All kpop idols born in August

List of every kpop idol born in August
Stage Name Full Name Group Date of Birth Gender
0820 Jeon geunwoo Aug 20th '00 male
A Young Ju A Young ATT Aug 22nd '98 female
ACE Yoon Ho-hyeon Five Run Strike Aug 15th '86 male
ACE Jang Woo Young VAV Aug 28th '92 male
Ahn Da Bi Ahn Da Bi Aug 17th '94 female
Ahn Yumi Ahn Yumi Twinkle Aug 7th '97 female
Ahyoung Lee Ah Hyung P.O.P Aug 27th '96 female
Anderson Aug 17th '05 male
Ann One Jung Ahn-hoon Aug 1st '78 female
Anna Kwon Anna REDMINT Aug 9th '95 female
ARO Jeong Aro Aug 11th '92 female
Asahi Hamada Asahi TREASURE Aug 20th '01 male
Ash Island Yoon Jin-young Pablo Mu2ik Aug 11th '99 male
Ayumi Lee Ayumi Sugar Aug 25th '84 female
Baek Boram Baek Bo-ram Morning Aug 15th '80 female
Baek Dayeon Baek Da-yeon Aug 30th '00 female
Basick Lee Cheol-joo Aug 12th '86 male
Bekah Rebekah Kim After School Aug 11th '89 female
Bit-to Lee Chang Hyun UP10TION Aug 24th '96 male
Bohoon Chae Bo Hoon Purple Rain Aug 23rd '92 male
Bomi Yoon Bo Mi Apink Aug 13th '93 female
Bomin Choi Bo Min Golden Child Aug 24th '00 male
Bona Kim Ji Yeon WJSN Aug 19th '95 female
Boreum Kim Do Young LAYSHA Aug 12th '96 female
Brad Brad Moore Busker Busker Aug 3rd '84 male
Brian Brian He AMPERS&ONE Aug 21st '02 male
Byeol Sarang Yoon Jung-in Aug 6th '92 female
Byeongcheol Jeon Byeong-cheol Aug 15th '03 male
Byul Choi Byul N.Sonic Aug 17th '89 male
Camila Camila Ribeaux Valdes VCHA Aug 10th '05 female
Cao Lu Cáo Lù Fiestar Aug 30th '87 female
Celeste Celeste Díaz Aug 3rd '04 female
Chae Rin Kim Su-jin Brand New Day Aug 23rd '88 female
Chaea Lee Ji-woo MayLiz Aug 23rd '99 female
Chaejeong Lee Chae-jeong ALICE Aug 26th '99 female
Chaeree Kim Chae Ree Vetty-L Aug 1st '92 female
Chaewon Kim Chaewon LE SSERAFIM Aug 1st '00 female
Chaeyi Kim Chaeyi M.Diva Aug 19th '97 female
Changbin Seo Chang-bin Stray Kids Aug 11th '99 male
Chanseung RoaD-B Aug 21st '99 male
CHEEZE Im Hye-kyung CSVC Aug 19th '91 female
Chi.u Lee Jae-yi X:IN Aug 16th '98 female
Cho Haeun Jo Ha-Eun Aug 25th '04 female
Cho Ka Hyeon Cho Ka-hyeon Aug 31st '03 female
Choi Jungeun Choi Jung-eun Aug 4th '07 female
Choi Soeun Choi Soeun Aug 19th '01 female
Chowon Kim Cho-won ICHILLIN' Aug 18th '05 female
Choyeon Kim Cho-yeon bugAboo Aug 1st '01 female
Cindy 10X10 Aug 26th '93 female
Clovd Kim Dong Sung Xeno-T Aug 1st '92 male
Cosmic Girl Yoo Joo Yi RaNia Aug 20th '90 female
D.L Kim Yeonhak BLANC7 Aug 30th '92 male
DaDa Song Da Hye VIOLET Aug 3rd '89 female
Daeun Daeun HANA Aug 3rd '02 female
Dajeong Kim Dajeong HashTag Aug 8th '95 female
Dakyung Kim Da Kyung PRISM Aug 10th '89 female
DALSIA Moon Si-a Aug 19th '92 female
Dalyn ANS Aug 27th '99 female
Danah Song Danah Aug 26th '94 female
DanB Oh Si-young TREN-D Aug 7th '93 female
Dani Danielle Harte KAACHI Aug 26th '98 female
Daon Kim Jaegyeong DAHLIA Aug 14th '94 female
