All kpop idols born in May

List of every kpop idol born in May
Stage Name Full Name Group Date of Birth Gender
40 Kim Han-Jun May 18th '88 male
A Ryeom Choi Aryeom SHA SHA May 29th '95 female
A-Min Cho Min Woo EPEX May 22nd '04 male
Abi EVAS May 13th '88 female
ACE Kim Dae Sung May 11th '90 male
Ah Young Cho Ja-young Dal Shabet May 26th '91 female
Ahn So Jin Ahn So-jin May 25th '92 female
Ailee Lee Ye Jin May 30th '89 female
Anne Kim Seung Yeon S.I.S May 3rd '00 female
Arkay Jeong Dongsu May 11th '91 male
Aron Kwak Young Min NU'EST May 21st '93 male
Asai Nanami Asai Nanami May 20th '00 female
Asera Kim Jung Hee EVAS May 5th '87 female
Ayno Noh Yoonho VAV May 1st '96 male
B:eta Ji Ha Young AlphaBat May 20th '87 male
Bada Kim Ba-da HINAPIA May 28th '02 female
Bae Eun Yeong Bae Eun-yeong May 23rd '97 female
Baekhyun Byun Baek-hyun EXO May 6th '92 male
Bain Song Byeong Hee JUST B May 4th '01 male
Bambam Kunpimook Bhuwakul GOT7 May 2nd '97 male
Bao Bae Seongyeob XEED May 12th '96 male
Benji Benjamin Jaewook Bae May 3rd '92 male
BIGONE Kim Dae-il May 10th '91 male
Bomi Jeong Bomi GIRL CRUSH May 12th '96 female
Bona Kim Eun-bi TREN-D May 17th '94 female
BOYHOOD Nam Dong-hyun May 6th '99 male
Byungho Park Byung Ho May 11th '90 male
Castle J Son Seongjun MCND May 31st '99 male
ChaeE Lee Subin May 6th '95 female
Chaerin Jung Chae-rin May 8th '06 female
Chaeyoung Lee Chae-young fromis_9 May 14th '00 female
Changhun Ji Chang-hun NTX May 4th '02 male
Changmin Lee Changmin 2AM May 1st '86 male
Changmo Ku Chang-mo May 31st '94 male
Cheetah Kim Eun-young Blacklist May 25th '90 female
Cho Yeju Cho Ye-ju May 5th '05 female
Chohee Park Chohee Bbeum May 29th '93 female
Choi Choi Seokhoon LU4US May 21st '93 male
Choi Cho Choi Cho A Rubber Soul May 10th '92 female
Choi Jungyoon Choi Jungyoon May 23rd '94 female
Choi Sung Hoon Choi Sung Hoon LA POEM May 5th '89 male
Choi Yeyoung Choi Ye-Young May 31st '00 female
Chu Hwa Jeong Chu Hwa-jeong D.Holic May 10th '95 female
Chunseo Ruth Guillem Gomez KAACHI May 28th '00 female
Cindy Kim Seul-bi Like Me May 27th '95 female
Colde Kim Hee Su offonoff May 10th '94 male
Crush Shin Hyo-Seob FANXYCHILD May 3rd '92 male
D:elta Choi Yeon Soo May 17th '91 male
Dahyun Kim Da-hyun TWICE May 28th '98 female
Dain Jo Mungyeong Black Eye May 31st '88 female
Danbee Jang Danbi May 13th '93 female
Danny Im Taebin 1TYM May 6th '80 male
Dasom Kim Da-som SISTAR May 6th '93 female
DaWon Cho Da Won VARSITY May 12th '00 male
Daya Jung Sungmi 84LY May 4th '90 female
Dayoung Im Da Young WJSN May 14th '99 female
Dayul Kang Da-bin DAHLIA May 9th '97 female
Dongkyu Kim Dongkyu May 21st '00 male
