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Kpop songs perfect all-kills

Songs with the most hourly PAKs
Position Artist Song name PAKs
1st NewJeans Ditto 655
2nd BTS Dynamite 610
3rd IU Celebrity 462
4th IVE I AM 359
5th IU Love wins all 339
6th Zico Any Song 330
7th BB GIRLS Rollin' 262
8th BTS Butter 239
9th IU LILAC 223
10th SSAK3 Beach Again 208
11th iKON Love Scenario 175
12th MSG Wannabe Foolish Love (M.OM Unit) 169
13th (G)I-DLE TOMBOY 167
14th aespa Supernova 166
15th Younha Event Horizon 156
15th BIBI Bam Yang Gang 156
16th IU Blueming 142
17th IU eight (Prod.&Feat. SUGA of BTS) 134
18th Refund Sisters Don't Touch Me 130
19th (G)I-DLE Nxde 129
20th AKMU Love Lee 126
21st IVE Kitsch 121
22nd IU strawberry moon 111
24th TWICE TT 91
25th (G)I-DLE Queencard 89
26th BIGBANG Still Life 82
27th NewJeans Super Shy 81
28th IVE After LIKE 74
28th IU You and I 74
29th ILLIT Magnetic 73
31st GFRIEND Rough 66
32nd Heize You, Clouds, Rain 65
33rd (G)I-DLE Fate 64
34th BTS Fake Love 62
35th Ailee I Will Go To You Like The First Snow 60
36th Epik High Love Story (feat. IU) 55
36th IU Love Poem 55
37th IU Through The Night 51
38th Hwasa , Loco Don't Give 46
39th BIGBANG FxxkIt 43
40th Bolbbalgan4 Some 42
42nd 2NE1 I Am The Best 23
42nd 2NE1 Lonely 23
43rd IU Give You My Heart 22
43rd IU Palette 22
45th G-Dragon Untitled 19
45th SISTAR19 Gone Not Around Any Longer 19
46th Sunmi Siren 17
46th I.O.I Very Very Very 17
47th Dean instagram 16
47th IU Autumn Morning 16
48th BIGBANG Flower Road 15
49th Bolbbalgan4 Travel 14
49th BIGBANG Blue 14
50th BTS Boy With Luv 12
50th Heize Star 12
50th IU Can't Love You Anymore 12
50th BLACKPINK How You Like That 12
50th TWICE YES or YES 12
51st AKMU How can I love the heartbreak, you're the one I love 11
52nd IU Twenty-Three 10
52nd Red Velvet Power Up 10
53rd Taeyeon INVU 9
53rd BIGBANG Let's Not Fall in Love 9
53rd MC Mong FAME (feat. Song Ga-in, Chancellor) 9
54th BIGBANG Loser 8
55th SISTAR Shake It 7
56th miss A Good-bye Baby 6
57th MAMAMOO You're the best 5
57th IU My Old Story 5
58th aespa Savage 4
58th SISTAR Give it to me 4
58th Wonder Girls Why So Lonely 4
59th miss A Only You 3
59th IU BBIBBI 3
59th IVE Baddie 3
60th Bolbbalgan4 Workaholic 2
60th IU Friday 2
60th IU The Red Shoes 2
61st IU Only I Didn't Know 1
61st Park Bom Don't Cry 1
61st Crush Don't Forget 1
61st PSY Gangnam Style 1
61st PSY Gentleman 1
61st IU Nagging (ft. 2AM Seulong) 1