Dasom Yu Dasom GROW.B Aug 21st '97 female
Daya Lee Swagi Fly With Me Aug 10th '97 female
Deepflow Ryu Sang-gu Team 119 Aug 2nd '84 male
Deesee Diana Shishka UHSN Aug 16th '97 female
Do Hwan Gil Do Hwan Ciipher Aug 26th '03 male
Dohee Kwon Do Hee cignature Aug 1st '02 female
Dohyun Kim Dohyun Pastel Girls Aug 3rd '06 female
Dongheon Lee Dong-heon VERIVERY Aug 4th '95 male
Donghwa We1ne Aug 3rd '02 male
Dowon Táo Yuán Aug 17th '00 male
Dowoon Yoon Do Woon DAY6 Aug 25th '95 male
Duri Kim Duri D.Holic Aug 26th '93 female
E Young Noh Lee Young After School Aug 16th '92 female
E:psilon Yoo Yeong Jin AlphaBat Aug 6th '91 male
Echae Lee Chae-won A.iRiD Aug 12th '99 female
EJ Kim Eunji ALICE Aug 13th '97 female
EJel Jang Eun-jeong Aug 2nd '00 female
Ellia Kim Ji-hae S.I.S Aug 10th '95 female
Eungi Yun Eun-gi LURA LUCY Aug 16th '04 female
Eunji Jeong Eun-ji Apink Aug 18th '93 female
Eunjin Ahn Eunjin DIA Aug 31st '97 female
Eunjun Choi Eun Jun AIMERS Aug 6th '99 male
Eunyong Shin Eun Yong Purfles Aug 20th '91 female
Eunyoung Jung Eun Young ii Aug 12th '97 female
Eve SkyRabbit Aug 19th '96 female
Fujimoto Ayaka Fujimoto Ayaka Aug 31st '01 female
Fuko Hayashi Fuko Aug 22nd '04 female
Fumiya Miura Fumiya NIK Aug 21st '96 male
G-Dragon Kwon Ji-yong BIGBANG Aug 18th '88 male
Gabin LST Aug 23rd '93 male
Gaeul Choi Moon Joo S.I.S Aug 12th '98 female
Gayeon Lee Yeon-joo VIVA Aug 19th '91 female
Gehlee Gehlee Gimena Dangca UNIS Aug 19th '07 female
Gilme Gil Mihyun Clover Aug 10th '85 female
Giru Park Giru Blady Aug 14th '91 female
Go Ah Sung Go Ah-sung DREAM SWEET Aug 10th '92 female
Gon Lee Won Seo VANNER Aug 7th '95 male
Gong Seoyoung Gong Chun-sook CLEO Aug 9th '82 female
Gongchan Gong Chansik B1A4 Aug 14th '93 male
Gooseul Lee Yeo-reum GsA Aug 18th '01 female
Gyeom Lee Seungyong Like A Movie Aug 16th '01 male
Gyowon Lee Gyowon Aug 25th '84 male
Ha Yang Shin Ha Yang Hi.D Aug 5th '93 female
Haebin Han Hae Bin gugudan Aug 16th '95 female
Haechang Jin Hae Chang CHECKMATE Aug 25th '01 male
Haeseo Su-hyun KELT9b Aug 15th '00 female
HaHa Ha Dong-hoon RGP Aug 20th '79 male
Hajung Kim Ha-jung 1NB Aug 24th '94 female
Han Hye Ri Han Hye Ri Red Queen Aug 24th '97 female
Han Hyunjung Han Hyun-jung CLEO Aug 11th '80 female
Han Jisu Han Jisu Aug 3rd '00 female
Han Jun Yoo Han-jun Aug 25th '96 male
Han Seo In Oh Yeon Kyung The SeeYa Aug 25th '94 female
Hana Fukuda Hana SPIA Aug 7th '02 female
Hanjun Lee Han-jun n.SSign Aug 28th '03 male
HaSeul Cho Ha-Seul LOONA Aug 18th '97 female
Hawoon Choi Jiho Must.Be Aug 22nd '93 male
Hayeon Kim Ha-yeon Aug 31st '98 female
Hayoung Choi Hayoung TRCNG Aug 22nd '00 male
Heize Jang Da-hye Aug 9th '91 female
HENNY Aug 14th '95 female
Heo Jay Heo Sa-em A.De Aug 7th '93 female
Heo Yu Jeong Heo Yu-jeong Bob Girls Aug 27th '92 female
Hiroto Ikumi Hiroto NXD Aug 23rd '02 male
