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  • Tiffany In their 10 year anniversary special on happy together, Tiffany stated that one of her nicknames is Grudge because after a fight she gets petty
  • Hoshi Hoshi is known to be a Shawol (SHINee fan). He mentioned it on Star Show360, and on other occasions. He has been a fan since he was a teenager, and he still doesn't hide the fact that he loves SHINee and that they were his inspiration to become an idol. He's been spotted in SHINee concerts, and sometimes Carats give him SHINee merchandise in fansigns. He is a devoted Shawol and Key himself has acknowledged it.
  • Johnny As a child he wanted to be a veterinarian, actor or singer, he became a singer
  • Johnny He would debut in exo, but he preferred to wait.
  • Sakura Sakura is one of the winners of the Young Jump Gravure Contest.
  • Chaeyoung Chaeyoung thinks that Jiwon is the craziest member of Fromis_9.
  • Johyun Johyun loves SNSD, her favorite member is Yuri
  • Mina When she is stressed, she can't help herself but to cry.
  • RM Namjoon writes a majority of BTS songs.
  • Mina She's very quiet person in public.
  • Jennie Jennie’s solo debut titled “Solo” got #1 on 4 Korean music platforms
  • Johyun Before becoming an idol Johyun practiced skating and had promise to become a skater but because of an injury she had to hang up her skates

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