Kpop groups that debuted in 2021

List of every kpop group that debuted in 2021
Debut Name Gender Status
Mar 25th AR3NA female active
Mar 4th AZER female active
Sep 1st Azer Blossom female disbanded
Sep 23rd Beauty Box female active
Nov 10th Billlie female active
Oct 2nd BLE female active
May 12th BLITZERS male active
Jan 6th Bright Day female active
Oct 25th bugAboo female disbanded
Mar 15th Ciipher male active
Mar 15th CooKie female active
Jan 1st Cotton Candy female disbanded
Dec 10th Coupsis female active
May 19th E'last U male active
Jun 8th EPEX male active
Jun 25th Ever & Lucy female active
Sep 6th Ferry Blue female active
Aug 18th GG female active
Aug 1st Heartcore mixed active
Aug 11th Hi-L female in hiatus
Mar 6th Hit.eun female active
Apr 28th HOT ISSUE female disbanded
Sep 9th HyunA&DAWN mixed disbanded
Sep 8th ICHILLIN' female active
Nov 3rd INI male active
Dec 1st IVE female active
Jun 30th JUST B male active
Feb 18th KINGDOM male active
Aug 4th Kizuna Simulation female active
May 31st LAONZENA female disbanded
Jun 10th LIGHTSUM female active
Nov 11th lilli lilli female disbanded
Sep 9th LUMINOUS male active
Mar 9th MAJORS female disbanded
Sep 18th Manito female active
Sep 8th MEGAMAX male active
Jun 2nd MINIMANI female active
Mar 17th MIRAE male active
Dec 29th MIRI Girls female active
Jul 3rd MISS T female active
Jul 3rd MSG Wannabe male active
Sep 27th NIK male active
Mar 30th NTX male active
Mar 7th NUITNUIT mixed active
Jun 30th OMEGA X male active
Jun 27th OUTLET mixed active
Aug 27th Pastel Girls female active
Feb 24th PIXY female active
Dec 22nd Precious Daughters female active
Mar 15th PURPLE KISS female active
Feb 1st QODES female disbanded
Oct 1st Rhea female in hiatus
Dec 19th Rocking doll female active
Oct 19th Rookie female active
Jul 14th Rumble-G female active
Aug 4th SKYLE female in hiatus
Aug 17th Solia female disbanded
Jan 20th SRZN female active
Jul 15th SSOA female disbanded
May 21st TEAPARTY female disbanded
Jan 11th TFN male active
Sep 27th THE FIX female active
Jan 21st Touched mixed active
Feb 17th TRI.BE female active
Sep 13th UNC female disbanded
Aug 17th WayV-TEN&YANGYANG male active
Apr 22nd We1ne male active
May 12th WJSN THE BLACK female active
Mar 8th WOW male active
Dec 6th Xdinary Heroes male active