Hoik Jung Ho Ik AA Aug 1st '93 male
Hojin Jeon Hojin N.CUS Aug 8th '98 male
Honey J Jeong Ha Nee Aug 26th '87 female
Hong Jin Young Hong Jin-young Unnies Aug 9th '85 female
Hongeun Kim Hong-eun Aug 25th '99 female
Hoon Yeo Hoon Min U-KISS Aug 16th '91 male
Hoyoung Bae Ho-young VERIVERY Aug 10th '98 male
Huening Kai Kai Kamal Huening TXT Aug 14th '02 male
Hui Lee Hoe-taek PENTAGON Aug 28th '93 male
Huiyeon Oh Hui Yeon LIGHTSUM Aug 1st '05 female
Hwang Bo Hwang Bo Hye Jung Chakra Aug 16th '80 female
Hwang Min Hyun Hwang Min-Hyun NU'EST Aug 9th '95 male
Hwang Sieun Hwang Si-eun Aug 22nd '09 female
Hwang Woolim Hwang Woo Lim The Pink Lady Aug 29th '96 female
Hwang Yoon Mi Hwang Yoon Mi PAPAYA Aug 28th '80 female
Hwanwoong Yeo Hwanwoong ONEUS Aug 26th '98 male
Hyangsook Lee Hyang-Suk 2EYES Aug 3rd '93 female
Hyei Park Hye-sung Ye-A Aug 12th '89 female
Hyein PINK BLING Aug 20th '97 female
Hyein Oh Hyein Melody Pink Aug 12th '97 female
Hyejeong Shin Hye-jeong AOA Aug 10th '93 female
Hyelin Seo Hyelin LHEA Aug 21st '95 female
Hyelin Seo Hyerin EXID Aug 23rd '93 female
Hyeonbin Kim Hyeonbin NOWADAYS Aug 31st '02 male
Hyeop Lee Hyeop DRIPPIN Aug 13th '99 male
Hyera Yoo Hyera Vanilla Lucy Aug 16th '81 female
Hyeran Han Hyeran SWINCLE Aug 24th '91 female
Hyeyoung Tae Hye Young Miss $ Aug 31st '85 female
Hyoah Nam Yoon-yi BaBa Aug 5th '99 female
Hyogang Jeon Hyo-kyung Blue Fox Aug 15th '00 female
Hyoin Blah Blah Aug 7th '94 female
Hyoin Cha Eunbi K-Girls Aug 24th '89 female
Hyoin Park Hyoin BLE Aug 1st '07 female
Hyun Kim Hyun-woo DIOS Aug 29th '97 male
Hyun Park Sung Hyun Seven O’Clock Aug 25th '97 male
Hyun Jyu-ni Hyun Jyu-ni M.M.D Aug 1st '85 female
Hyungseop Ahn Hyeongseop HyeongseopXEuiwoong Aug 9th '99 male
Hyunji Lee Hyun-ji Fantastie Aug 22nd '94 female
Hyunjung Kim Hyun Jung RUBY Aug 7th '94 female
Hyunyoung Jo Hyun-young Rainbow Aug 11th '91 female
Ichikawa Manami Ichikawa Manami Aug 26th '99 female
Inpyo Lee In-pyo SKYE Aug 14th '95 male
Intak Hwang In Tak P1Harmony Aug 31st '03 male
J'yunky WALWARI Aug 12th '88 female
Ja Mezz Kim Sung-hee Aug 11th '89 male
Jackie Kim Min Jae Honey Girls Aug 15th '93 female
Jae Won Jung Jae Won Nell Aug 4th '80 male
Jaeduck Kim Jae Deok SECHSKIES Aug 7th '79 male
Jaeha Park Jinseong NTB Aug 10th '93 male
Jaemin Na Jae Min NCT Dream Aug 13th '00 male
Jaeny Park Jae Eun UNIZ Aug 8th '90 female
Jaeny VIVA Aug 3rd '96 female
Jaeyoon Lee Jaeyoon SF9 Aug 9th '94 male
Jaeyun Lee Jae Yun TO1 Aug 16th '00 male
Jahan Lim Jihun The KingDom Aug 1st '02 male
Jangmi Yoo Jangmi LIMESODA Aug 1st '97 female
JC Jieun Kim Jieun Lady Collection Aug 8th '91 female
JEINSTEIN Cho Young-jin Stellar Aug 15th '91 female
Jenissi Kim Tae Yang Xeno-T Aug 2nd '91 male
Jenny Kim Da-Rae Gavy NJ Aug 14th '88 female
Jeong Hayeon Jeong Ha-yeon tripleS Aug 1st '07 female
