Top 100 highest viewed kpop music videos on YouTube

List of the most viewed kpop music videos
Rank Artist Video Views
1st Psy Gangnam Style 4,287,353,045
2nd BLACKPINK DDU-DU DDU-DU 1,772,043,880
3rd BLACKPINK Kill This Love 1,475,680,244
4th Psy Gentleman 1,454,804,531
5th BTS Boy With Luv 1,423,233,707
6th BTS DNA 1,388,794,936
7th BTS Dynamite 1,338,553,376
8th BLACKPINK BOOMBAYAH 1,333,492,285
9th BLACKPINK As If It's Your Last 1,114,976,790
10th BTS MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix) 1,109,960,909
11th BTS Idol 1,053,287,437
12th BTS Fake Love 1,049,398,166
13th BLACKPINK How You Like That 1,024,997,297
14th Jennie SOLO 769,549,671
15th BLACKPINK Whistle 733,268,620
16th BLACKPINK Play with Fire 716,309,871
17th BLACKPINK Ice Cream (with Selena Gomez) 678,122,158
18th BTS Butter 652,743,693
19th BTS Save Me 635,028,827
20th TWICE TT 612,983,049
21st Psy Daddy (Ft. CL) 611,507,262
22nd TWICE What Is Love? 599,354,289
23rd BIGBANG Bang Bang Bang 570,099,039
24th iKON Love Scenario 552,787,917
25th TWICE Likey 547,778,418
26th MOMOLAND BBoom BBoom 545,675,588
27th BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls 524,570,035
28th BTS Not Today 518,199,279
29th BIGBANG Fantastic Baby 497,880,987
30th EXO Love Shot 479,624,603
31st TWICE FANCY 477,715,112
32nd TWICE CHEER UP 472,347,783
33rd BTS Spring Day 458,325,099
34th TWICE Like OOH-AHH 433,569,820
35th BTS Life Goes On 417,265,623
36th BTS Permission to Dance 404,616,350
37th TWICE Heart Shaker 401,811,955
38th ITZY WANNABE 401,552,295
39th EXO Monster 401,392,909
40th TWICE Feel Special 398,902,726
41st BTS Boy in Luv 393,432,103
42nd GOT7 Just Right 393,013,997
43rd TWICE I CAN'T STOP ME 389,217,062
44th Lisa LALISA 385,846,628
45th Psy Hangover (Ft. Snoop Dogg) 354,291,897
46th BTS Black Swan 351,650,705
47th Red Velvet Bad Boy 344,596,179
48th TWICE YES or YES 338,794,882
49th EXO Ko Ko Bop 325,672,877
50th Red Velvet Psycho 315,908,929
51st TWICE Dance The Night Away 313,513,980
52nd MAMAMOO Hip 308,972,266
53rd EXO Call Me Baby 302,354,247
54th BLACKPINK Stay 301,655,706
55th TWICE KNOCK KNOCK 295,147,849
56th TWICE MORE & MORE 292,025,759
57th Stray Kids Stray Kids "神메뉴" M/V 291,574,033
58th BTS War of Hormone 291,322,206
59th BTS ON 290,673,824
60th TWICE SIGNAL 287,897,113
61st Girls' Generation Gee 285,838,455
62nd ITZY DALLA DALLA 285,508,328
63rd NiziU Make You Happy 281,932,120
64th BTS Fire 280,386,346
65th Girls' Generation The Boys 268,886,357
66th EXO Growl 268,397,422
67th Psy New Face 257,565,483
68th Rosé On The Ground 255,034,381
69th Girls' Generation I GOT A BOY 250,141,625
70th EVERGLOW Dun Dun 240,409,999
71st EXO Overdose (Korean Version) 237,157,285
72nd ITZY ICY 236,398,662
73rd Taeyeon I 234,847,127
74th PENTAGON Shine 234,081,930
75th BTS No More Dream 232,629,960
76th BIGBANG Loser 231,361,522
77th IU BBIBBI 230,797,128
78th MOMOLAND BAAM 227,968,562
79th BTS I Need U 227,282,648
80th Stray Kids Back Door 225,695,723
81st BTS Airplane Pt. 2 (Japanese Version) 221,777,734
82nd Red Velvet Russian Roulette 221,344,944
83rd SEVENTEEN Don't Wanna Cry 218,863,587
84th Taeyang Eyes, Nose, Lips 217,061,024
85th Red Velvet Peek-A-Boo 216,271,143
86th BTS Stay Gold 211,792,788
87th EXO Tempo 210,552,232
88th BIGBANG Let's Not Fall in Love 206,702,591
89th GOT7 If You Do 206,541,052
90th SUPER JUNIOR Mr. Simple 205,398,458
91st BIGBANG FxxkIt 204,116,822
92nd TWICE Alcohol-Free 202,474,293
93rd aespa Black Mamba 196,043,650
94th GOT7 Never Ever 193,002,351
95th aespa Next Level 188,553,696
96th ITZY Mafia in the Morning 187,063,212
97th Red Velvet Red Flavor 185,213,440
98th ITZY Not Shy 180,812,210
99th BTS Film out 180,423,581
100th IU Palette 176,694,059