Dsel May 3rd '96 male
E The Lee Yerin May 15th '95 female
E:U Park Jiwon EVERGLOW May 19th '98 female
E.You May 17th '92 female
Eani Lim Sung Hong May 18th '79 female
Echan Jeong Echan May 17th '01 male
Elva Lee Yong-hwa ILY:1 May 5th '03 female
Erin Kwak Da-young SKYLE May 3rd '01 female
Euaerin Lee Hye-min May 3rd '88 female
Eun Choi Eun Mi Two X May 14th '90 female
Eunchae Kwon Chaewon DIA May 26th '99 female
Eunha Jung Eun Bi VIVIZ May 30th '97 female
Eunjae Kwak Eun Jae Y&W May 2nd '96 male
Eunji Oh Eunji WhiteDay May 24th '99 female
Eunjin Ma Eun-jin PLAYBACK May 23rd '97 female
Eunjo Alice White May 17th '88 female
Eunseo Son Juyeon WJSN May 27th '98 female
Fukumoto Hina Fukumoto Hina May 29th '06 female
FUTURISTIC SWAVER Lee Min-woo Starex May 3rd '95 male
Ga Hyeon Hong Ga-hyeon ALiKE May 11th '97 female
Ga Kyung Moon Ga Kyung PPL May 18th '87 female
GabinK Yoo Seunghyun JWiiver May 23rd '01 male
Gaeul Park Gaeul FAVORITE May 8th '99 female
Gahyun Nam Ga-hyun ILUV May 29th '02 female
Gayoon Heo Ga-yoon 4Minute May 18th '90 female
Geonhee Park Geonhee Purfles May 18th '90 female
Giseok Jung Giseok IM May 2nd '97 male
Go Eunshil Go Yoo Sun Year 7 Class 1 May 14th '99 female
Gong Myung Kim Dong-hyun 5urprise May 26th '94 male
Goto Moe Goto Moe May 20th '01 female
Grazy Grace Kim Eun Mi May 27th '92 female
Gulnazar Gulnazar Arkin May 15th '01 female
Guno Wang Guno May 8th '00 male
Gunwoo Kim Gun Woo T1419 May 28th '02 male
Gwangil Shin Kwang Il LUCY May 25th '97 male
Gyehyeon Jo Gyehyeon VERIVERY May 14th '99 male
Gyeongmin Cho Gyeong-min PRISMA May 10th '00 female
Gyuhyung Lee Gyuhyung May 7th '94 male
Gyuri Park Gyu-ri KARA May 21st '88 female
H:eta Seol Jun May 8th '93 male
H.Hyun Hwang Ji Hyun BT Swing May 11th '92 female
Ha Soo Bin Ha Soo Bin May 3rd '73 female
HA:TFELT Park Yeeun Wonder Girls May 26th '89 female
Hadam Min Hadam May 31st '91 female
Hae Geum Oh Hae Geum BeBe Mignon May 17th '89 female
Haein Yeom Hae-in LABOUM May 19th '95 female
Haena Kim Hyunjin HADY May 1st '94 female
Haerin Kang Hae-rin NewJeans May 15th '06 female
Haeyoung Park Haeyoung A.De May 13th '98 female
Haiyan Girls2000 May 14th '00 female
Han Dong Geun Han Dong-geun May 9th '93 male
Hani Ahn Hee Yeon Cotton Candy May 1st '92 female
Harin Park Geunhye Pink Fantasy May 26th '00 female
Hayeon Lee Seung Hee B.Dolls May 1st '88 female
Heejin Lee Hee Jin BABY V.O.X May 16th '79 female
Heejun Oh Hee-Jun May 8th '96 male
HeeO Kwak Hee-oh 4TEN May 2nd '94 female
Hello Gloom Na Ung Jae Imfact May 28th '98 male
Ho Szeching Ho Szeching May 20th '04 female
Hojun Son Ho-jun NTX May 22nd '02 male