Jeong Huigyeong Jeong Hui-gyeong Aug 17th '06 female
Jeongeun Choi Jeong-eun Aug 25th '04 female
Jerome J2KC Aug 12th '92 male
Ji Jinseok Ji Jin-seok Aug 18th '98 male
Jiae Lee Jiae JEVICE Aug 6th '87 female
Jihan Lee Jihan Aug 3rd '98 male
Jiho Jang Jiho NINE.i Aug 10th '04 male
Jihoo Lim Soo-jung IZ Aug 5th '98 male
Jillin Kim Inhyo CocaNButter Aug 16th '94 female
Jinhoo Kim Jin Wook UP10TION Aug 2nd '95 male
Jinyong Um Jinyong Aug 8th '85 male
Jiseong Kim Ji-seong NTX Aug 23rd '04 male
Jisung Yoon Ji-sung GsA Aug 6th '99 female
Jiwon TROPICAL Aug 7th '95 female
JM Jin Myung-jae Aug 17th '01 male
Jo Aram Cho Hyeyeon gugudan Aug 5th '00 female
Jo Hyun-ah Jo Hyun-ah Urban Zakapa Aug 28th '89 female
Jo Kwon Jo Kwon 2AM Aug 28th '89 male
Joha Kim Ji-hyeok Like A Movie Aug 22nd '98 male
Jonggil Kim Jong-gil W24 Aug 22nd '92 male
Jonghan Kim Jonghan Aug 7th '97 male
Joo Eun Lee Joo-Eun TROPICAL Aug 29th '93 female
JooE Lee Joowon MOMOLAND Aug 18th '99 female
Joung Min Aug 5th '04 female
Joy-On Jo Yu-ju Aug 1st '00 female
JuA Kim Hye Ri Pocket Girls Aug 7th '96 female
Jueun Park Ju-eon Aug 7th '00 male
Julie WeGirls Aug 25th '88 female
Julie Kim Jun Hee APRIL KISS Aug 25th '88 female
Jun Han Han Hyeong Jun Xdinary Heroes Aug 18th '02 male
Jun.H Im Joon Hyeon All-Star Aug 28th '91 male
Jung Seunghwan Jung Seung Hwan Gomak Boys Aug 21st '96 male
Jung Si Woon Jung Si-woon BABY V.O.X Aug 5th '78 female
Jung Siwoo Jung Si-woo Aug 7th '09 female
Jung-A Kim Jung Ah After School Aug 2nd '83 female
Junjin Park Choong Jae Shinhwa WDJ Aug 19th '80 male
JunQ Kang Joonkyu MYNAME Aug 9th '93 male
Kang Irang Kang I-rang Aug 20th '08 male
Kang Seungchan Kang Seungchan NewKidd Aug 8th '03 male
Kangsung Lee Kang Seong GHOST9 Aug 8th '02 male
Kato Yuuka Kato Yuuka Aug 1st '97 female
Kazuha Nakamura Kazuha LE SSERAFIM Aug 9th '03 female
Kiara Baek Jin-ju Aug 20th '98 female
Kibum Kim Ki Bum SUPER JUNIOR Aug 21st '87 male
Kiki Xu Jia Qi 7SENSES Aug 27th '95 female
Kim Byeongkwan Kim Byeong-kwan A.C.E Aug 13th '96 male
Kim Dae Hee Kim Dae–hee Aug 17th '00 male
Kim Eun Young Kim Eun-young Sunny Hill Aug 4th '86 female
Kim Gyu Vin Kim Gyu Vin ZEROBASEONE Aug 30th '04 male
Kim Hyung Jun Kim Hyung Jun SS501 Aug 3rd '87 male
Kim Ji-hyun Kim Ji-hyun Roo'Ra Aug 16th '72 female
Kim Jung Min Kim Jung-Soo MSG Wannabe Aug 23rd '68 male
Kim Kyunyeon Kim Kyu-nyeon The ADE Aug 31st '91 male
Kim Min Seok Kim Minseok MeloMance Aug 26th '91 male
Kim Pureum Kim Pu-reum Aug 25th '06 female
Kim Suhyeon Kim Soo-hyun CoCo Aug 24th '07 female
KIRI Lee Seung Joon BECZ Aug 9th '98 male
KISSXS Seo Jungwon Aug 6th '97 female
Ko Eunchae Ko Eun-chae Aug 25th '08 female
Kodai Aug 30th '00 male
Koseuke Namekawa Kosuke Aug 21st '00 male
Koshin Terao Koshin DXTEEN Aug 5th '03 male
Kwak Jieun Kwak Ji-eun Aug 11th '92 female
