Park Ji-hoon are called up as the contenders for 1st place, with Kang Daniel revealed to be 1st in the overall rank as well. The contenders for 20th place are then called up, Choon Entertainment's Kim Yong-guk and Cube Entertainment's Lai Guan-lin, with Lai Guan-lin, whose massive rank drop surprised everyone, surviving the elimination.

With the top 20 confirmed, BoA announces the next and final mission – the debut song evaluation. She introduces "Hands on Me" (produced by The Underdogs and Deez) and "Super Hot" (produced by Ryan Jhun) as the final line-up's debut songs. She explains that they will be split into two teams of 10, each team composed of one main vocal, six to seven sub vocals, and two to three rappers. The trainees choose their positions beginning with rank 20 up to 1, with the higher ranked trainees being given the advantage of replacing the lower ranked trainees and bumping them into another position. Due to voting manipulation controversies, 17th place Lim Youngmin had to choose his position first as a penalty. After positions are confirmed, the trainees begin practicing the choreography and memorizing the lyrics in preparation for the final stage.

Episode 11

Aired: Jun 16, 2017

Episode: 11

The episode begins showing the boy's audition tapes, as well as their final confessional interviews. An announcement is then made that viewers will now be able to send SMS votes for one trainee only, which will be added to the online votes in order to determine the final line-up. The debut evaluation starts off with the eliminated trainees joining the top 20 trainees for a performance of "It's Me (Pick Me)". BoA then reveals that the debut group will be named Wanna One (Hangul: 워너원).

The episode cuts to the boys performing in two groups. "Super Hot" group (composed of Ha Sungwoon, Kim Samuel, Kang Dongho, Yoo Seonho, Ahn Hyungseob, Lee Daehwi, Choi Minki, Lim Youngmin, Kim Jonghyun, and Lai Guan-lin) performs first with Ha Sungwoon as the center of the group, followed by "Hands on Me" group (composed of Kim Jae-hwan, Kang Daniel, Ong Seongwoo, Bae Jin-young, Hwang Minhyun, Jung Se-woon, Joo Hak-nyeon, Yoon Jisung, Park Woojin, and Park Jihoon) with Bae Jin-young as the center of the group. After the performances, a segment is shown during which trainees watch videos left by their families, some of which surprise the trainees by visiting them in person. The top 20 trainees also perform together a special song titled "Always (이 자리에)" as a commemoration of their time throughout the competition.

Voting comes to a close, and ranking announcements begin. Bae Jinyoung, Hwang Minhyun, Yoon Jisung, Lai Guanlin, Park Woojin, Ong Seongwoo, Kim Jaehwan, and Lee Daehwi are announced as 10th to 3rd place, respectively, confirming them for debut. The top 2 trainees are revealed to be Kang Daniel and Park Jihoon once again. Kang Daniel once again receives the most votes, confirming his position as the center for Wanna One, with Park Jihoon in 2nd place. Finally, 11th place Ha Sungwoon is announced as the final member.

Controversy of Produce 101 Season 2

In 2019, producing director Ahn Joon-Young and chief producer Kim Yong-bum was exposed for swapping the rankings of one trainee who was supposed to debut in Wanna One with another trainee who was not part of the final line-up. It was also revealed that they swapped the rankings for one trainee who had originally passed the first elimination with a trainee who originally did not make the cutoff. Ahn and Kim were eventually indicted on suspicions of obstruction of business and fraud later that year.

In November 2020, the Seoul High Court disclosed that Seong Hyun-woo (LIMITLESS' A.M) and Kang Dong-ho (NU'EST'S Baekho) were the two trainees who were victims of the voting manipulation done by the show's producers. Seong Hyun-woo's ranking was manipulated to prevent him from passing the first elimination while Kang Dong-ho's ranking was manipulated to prevent him from debuting in Wanna One.

Besides the show, there are also contestants who were under different controversies: 

Around 2017, Ilgan Sports reported that the staff of Produce 101 Season 2 have tried to find a trainee who talked to the media about discrimination of the trainees by grade ranking. Ilgan Sports also reported that trainees encountered discrimination, such as level-determined permission to go to the bathroom and eat different meals. Also, there are issues about boys who bullied other students and plagiarism of choreography.

One of the trainees, Maroo Entertainment's Han Jong-youn, left the show due to a serious bullying and sexual assault scandal. An alleged former classmate accused Han Jong-youn of making him masturbate in front of his friends, forcing him to fight with his friends, and locking him in the cleaning equipment room.

YGKPLUS's Kwon Hyun-bin deleted all of his Instagram posts after they were flooded with negative comments. This was in response to the show's fourth episode, in which Kwon was seen as unmotivated and received harsh criticism from the trainers for a lack of practice, but despite this his team won the live performance battle and he received the highest score out of both teams. During the performance, the trainers commented that the group was "ready to debut". After the performance, Kwon Hyun-bin stated that "I'm here because I really want to debut as a singer" and "I've put everything on the line for this". Despite having received the most votes, netizens criticized Kwon Hyun-bin for his "lack of sincerity".

The Vibe Label's Ha Min-ho allegedly tried to engage in sexual relationships with minors. Screenshots of Instagram and Facebook conversations between him and minor fans were posted online, and he was also accused of sexually harassing and bullying an ex-girlfriend in middle school. After discussion with Mnet, he left the show and canceled his contract with his label.

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