Huijun Gwon Huijun May 1st '01 male
HunnyHunna Kim Kyu-hyun May 24th '98 male
Hwakyung Kim Hwakyung 2Wenty's May 19th '93 female
Hwanhee Lee Hwan Hee UP10TION May 6th '98 male
Hwayeon Lee Hwayeon Sweet Revenge May 14th '90 female
Hwiyoung Kim Youngkyun SF9 May 11th '99 male
Hyeji Kim Hyeji Gangkiz May 29th '89 female
Hyejin Lee Hyejin TURAN May 18th '92 female
Hyeongshin Kim Hyeong-shin HOT ISSUE May 3rd '02 female
Hyewon Jin Hye Won F-ve Dolls May 6th '95 female
Hyomin Park Sun-young T-ARA May 30th '89 female
HyunBin Kim Hyun Bin TRI.BE May 26th '04 female
Hyunseok Lee Hyun-seok VROMANCE May 26th '94 male
I An Jo Ian May 21st '96 female
I’M Park Hyun Ho May 1st '92 male
Ida Ko Chae-young MAJORS May 19th '00 female
Iden Nam Iden MEGAMAX May 9th '94 male
Im Sola Lim Eunhye PPL May 8th '91 female
In Kyung Kang In-kyeong BP POP May 5th '93 female
Inaba Vivienne Inaba Vivienne May 16th '99 female
Ino Go Bonkuk INX May 10th '95 male
Iris Iris Hwang May 17th '02 female
Isak Ida Dene Simmons / Kim Isak Isak 'N' Jiyeon May 25th '85 female
Isol Lusty May 1st '97 female
IU Lee Ji-eun May 16th '93 female
J-Min Oh Ji Min May 27th '88 female
Jacob Bae Joon-young THE BOYZ May 30th '97 male
Jae Kyung Lee Jae Kyung Nell May 13th '80 male
Jaehwan Kim Jae-hwan Wanna One May 27th '96 male
Jaein Lee Jaein AZER May 29th '00 female
Jaeyoon Lee Euijeong May 15th '91 female
Jang Beom June Jang Beom-June Busker Busker May 16th '89 male
Jang Hye-jin Lee Nam-mi May 15th '65 female
Jayden Yoon Jayden May 10th '95 male
Jei Kim Hyunjung May 11th '94 female
Jella 2NYNE May 23rd '99 female
Jeon Youeun Jeon Yoo-eun May 11th '03 female
Jeong Sewoon Jeong Sewoon YDPP May 31st '97 male
Jeonghwa Park Jung Hwa EXID May 8th '95 female
Jerry Kim A-hyeon May 28th '96 female
Jey Jung Jinhyeong May 17th '97 male
Jiae Yoo Jiae Lovelyz May 21st '93 female
Jieun Song Ji-eun Secret May 5th '90 female
Jihae Woo Ji Hae May 14th '89 female
Jihoon Park Jihoon Wanna One May 29th '99 male
Jihyun Baek Jihyun May 7th '00 female
Jimin Lim Ji-min JUST B May 22nd '01 male
Jini Jeong Hyejin Rose Queen May 11th '92 female
Jinseo Im Jin-seo FAINIT May 28th '98 female
Jinwook Choi Jinwook May 20th '03 male
Jinwoon Jung Jinwoon 2AM May 2nd '91 male
Jinyoung Bae Jinyoung CIX May 10th '00 male
Jinyoung Woo Jinyoung D1CE May 31st '97 male
Jisu Jin Ji Su NEP May 14th '91 female
JiU Kim Minji Dreamcatcher May 17th '94 female
Jiyoung Park Jiyoung O21 May 13th '97 female
Jo Yoo Ri Jo Yoo Ri May 4th '98 female
Jonghyun Lee Jonghyun May 15th '90 male
Jongwoon Lee Jongwoon BLACK6IX May 11th '95 male
Joonie Park Jun-hee ICHILLIN' May 24th '02 female
Judy Kim Da-hye May 16th '95 female