Kwanghee Hwang Kwang-Hee ZE:A Aug 25th '88 male
Kwangjin Kwon Kwangjin CNBLUE Aug 12th '92 male
Kyeongha Lee Kyeong-ha TST Aug 3rd '98 male
Kyle Kim Sang-yeop ASC2NT Aug 12th '99 male
Kyoka Taniya Kyoka Aug 27th '98 female
Kyosuke Fujimaka Kyosuke INI Aug 10th '99 male
Kyoungkeun Ryu Kyoungkeun Fallanc Aug 10th '00 male
Kyumin Cho Kyumin Aug 26th '93 male
Kyungjun Woo Kyungjun TNX Aug 30th '02 male
Lara Moon Sinae DreamNote Aug 9th '00 female
Laun Kim Min-seok ONF Aug 12th '99 male Aug 19th '98 female
Layeon Lee Ji Min PURPLEBECK Aug 13th '98 female
Léa Ogawa Mizuki SECRET NUMBER Aug 12th '95 female
Lee Arumsoul Lee Areum-soul Aug 8th '91 female
Lee Bon Lee Bon Aug 3rd '78 female
Lee Ga Eun Lee Ga-eun After School Aug 20th '94 female
Lee Ha Young Lee Ha-young PLAYBACK Aug 3rd '93 female
Lee Hayun Lee Ha-yun BB GIRLS Aug 29th '94 female
Lee Jihyun Lee Ji-hyun Aug 16th '98 female
Lee Seungyoon Aug 21st '89 male
Lee Sung Kyoung Aug 10th '90 female
Lee Sunkyu Lee Sun-kyu Jaurim Aug 28th '71 male
Lee Taerim Lee Tae-rim Aug 25th '05 female
Lee Yumin Lee Yu-min Aug 8th '03 female
Leena Lee Kyung-bin INTER GIRLS Aug 27th '02 female
LeeZe Lee Ji-hye Aug 18th '95 female
Leo Leo Lee Aug 22nd '02 male
Lexie Lexie Levin Aug 24th '04 female
Lia Kim Yunmi New-A Aug 5th '93 female
Lil Moshpit Lee Hwi-min Yelows Mob Aug 5th '94 male
Lucy Noh Hyo-jung Weki Meki Aug 31st '02 female
Luna Park Sun Young f(x) Aug 12th '93 female
Luna Luna Medza UHSN Aug 12th '02 female
Lydia Kim Eunji Aug 11th '84 female
Lypla Aug 18th '97 female
Ma YuLing Ma YuLing Aug 27th '99 female
Make A Movie Oh Min-seok MBA Aug 1st '93 male
Marcus Marcus Rayden P. Cabais HORI7ON Aug 31st '09 male
Mark Lee Min-hyung NCT Aug 2nd '99 male
Matsuoka Natsumi Matsuoka Natsumi Aug 8th '96 female
May Lee Ye-bin RESCENE Aug 19th '08 female
Maya Kawachi Maya XG Aug 10th '05 female
Maye Kim Min-je HOLICS Aug 25th '03 female
Medic Jin Bae Yu-jin GIRLKIND Aug 25th '96 female
MELOH Kim Jin-ho Aug 26th '93 male
Merry Han Hyejin WALWARI Aug 27th '94 female
Mihee Lee Mi-hee BOTOPASS Aug 24th '00 female
Miihi Suzuno Miihi NiziU Aug 12th '04 female
Miji Seong Mi-ji HitGirlZ Aug 26th '99 female
Milo Kim Minhak Romeo Aug 20th '96 male
Minah Shin Min-ah ILUV Aug 12th '98 female
Mingi Song Mingi ATEEZ Aug 9th '99 male
Mingrui Gou Ming Rui BOY STORY Aug 28th '06 male
Mini Kim Min-hee A-FEEL Aug 24th '95 female
Minjae Jo Minjae TRY Aug 8th '94 male
Minjae Song Minjae MCND Aug 23rd '03 male
Minjae Shin Minjae Tahiti Aug 13th '91 female
Minju Jeong Minju I.C.E Aug 4th '97 female
Minkyung Kang Min Kyung Davichi Aug 3rd '90 female
Minseo Kim Min-seo WOOAH Aug 12th '04 female
Mirae Jung Mi-rae LipBubble Aug 27th '98 female
Mischa Mischa Salkin Aug 2nd '09 female
Mizuki PUZZLE Aug 9th '04 female
Momoka Hirai Momoka Aug 24th '04 female
Moon Junho Moon Junho Aug 11th '00 male
