All kpop idols born in 1982

List of every kpop idol born in 1982
Stage Name Full Name Group Date of Birth Gender
Big Tray Lee Dong-jin Dec 26th '82 male
Double K Son Chang-il Jan 1st '82 male
Hwang Chiyeul Hwang Chi Yeul Mar 12th '82 male
Hwanhee Hwang Yoon-Seok Fly To The Sky Jan 17th '82 male
IVY Park Eun Hye Nov 7th '82 female
Jane in J Kim Soo-jin See U Apr 20th '82 female
Jung Hye Min Jung Hye-min AL Apr 16th '82 female
Jung Yu Jin Jung Yu Jin Mar 31st '82 female
Junki Shin Junki BUZZ Mar 9th '82 male
Kang Jihyun Kang Ji-hyun AL Mar 14th '82 female
Kwon Ohkyung Kwon Ohkyung Echae en Route May 19th '82 male
Misty Park Pil Do Oct 1st '82 female
Miyoun Kan Mi Youn BABY V.O.X Feb 2nd '82 female
Park Min Hye Park Min Hye Big Mama Sep 18th '82 female
Rain Jung Ji-hoon SSAK3 Jun 25th '82 male
Sunghee Son Sunghee BUZZ Aug 11th '82 male
Wheesung Choi Whee-Sung Feb 5th '82 male
Yoon Cheol Jong Yoon Cheoljong Apr 23rd '82 male