Wild Idol

Wild Idol (극한데뷔 야생돌, lit. Extreme Debut: Wild Idol) is a boy group audition show that will be broadcasted on MBC. It will be premiered on September 17, 2021 and broadcasts every Saturday at 8:10 p.m. KST.
•  Kim Jong Kook

•  Cha Tae Hyun
•  Lee Sun Bin
•  Sunggyu (INFINITE)
•  Yujeong (Brave Girls)
•  Lee Hyun Yi

 • Tiger JK
 • Bizzy
 • Lia Kim
 • Kim Jong Wan (NELL)
 • Sunggyu (INFINITE)
 • Minho (SHINee)
•  Minzy

Group created:
Sep 17, 2021 - Dec 16, 2021
45 contestants
7 survivors
0 votes
13 episodes
90 day(s) duration

Rank of Wild Idol

Rank Name Company Votes 1st Evaluation 2nd Evaluation
1st Changsun Changsun
2nd Taehoon Taehoon CLIMIX
3rd Jiseong Jiseong
4th Sunghyuk Sunghyuk THINK ABOUT Entertainment
5th Jaejun Jaejun
6th Hyunyeop Hyunyeop
7th Jooan Jooan

Episode 1

Aired: Sep 17, 2021

Episode: 1

Forty-five boys compete in survival to make a debut as an idol group. The trainees take the Warm-up Mission, where they do an ocean shuttle run. Next, they are divided into Group A, B, C and are tested for their strength, flexibility, and endurance with the Masters. The names of three trainees who come in first in the tests are revealed.

Episode 2

Aired: Sep 23, 2021

Episode: 2

This week on “Wild Idol,” the trainees finish the Stamina Section. After the rankings are disclosed, some trainees get more desperate to earn their names. In the Talent Section, the Wild Idols go through the dance test, the singing test, and the rapping test. Watch how well or poorly they do in each test.

Episode 3

Aired: Sep 30, 2021

Episode: 3

On this week's “Wild Idol,” we give you the Talent Section tests of different groups. Also, the trainees take the modeling test to show off their charms during photoshoots. The trainees do their best to pass the tests and are up for the final mission, the group choreography mission. In the end, the 14 members to join the debut group are announced.

Episode 4

Aired: Oct 7, 2021

Episode: 4

This week on “Wild Idol,” the debut group members go through various tests. The 14 members and 2 additional members of the debut group are divided into 4 teams. Starting now, not only do they must work together to get good team scores but also strive as individuals. After the cover dance mission, they’re forced to make heartbreaking decisions.

Episode 5

Aired: Oct 14, 2021

Episode: 5

Tiger JK and Bizzy are here to evaluate the Wild Idols' rapping skills. The trainees compete in teams, and the final winner will be the main rapper of the new theme song, “Take the Free Fall.” Next, Kim Jong Kook and MINHO come to hold the performance physical mission for the trainees.

Episode 6

Aired: Oct 21, 2021

Episode: 6

This week on "Wild Idol," the trainees participate in "Wild Idol Athletics Championships" to win the Korean beef set. Then, they take stamina tests in teams to earn more points. As a surprise, there's yet another teammate trade, which lets the trainees act out of desperation.

Episode 7

Aired: Oct 28, 2021

Episode: 7

This week on “Wild Idol,” the singing mission of Teamwork Evaluation from last week continues, and the dance mission follows. The four teams work together to compete with each other. The following day, the final mission of Teamwork Evaluation, the online live-air performance, begins.

Episode 8

Aired: Nov 4, 2021

Episode: 8

This week on “Wild Idol,” the position-stealing battle is on. The trainees must choose either or both of the rap position battle or vocal position battle. They have a 1-on-1 match, and the winner takes points away from the loser. Watch this week's episode to find out who wins and the changes in the rankings.

Episode 9

Aired: Nov 11, 2021

Episode: 9

This week on “Wild Idol,” the trainees continue to compete with each other in the vocal position battle. Then they move on to the grit and stamina mission held by Kim Dong Hyun and try to take away points from each other. Next, they take part in the expression mission. After the last mission of this week, the golden flag mission, the rankings are revealed.

Episode 10

Aired: Nov 25, 2021

Episode: 10

This week on “Wild Idol,” the trainees continue to have the position-stealing battle. In the dance position battle, they have 1-on-1-on-1 matches to take 50 points from each other. The trainee at the bottom is eliminated before moving on to the stage battle. They split into two teams for the stage battle, so check out the teams.

Episode 11

Aired: Dec 2, 2021

Episode: 11

The Wild Idols are divided into Team “ANSWER” and Team “No thanks” to perform in front of 100 judges. The judges will vote for a team and a trainee, so there are team rankings and individual rankings. See which team wins to perform on “Show! Music Core.” Next, they join Team Vocalists, Team Rappers, and Team Dancers.

Episode 12

Aired: Dec 9, 2021

Episode: 12

This week on “Wild Idol,” the Last Chance Stage Mission is held. Only one member of each Team Rappers, Team Vocalists, and Team Dancers will earn a hundred points to move up the ladder drastically. Don’t miss out on who wins a hundred points. After the mission, the trainees blow off a little steam through Badmouth in the Face.

Episode 13

Aired: Dec 16, 2021

Episode: 13

On December 16, “Wild Idol” aired its final episode live, where the seven members of the debut group were announced. It was also revealed that the name of the new boy group would be T.A.N, which stands for To All Nations. In the final episode, the 14 semifinalists battled it out for the final seven spots with performances of “Last Chance” and “If You Can Hear Me.” Stars in the audience for the final episode included Kim Jong Kook, Lee Sun Bin, Lee Hyun Yi, INFINITE’s Sunggyu, NELL’s Kim Jong Wan, choreographer Lia Kim, Bizzy, Oh My Girl’s Seunghee, former GFRIEND member Yerin, 2PM’s Jun.K, choreographer Choi Young Joon, Tiger JK, and Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon.
After the viewers’ voting period had ended, the seven finalists were announced:

Lee Chang Sun
Bang Tae Hoon
Kim Ji Seong
Seo Sung Hyuk
Lee Jae Jun
Kim Hyun Yeob
Im Joo Ahn