Morning Coffee Lim Kyung-hee Aug 8th '89 female
n99d Kim Sangbin Aug 30th '95 male
Naiki Kokoro Naiki Kokoro Aug 9th '93 female
Nakano Ikumi Nakano Ikumi Aug 20th '00 female
Nam Dayun Nam Da-yoon CoCo Aug 21st '09 female
Nam Gayun Nam Ga-yoon CoCo Aug 21st '09 female
Nanayuri Kim Youngri Cupid Aug 19th '91 female
Naye Hwang Ye-ri CHERRY ON TOP Aug 30th '98 female
Ne;MO Oh Sang Eun Miss $ Aug 24th '84 female
Nice Aug 27th '00 male
Nicole Nicole Harddisson Hernandez KAACHI Aug 25th '99 female
Niel Ahn Daniel TEEN TOP Aug 16th '94 male
Nizi Takada Nanairo Aug 29th '10 female
Noa Choi Yu-bin TFN Aug 2nd '00 male
Oh Hyeon Tae Oh Hyeon-tae FANTASY BOYS Aug 13th '08 male
Oh Sungjun Oh Sung Jun TNX Aug 30th '05 male
OoOo Kim Young Eun Aug 1st '03 female
Park Hayuchan Park Hayuchan The Wind Aug 21st '07 male
Park Mingeun Park Min-geun PICKUS Aug 3rd '01 male
Peter Cho Gyu Min Aug 23rd '93 male
Pharita Pharita Chaikong BABYMONSTER Aug 26th '05 female
Qiu Sheng Yang Qiu Sheng Yang Aug 16th '01 male
Rachel Sung Na-yeon APRIL Aug 28th '00 female
Ran Ishii Ran ME:I Aug 7th '04 female
Rasa Park Gunwoo LC9 Aug 9th '89 male
Rayoon Kim Hoon MVP Aug 21st '94 male
Rei Kamikura Rei Aug 1st '04 female
Rihito Ikezaki Rihito INI Aug 30th '01 male
Rina Kim Rina DEJAVU Aug 1st '85 female
Rinka Ando Rinka Aug 18th '04 female
RiSe Kwon Ri-se LADIES' CODE Aug 16th '91 female
Risia Choi Han-na Witchers Aug 23rd '99 female
Riwon Park Ri Won Monogram Aug 20th '98 female
Riyu Hwang Ri-yu Aug 2nd '98 female
Riyu SkyRabbit Aug 21st '92 female
Roa Ryu Hyeon Joo Oh!Bliss Aug 21st '94 female
Roori Lee Ru-ri DAHLIA Aug 14th '94 female
Rora Lee Dain BABYMONSTER Aug 14th '08 female
Rose Su Ji Ye-A Aug 23rd '91 female
Rowoon Kim Seokwoo SF9 Aug 7th '96 male
Rubin Lee Ru Bin 1TEAM Aug 16th '95 male
Ruby Heo Jiwon PRIMROSE Aug 21st '02 female
Ryo Hirose Ryō NCT Wish Aug 4th '07 male
S.Coups Choi Seung Cheol SEVENTEEN Aug 8th '95 male
SangA Lee Sanga Pink Fantasy Aug 5th '99 female
Sara Sara Eckhoff APRIL KISS Aug 26th '91 female
Sarang Jung Sa Rang PRITTI-G Aug 14th '04 female
Sato Minami Sato Minami Aug 3rd '03 female
SAY Yang Seojin Lofibaby Aug 1st '96 female
SeeA Kang Eunyoung Pink Fantasy Aug 21st '93 female
Seeun Park Seeun xikers Aug 17th '05 male
Segye Shin Se-gye AREAL Aug 19th '98 female
Sei Lee Sooyoung Lady Collection Aug 15th '85 female
Sejeong Kim Sejeong gugudan Aug 28th '96 female
Seokhee Ha Seok-hee Celest1a Aug 16th '00 male
Seol Yu Seol Rose Queen Aug 7th '92 female
SeolA Lee Seol-A ABRY Aug 29th '94 female
Seongmin Ahn Seong Min CRAVITY Aug 1st '03 male
Seongmin Oh Seong-min ONE PACT Aug 25th '01 male
Seongwu Ong Seongwu Wanna One Aug 25th '95 male
Seul Lee Seul Ferry Blue Aug 17th '01 female
Seunghyun Song Seunghyun FT ISLAND Aug 21st '92 male
Shin Sunghee Shin Sung-hee Morning Aug 20th '81 female