Juha Bubble X May 7th '90 female
Jung Seunghwan Jung Seunghwan May 17th '96 male
Junghyun Lee Jung Hyun 2Z May 20th '02 male
Jungseung Park Jeongseung D-CRUNCH May 26th '02 male
Junhyuk Lee Jun Hyuk MIRAE May 16th '00 male
Junon Vermuda May 23rd '98 male
JUSTHIS Heo Seung May 7th '91 male
K Kim Hyeong-in TST May 6th '91 male
Kang Damin Kang Damin May 24th '04 female
Kang Han Jung Jihoon WE May 20th '81 male
Kang So Yeon Kang So Yeon WE May 23rd '88 female
Kang Susie Kang Su-ji May 20th '67 female
Kang Xiwon Kang Siwon UNI May 16th '96 female
Kanto Choi Kwang Ryul TROY May 23rd '94 male
Kenny Wang Muching May 15th '98 male
Keum Keum Dong Hyun EPEX May 14th '03 male
Kim Kim Ye Seul Rubber Soul May 18th '93 female
Kim Chaeli Kim Chae-li May 25th '98 female
Kim Hari Kim Ha-ri May 1st '98 female
Kim Jinho Kim Jin Ho SG WANNABE May 21st '86 male
Kim Joo Yeon Kim Joo Yeon May 7th '03 female
Kim Joonseo Kim Joonseo The Whales May 8th '01 male
Kim Myojin Kim Myojin May 28th '94 female
Kim Nayeon Kim Nayeon May 15th '96 female
Kim Wan-sun Kim I-sun May 16th '69 female
Kim Yumin Kim yu-min May 25th '08 female
Kim Zion Kim Zi-on May 12th '04 male
Kogyeol Go Min Soo UP10TION May 19th '96 male
Kojima Mako Kojima Mako May 30th '97 female
Kongyoo Kong Yoo-jin BONUSbaby May 11th '01 female
Kwon Ipsae Yoon Seohyung May 8th '95 female
Kwon Ohkyung Kwon Ohkyung Echae en Route May 19th '82 male
Kyujin Jang Kyu-jin NMIXX May 26th '06 female
Kyungho Jang Kyung Ho TO1 May 7th '01 male
L:ambda Lee Yeon Woo AlphaBat May 11th '92 male
Lee Hyori Lee Hyori SSAK3 May 10th '79 female
Lee Jaeyoung Lee Jae-young AL May 5th '81 female
Lee Jooyeon Lee Joo-yeon Jjarimongttang May 11th '93 female
Lee Ki Rim Lee Ki Rim WABLE May 10th '91 female
Lee Sem Lee Hyun-joo May 5th '87 female
Lee Sieun Lee Sieun May 9th '94 female
Lee Su Jae Lee Su–jae May 24th '01 male
Lee Woo Lee Kyung-Tak MADTOWN May 4th '92 male
Lee Yurim Lee Yurim May 7th '99 female
Leeda Lee Da-hee 1NB May 11th '94 female
Leia Larissa Ayumi Cartes Sakata BLACKSWAN May 14th '01 female
Li Yiman Li Yiman May 24th '97 female
Liha FAINIT May 14th '98 female
Lina Serena May 23rd '97 female
Liyah Moon Li Yah MIXX May 11th '00 female
Loki Jang Hyun-woo DIOS May 1st '98 male
Lua Shim Na-young May 11th '03 female
M.Gun Lee Min Gun XST May 20th '90 male
Marco Lee Hyonggun HBY May 11th '94 male
Mari Yang Sehyeon May 29th '88 female
Maxi Jang Jinsil May 7th '90 female
Mayna Shao Xi Meng Na HOT ISSUE May 12th '00 female
Mei Hwang Hyo Jin Oh!Bliss May 2nd '91 female
Melanie Melanie Aurora Lee ChoColat May 5th '97 female
Mikey Blank2y May 5th '01 male
