Love! do not love! Love it or not? The new personal EP "Love · Not Love" is Meng Meiqi's interpretation of different emotional aspects, and it is also the attitude and proposition of exploring the true self in love and non-love. Words are ruthless, love and non-love are the turbulent noise and praise from the outside world; life is short, love and not love are regrets and regrets that accompany missing years; as time goes by, love or not love is the choice and free and easy to see the real each other. When individual emotions meet and collide in different time and space, love is true, and not love is also true. As Einstein said, love is an inexhaustible source of energy, and so far science has not found a reasonable explanation for him. Love can't be defined, so if you don't love it will lose its meaning. For each individual individual, loving and not loving can be quite different. But whether it is warm and pure "love" or extreme radical "no love", stay awake, I will always be "I". This EP contains a total of three songs. With a bold attempt to be loyal to oneself, a combination of diverse song styles and striking visual effects, a new interpretation of those familiar and unfamiliar emotional dimensions. On October 30, love or not love, what is your answer? "Mute" Meng Meiqi's new solo EP title song "Mute", which integrates a variety of musical style elements, participates in the creation of lyrics and music throughout the whole process. . The indefinable style of the song is just like the self-ideas it intends to expound, not bound by the frame, not disturbed by malice. In the face of every complex and multi-faceted existence, it may not be possible to praise, but please enjoy it quietly. The maverick lyrics convey her thoughts and attitudes, let go of the shackles in the eyes of others, be your true self, cut through the sharp edge of words, you are the only protagonist on the stage of life! Love or not love? Shh, mute well done! "Miss You" is the second song "Miss You" included in the new personal EP "Love · Not Love", which is Meng Meiqi's expression of "love". Different from the previous fast-paced singing and dancing style, the song uses the most indifferent and peaceful tune and warm and brisk melody to tell the unfamiliar and familiar appearance of relatives in memory. There are no concrete scenes, but fragmented pieces are the "love" in Meng Meiqi's imagination. "If you were still alive, in what way would you love me?" While throwing this question, she also used her own works to outline the appearance of being wrapped in love. Maybe we are on different sides of the parallel world, but always believe that the existence of love will not change, and hope that each of you and me can be surrounded by love when we are depressed or sad. I Miss you, a loved one! The third track of "Quit"'s new personal EP "Love · Not Love" is a breakthrough challenge in the entire EP, and it is also another bold attempt by Meng Meiqi to participate in the creation of lyrics and music again. Different from the multiple fusion of the first two songs, "Quit" adopts the R&B style, and interprets the pursuit and hesitation in the love game through Meng Meiqi's highly recognizable voice. The song kicks off with a bass narration. The strong rhythm and bursting lyrics hit people's hearts directly, and the emotions are progressive. Meng Meiqi uses a gentle melody to infinitely extend the sense of space of the story. It seems to be unnecessary, but it contains helpless struggle. When you see the real each other in the emotional game, do you choose to love or not to love? If "not in love", I'm tempted to quit the game!

Mini album


Oct 30, 2020


Yue Hua Entertainment



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Love Not Love


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