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Flower is a musical group formed in 1999. The initial members were Goseongjin (guitar), Kimmie (bass) and Eugene (vocals). In 2004, Jae In Hyuk, Yada's vocalist, joined the flower as a guitarist. In 2005, Goseongjin and Kim Woo-dy left, and together with Kim Jung-min, they formed a group called Replay but did not gain much popularity. From 2010 to 2010, Goseongjin and Kimudy did not perform, and the representative songs are "Tears" and "Endless". In 2006, Flower was automatically dismantled when Jeon In-hyeok joined the army. In 2010, he was reorganized as a first-year member (Yoojin, Go Seong Jin, Kim WooDee).

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