Mimi Kim Mihyun OH MY GIRL May 1st '95 female
Minah Switch Berry May 1st '96 female
Minah Bang Minah Girl's Day May 13th '93 female
Minjeong Kim Min-jeong May 20th '02 female
Minji Kim Min-ji NewJeans May 7th '04 female
Minseo Kim Minseo DRIPPIN May 9th '02 male
Minyoung Cho Minyoung May 17th '94 female
MIRANI Kim Yoon-jin May 14th '96 female
MISO Kim Mi-so May 31st '92 female
Miya Miyauchi Haruka GWSN May 26th '93 female
Mizi Min Eunyoung May 17th '88 female
Monday Kim Ji min Weeekly May 10th '02 female
Monika Kang Yeh May 21st '91 female
Moti Motivator PLT May 16th '96 male
Motomura Aoi Motomura Aoi May 31st '97 female
Mwah YJIG May 18th '96 female
Nada Yoon Ye Jin Resonar May 24th '91 female
Naeun Lee Na-Eun APRIL May 5th '99 female
Nakanishi Chiyori Nakanishi Chiyori May 12th '95 female
Nanah Kim Nanah BBde Girl May 4th '94 female
Nariu Jung Ha-na Witchers May 16th '97 female
Natty Ahnatchaya Suputhipong May 30th '02 female
Nayom Jung Nayom May 29th '90 female
NO:EL Jang Yong-jun May 30th '00 male
Noeul No Eul Rainbow May 10th '89 female
Oh hyuk Oh Hyuk May 10th '93 male
On Choi On Blastar May 11th '97 female
Onda Jo Se-rim EVERGLOW May 18th '00 female
Park Heejung Park Heejung May 4th '02 female
Park Hyeon Jin Park Hyeon-jin May 24th '05 male
Park Sun Park Sun May 25th '04 female
Parkha Han Jongyeon NIK May 21st '98 male
Peakboy Kwon Sung-hwan May 27th '89 male
Pesi Won Eun Ji EVAS May 15th '89 female
Prince Mak Mai Heng Li /Henry Mak May 24th '90 male
Punchnello Lee Young-sin May 28th '97 male
Pureum Kim Pu-reum Leader'S May 6th '94 female
Raina Oh Hye-rin AFTER SCHOOL May 7th '89 female
Rak Lee Rak withus May 24th '99 male
Rian LABELUP May 3rd '03 female
Rihan Choi Yeonsik JWiiver May 22nd '98 male
Rina Lee Min Ji GIRLSGIRLS May 19th '92 female
Roa Lim Roa RAMISU May 31st '96 female
Rose No Min Woo May 29th '86 male
Rothy Kang Joo-hee May 6th '99 female
RubberMan Hyeong Sanghyun My Yellow Poney May 30th '99 male
Rudals Lee Kyung-min May 12th '98 male
Saebyeol Ham Sae Byeol MATILDA May 10th '96 female
Sanchung Choi Hadon JJCC May 14th '93 male
Sandy Seo Min Kyung Apple.B May 3rd '98 female
Sandy Ha Seonho May 10th '02 female
Sangdo Yu Sang-do Xeno-T May 2nd '93 male
Sanggyun Kim Sang-gyun JBJ95 May 23rd '95 male
Sangil Shim Sangil SNUPER May 1st '93 male
Sara HEXE May 30th '91 female
Say Park Sehee PEACE May 17th '93 female
Sejun Lim Sejun VICTON May 4th '96 male
Seol.A Yoo Seola Bay.B May 7th '91 female
Seolhwa Jeong Dawoon INTER GIRLS May 9th '02 female
Seonah BLE May 20th '07 female
Seowoong Joo Seowoong NTB May 14th '91 male
Sera May 17th '00 female
Seulki Jung Seul-gi S#aFLA May 12th '90 female
