Kpop groups that debuted in 2017

List of every kpop group that debuted in 2017
Debut Name Gender Status
Jun 2nd 1/N male active
Jul 18th 14U male disbanded
Nov 29th 1NB female disbanded
Apr 20th 2Wenty's female in hiatus
Mar 27th 7SENSES female active
Apr 5th A-seed female disbanded
May 23rd A.C.E male active
Nov 15th ABRY female active
Jun 1st ALICE female active
Aug 10th AMOR female disbanded
Nov 10th An Old Moon mixed active
Aug 1st Apple.B female disbanded
Feb 16th AWESOME female disbanded
Apr 7th BLACK6IX male disbanded
Nov 22nd Blah Blah female disbanded
Mar 7th BLANC7 male disbanded
Nov 28th BLK male disbanded
Jan 1st BONUSbaby female disbanded
Nov 27th Busters female active
Jul 24th Cashcoma female disbanded
Apr 5th Charari Danchu female active
Feb 16th Chic Angel female active
Nov 22nd Chloris female disbanded
Aug 25th Classmate male active
Jan 13th Dreamcatcher female active
May 29th ELVIN CREW male disbanded
Apr 28th Fanxy Red female active
Jul 6th FAVORITE female active
Jun 1st G-reyish female disbanded
Oct 26th GeeGu female disbanded
Jul 14th Girls Next Door female disbanded
Aug 28th Golden Child male active
Aug 30th GOOD DAY female disbanded
Jul 25th GreatGuys male active
Jul 24th GroovyRoom male active
May 25th GsA female active
Feb 9th H.U.B female in hiatus
Jan 16th H2L female disbanded
Oct 11th HashTag female active
Aug 16th HBY male disbanded
Oct 12th Hi Cutie female active
Mar 20th Highlight male active
May 17th HONEYST male disbanded
Nov 2nd HyeongseopXEuiwoong male in hiatus
Sep 1st IM male disbanded
Aug 31st IZ male active
Oct 18th JBJ male disbanded
Jul 19th KARD mixed active
Jan 2nd LEEXLEE female active
Jul 12th LIMESODA female disbanded
Mar 22nd LipBubble female disbanded
Aug 1st Lofibaby female active
Jul 31st Longguo&Shihyun male inactive
Mar 12th LOONA 1/3 female in hiatus
May 24th Marmello female disbanded
Sep 5th Melody Pink female disbanded
Sep 23rd Monogram mixed active
Mar 13th MVP male disbanded
Jul 27th MXM male disbanded
Jul 26th MYTEEN male disbanded
Jul 25th NU'EST W male disbanded
Nov 15th O My Jewel female disbanded
Sep 21st ODD EYE CIRCLE female active
Aug 11th OGUOGU female disbanded
Aug 2nd ONF male active
Jul 26th P.O.P female disbanded
Mar 21st PRISTIN female disbanded
Oct 12th RAINZ male disbanded
Jun 22nd RAMISU female disbanded
Apr 7th Red Queen female disbanded
Feb 17th Rose Queen female active
Jun 3rd S.E.T female disbanded
Aug 25th S.I.S female disbanded
Aug 23rd S2 female disbanded
May 25th S2U female disbanded
Jun 20th Se So Neon mixed active
Mar 16th Seven O’Clock male disbanded
Oct 26th SKYE male active
Jun 27th South Club male active
Sep 24th SVT Leaders male active
Sep 29th Thalia female active
Dec 6th THE BOYZ male active
Jan 13th The King male disbanded
Nov 28th THE MAN BLK male active
Aug 3rd The Rose male active
Oct 10th TRCNG male disbanded
May 1st Triple H mixed disbanded
Jan 4th TST male disbanded
Dec 4th U-HOO female disbanded
Nov 7th U.SSO Girl female disbanded
Nov 13th UNICA female disbanded
Jan 3rd VARSITY male disbanded
Jun 13th Vermuda male in hiatus
Oct 13th VIVA female disbanded
Jan 12th WALWARI mixed in hiatus
Aug 7th Wanna One male disbanded
Feb 21st WeAreYoung male active
Aug 8th Weki Meki female active
Nov 16th XoX female active
Nov 23rd Yellow Bee female disbanded