Shin Woojin Shin Woo-jin G.U.Y Aug 6th '81 female
Shin Yeon Ah Shin Yeon Ah Big Mama Aug 12th '73 female
SHUTO Fukushima Shuto Hi-Fi Un!corn Aug 14th '03 male
SHUYA Aug 13th '97 female
Sieun Park Si-eun STAYC Aug 1st '01 female
Sihyeon Kim Sihyeon EVERGLOW Aug 5th '99 female
Sihyeon Park Sihyeon Carcaro Girl Aug 31st '87 female
Sika Lian Sijia FANATICS Aug 22nd '95 female
Sin Yejin Shin Ye-jin CoCo Aug 16th '06 female
Siyeon Jin Si-yeon CooKie Aug 9th '07 female
Siyun Kim Siyun NOWADAYS Aug 24th '04 male
Sohee Kim So Hee Rocket Punch Aug 14th '03 female
Sohyeon Ahn So Hyun 3piece Aug 27th '92 female
Sohyun Kwon So-hyun 4Minute Aug 30th '94 female
Sojung Kim So-jung 1NB Aug 24th '94 female
Solbin Ahn Solbin LABOUM Aug 19th '97 female
Somin Jeon So Min KARD Aug 22nd '96 female
Son Euisun Son Euisun Aug 4th '00 female
Song Du Hyun Song Du-hyun Aug 22nd '05 male
Song Heejin Song Hee Jin GOOD DAY Aug 19th '95 female
Sooeun Choi Moonju Gangkiz Aug 4th '83 female
Sookhee Jin Jeongyeon Aug 14th '82 female
Sora Sakata Sora WOOAH Aug 30th '03 female
Sorin Kim Sorin Daydream Aug 9th '98 female
Soyeon Jeon So-yeon (G)I-DLE Aug 26th '98 female
Soyun Lee So-yun CooKie Aug 11th '09 female
SuA Kim Bo Ra Dreamcatcher Aug 10th '94 female
Subin Kwon Su-bin BOTOPASS Aug 22nd '01 female
Sui Cho Su-i Candy Shop Aug 15th '07 female
Sumi Choi Su Mi FLORIA Aug 6th '00 female
Sung Minchae Sung Min-chae Aug 19th '10 female
Sunghee Son Sunghee BUZZ Aug 11th '82 male
Sunghyuk Seo Sunghyuk TAN Aug 26th '99 male
Sungyeol Lee Sungyeol INFINITE Aug 27th '91 male
Sungyun Jung Sungyun n.SSign Aug 5th '02 male
Sunye Min Sun Ye Wonder Girls Aug 12th '89 female
Sury Su Sū Ruìqí Aug 20th '00 female
Taeha Lee Taeha DIP.MX Aug 21st '90 male
Taehee Lee Tae Hee M.Pire Aug 24th '89 male
Taehee Kim Taehee Delight Aug 22nd '94 female
Taeho Kim Hee-chan Ambition Aug 20th '97 male
Taesan Han Dong Min BOYNEXTDOOR Aug 10th '04 male
Taeyong Kim Tae-yong Aug 20th '04 male
Taichi Taichi Honda BLANC7 Aug 20th '96 male
Takeru 24K + Aug 30th '03 male
Takuma Sato Takuma LUN8wave Aug 5th '03 male
Takuto I1IT Aug 3rd '01 male
Takuwa Kim Jung-seok Aug 11th '96 male
Tan Choi Seok-won Ciipher Aug 25th '96 male
Terra So Ra PRISM Aug 27th '93 female
Tian Yin Tian Yin LIMESODA Aug 17th '95 female
Tiffany Young Stephanie Young Hwang Girls' Generation Aug 1st '89 female
TK Tee Thanakrit Sapthaweewasin Aug 11th '03 male
Tony Yu Tony Yu Aug 21st '02 male
Toui Aug 27th '03 male
Truedy Kim Jin-sol Aug 20th '93 female
Uhm Junghwa Uhm Junghwa Refund Sisters Aug 17th '69 female
Umeyama Cocona Umeyama Cocona Aug 7th '03 female
Umji Kim Ye Won VIVIZ Aug 19th '98 female
Vanesya Venesya Vixel Agustine Aug 6th '08 female
Via Kim Via FANATICS Aug 17th '00 female
Vu Linh Dan Vũ Linh Đan Aug 25th '07 female
Wang Yale Wang Yale Aug 18th '98 female