Seulong Im Seulong 2AM May 11th '87 male
Seung Jun Kim Yeongjun MAP6 May 21st '94 male
Seunghoon Shin Seung Hoon NOIR May 30th '93 male
Seunghwan Lee Seunghwan 1THE9 May 20th '00 male
Seungyeop Choi Seung-yeop E'LAST May 8th '97 male
Shannon Shannon Arrum Williams-Lees May 26th '98 female
Shannon Bae Bae Sung-yeon PRISTIN May 25th '99 female
Shawn Peng Xichen Fanxy Red May 24th '97 female
Shihyun Kim Shi-hyun WE IN THE ZONE May 6th '98 male
Shin Eun Kyung Shin Eun Kyung Lip Service May 5th '88 female
Shin Hyehyeon Shin Hyehyeon May 15th '99 female
Shin Jung-hwan Shin Jung-hwan May 10th '74 male
Sihyoung Kim Si Hyoung HISTORY May 15th '92 male
Sihyun Kim Si-hyeon AQUA May 10th '99 female
Simyeong Lee Simyeong BVNDIT May 27th '99 female
Siryu Lee Woong Like A Movie May 14th '94 male
Siwoo Kim Tae Min C-CLOWN May 5th '93 male
Siwoo Yoo Siwoo TRCNG May 11th '01 male
Siyoung Park Si Young MIRAE May 6th '03 male
Siyun Yun Siyun May 8th '04 male
snzae Kim Sun-jae May 7th '98 male
So!Yoon! Hwang So-yoon Se So Neon May 23rd '97 female
Soa Hung Hye Jin Six Bomb May 28th '90 female
Soeun Kim So-eun May 16th '93 female
Sojin Park Sojin Girl's Day May 21st '86 female
Sol Jeong Sol May 12th '91 female
Som Yang Da Som May 15th '90 female
Soojung Hwang Soo-jung Hi-L May 10th '01 female
Soon Nam Seunghyun May 20th '99 male
Sori Baek So Ri RUBY May 15th '94 female
Soyeah Lee So Ye HEXE May 3rd '90 female
Soyeon Jung So-yeon LABOUM May 4th '94 female
Soyul Park Hye-kyeong Chic'6 Muscats May 15th '91 female
Starlight Park Hye-min BaBa May 26th '00 female
Subin Kim Subin A Train To Autumn May 7th '98 female
Suha Kim Su-a 84LY May 21st '93 female
Suho Kim Jun-myeon EXO May 22nd '91 male
Suhyun Lee Soohyun AKMU May 4th '99 female
SunA Lee Seonah May 17th '94 female
Sunghee Kim Sung Hee May 17th '89 female
Sungjae Yook Sung Jae BTOB May 2nd '95 male
Sungmin Park Sungmin May 31st '93 male
Sungwoo Park Sungwoo May 7th '88 male
Sunho Park Sunho May 9th '93 male
Sunmi Lee Sun Mi Wonder Girls May 2nd '92 female
Sunny Lee Soon Kyu Girls' Generation May 15th '89 female
SUPERBEE Kim Hoon-gi May 2nd '94 male
Suyeon Bom Suyeon May 13th '93 female
Suyeon Han Su Yeon May 9th '88 female
Sway D Song Seok-hyun May 5th '88 male
SWJA Sunwoo Jung-ah May 11th '85 female
Taehyun Nam Taehyun South Club May 10th '94 male
Taerae Kim Tae-rae TEMPEST May 9th '02 male
Taewoo Kim Taewoo g.o.d May 12th '81 male
Taewoong Yoo Taewoong SNUPER May 24th '94 male
Taeyang Dong Yong Bae BIGBANG May 18th '88 male
TAKI May 4th '05 male
Tako Zhang YuGe 7SENSES May 11th '96 female
Uchae Woo Hye-joon NATURE May 7th '02 female