Wei Zi Yue Wei Zi Yue Aug 25th '98 male
Wen Zhe Wen Zhe Aug 28th '97 female
Wonsang Jo Wan Sang LUCY Aug 15th '96 male
Wonyoung Jang Won-young IVE Aug 31st '04 female
Woodam Park Woodam D1CE Aug 2nd '95 male
WOODZ Cho Seung-youn UNIQ Aug 5th '96 male
Woojoo Kim Woo-ju WA$$UP Aug 12th '96 female
Wyne Jang Soo-bin Aug 8th '96 female
Xiao Chen Xiao VAV Aug 27th '89 male
Xiaojun Xiao De Jun WayV Aug 8th '99 male
Xindy Lee Chae Won Chic&I's Aug 23rd '97 female
Xu Shifan Xu Shifan Aug 30th '00 male
Y I1IT Aug 8th '01 male
Yaeji Kathy Yaeji Lee Aug 6th '93 female
Yang Donghwa Yang Donghwa Aug 19th '03 male
Yeeun Jang Yee Eun CLC Aug 10th '98 female
Yehana WeGirls Aug 21st '94 female
Yeji Yoon Ye-ji VIVA Aug 3rd '97 female
Yeji Lee Ye Joon VIVID Aug 12th '95 female
Yejun Oh Ye-jun E'LAST Aug 23rd '02 male
Yejun Kim Yejun BUZZ Aug 17th '81 male
YEL Kim Hye-mi Fiestar Aug 10th '90 female
Yeonji Yeon Ji Eun Pocket Girls Aug 25th '93 female
Yeonjung Yoo Yeonjung WJSN Aug 3rd '99 female
Yeonwoo Lee Da Bin MOMOLAND Aug 1st '96 female
Yeonyi Hong Yeonyi Red Candle Aug 18th '92 female
Yeowoon MERAMERAHEART Aug 17th '92 female
Yerim Kim Ye-rim 12DAL Aug 8th '93 female
Yerin Jung Ye-rin GFRIEND Aug 19th '96 female
Yeseo Kang Ye Seo Kep1er Aug 22nd '05 female
Yeseul Kang Ye-seul WINGS Aug 29th '90 female
Yesung Kim Kang Hoon SUPER JUNIOR Aug 24th '84 male
Yewon Lee Yoo Mi B.Dolls Aug 3rd '87 female
Yey Park Yejun BLACK6IX Aug 6th '97 male
Yezi Lee Ye-ji Fiestar Aug 26th '94 female
Yibo Wang Yi Bo UNIQ Aug 5th '97 male
Yoa Lee Sooyoung BIKINY Aug 20th '95 female
Yong Hoon Jin Yong-hoon ONEWE Aug 17th '94 male
Yoo JaeSuk Yoo Jae-suk SSAK3 Aug 14th '72 male
Yoomin Na Yoo Min Melody Day Aug 29th '93 female
Yoon Lee Yoon NOWADAYS Aug 27th '03 male
Yoon Seoyeon Yoon Seo-yeon tripleS Aug 6th '03 female
Yoon Youngwoong Yoon Youngwoong Aug 30th '96 male
Yoonsan Yoon Sang Hyuk HOTSHOT Aug 22nd '94 male
Yoonwoo Lee Choong Hyun TRENDZ Aug 28th '00 male
Young Ju Jo Youngju Aug 12th '95 female
Young Poon Won Young-poon Honey Family Aug 15th '79 male
Younghee Kim Young Hee Celeb Five Aug 23rd '83 female
Younghoon Kim Young-hoon THE BOYZ Aug 8th '97 male
Youngji Heo Young Ji KARA Aug 30th '94 female
Youngjo Jo Youngjo Beatwin Aug 31st '91 male
Youngjun Yim Youngjun HIGH4 20 Aug 24th '95 male
Yu Kawasaki Yū Aug 21st '08 female
Yu Jin Park Young Shin PPL Aug 15th '88 female
Yu Seongjun Yu Seongjun Aug 30th '01 male
Yu Tami Girls2000 Aug 9th '01 female
Yua Kitō Momona Honey Popcorn Aug 16th '93 female
Yujin Choi Yu Jin Kep1er Aug 12th '96 female
Yunji Kim Yunji ARIAZ Aug 26th '96 female
Yunsoo Kim Yoon-soo W24 Aug 15th '95 male
Yunsung Nam Yun Sung NOIR Aug 29th '96 male
Yurim Lee Yu-rim CooKie Aug 22nd '09 female
YY Jin Yongyong UNVS Aug 30th '91 male
Zin Jin Hyun-bin bugAboo Aug 30th '01 female
zin Yoon Ijin Aug 24th '94 female