Uhm Ji-yoon Uhm Ji-yoon WSG Wannabe May 2nd '96 female
Vahn Kim Jung Woo NINE.i May 7th '99 male
Way Ched Ahn Byeong-gyu May 20th '97 male
Winy Nam Min-jeong UNC May 5th '97 female
Won Seoyeon Won Seoyeon May 23rd '00 female
Wonstein Jung Ji-won X4 May 6th '95 male
Woobin Park Jongbin MAP6 May 18th '96 male
Woohyuk Jang Woohyuk H.O.T May 8th '78 male
Woojoo Kim Dongwook ELVIN CREW May 11th '92 male
Wooyoung Choi Woo-yeong TST May 14th '96 male
Woshi Kim Woshi May 6th '00 male
Wow Kim Se-hyoon A.C.E May 15th '93 male
Wuno Woo Tae-woon May 11th '90 male
Xinchun Huang Xinchun NEX7 May 14th '98 male
Xooos Kim Soo-yeon May 7th '94 female
Xu Ziyin Xu Ziyin May 6th '96 female
Yang Eun Ji Yang Eun Ji Baby V.O.X Re.V May 14th '84 female
Yechan Shin Ye-chan 1THE9 May 14th '01 male
Yedam Bang Ye Dam TREASURE May 7th '02 male
Yedam Park Yedam Diaconia May 12th '98 female
Yein Ahn Ye-in Melody Day May 4th '95 female
Yeji Yoon Ye-ji May 12th '90 female
Yeji Hwang Yeji ITZY May 26th '00 female
Yejin Lee Ye Jin May 8th '96 female
Yena Yang Ye-na APRIL May 22nd '00 female
Yena Lee Ye-na Episode May 20th '02 female
Yeongkyun Jung Yeongkyun Be.A May 30th '90 male
Yeonha Ahn Yeon Ji May 19th '00 female
Yeonho Chu Yeonho VERIVERY May 31st '00 male
Yeonkyu Kim Yeonkyu ATBO May 3rd '04 male
Yeori Kim Soyeon GeeGu May 30th '94 female
Yeseul Ahn Yeseul If Enough May 15th '96 female
Yina Hwang Se Mi May 4th '87 female
Yiyeon Jung Da-sol BVNDIT May 28th '95 female
Yongseok Choi Yongseok CHECKMATE May 23rd '96 male
Yongzoo Park Yong-ju May 22nd '94 male
YooJung Lee Taeyeob OnlyOneOf May 29th '97 male
Yoomin Jo Yoomin May 25th '93 female
Yoon Eun Bin Yoon Eun-bin May 21st '04 female
Yoona Ji Yoo Na Lady May 15th '81 male
Yoona Im Yoon Ah Girls' Generation May 30th '90 female
Yoonji Byeon Yoonji May 18th '06 female
Yoonmirae Natasha Shanta Reid MFBTY May 31st '81 female
Yoonseul Yoon Seul May 10th '93 female
Yora May 15th '94 female
Yoshi Kanemoto Yoshinori TREASURE May 15th '00 male
Youkyung Kang Youkyung AZER May 25th '00 female
Yu Ara Yu Seongwook Carcaro Girl May 5th '90 female
Yu1l D-art May 4th '99 female
Yujeong Nam Yu-jeong Brave Girls May 2nd '91 female
YUJIHI Yu Jihee May 31st '97 female
Yuku Amanuma Yuku DKB May 12th '02 male
YunGGI Yun Jae-seong May 13th '94 male
Yuuri Tokunaga Yuuri LUNARSOLAR May 16th '01 female
Yuzion May 18th '02 female
Yves Ha Soo-young LOONA May 24th '97 female
Z.flat Choi Hwan-Hee May 3rd '01 male
Z.Tao Huang Zitao May 2nd '93 male
Zhou Xinyu Zhou Xinyu May 25th '02 female
Ziki Kim Su Bin BLACK6IX May 16th '95 male
Zinni Kim Jinhee GLAM May 8th '86 female
Zoa Cho Hye-won Weeekly May 31st '05 female