Girls Planet 999

Girls Planet 999 (걸스플래닛999), also known as Girls Planet 999 : The Girls Saga is an upcoming survival show that will be broadcast on Mnet. The show's first episode is set to be broadcast on Friday, August 6, 2021 at 8:20 PM (KST) and running weekly with 12 episodes in total. Episodes can be watched in English on iQiyi.

Planet Master (MC)
•  Yeo Jingoo

K-pop Masters (mentors)
•  Sunmi
•  Tiffany Young

Vocal/Dance Masters (trainers)
 • Back Kooyoung (dance)
 • Jang Juhee (dance)
 • Lim Hanbyul (vocals)
 • Jo Ayoung (vocals)

Group created:
Aug 6, 2021 - Oct 22, 2021
99 contestants
9 survivors
11.4M votes
12 episodes
77 day(s) duration

Contestants of Girls Planet 999

Rank Name Company
3rd Yujin Yujin Cube Entertainment
20th Doah Doah FENT
20th Chiayi Chiayi FENT
15th Bora Bora FNC W
20th Jiwon Jiwon FNC W
19th May May FNC W
21st Seungeun Seungeun MNH Entertainment
6th Yeseo Yeseo 143 Entertainment
20th Hyerim Hyerim D-Maker Entertainment
21st Rayeon Rayeon FENT
20th Hana Hana FC ENM
19th Ririka Ririka FC ENM
10th Sheon Sheon MYSTIC Story
21st Yubin Yubin A Entertainment
21st Sunwoo Sunwoo Evermore Music
21st Cho Haeun Cho Haeun WAKEONE
21st Han Dana Han Dana BEATS Entertainment
2nd Huening Bahiyyih Huening Bahiyyih IST Entertainment
1st Chaehyun Chaehyun WAKEONE
4th Dayeon Dayeon Jellyfish Entertainment
20th Lee Hyewon Lee Hyewon BEATMEDIA Entertainment
21st Ara Ara FC ENM
21st Kim Yeeun Kim Yeeun Fantagio Music
20th Lee Chaeyun Lee Chaeyun FNC Entertainment
21st Choi Hyerin Choi Hyerin MNH Entertainment
20th Choi Yeyoung Choi Yeyoung BlockBerryCreative
20th Jeong Jiyoon Jeong Jiyoon KM Entertainment
21st Ryu Sion Ryu Sion BlockBerryCreative
21st Lee Yeongyung Lee Yeongyung S2 Entertainment
20th An Jeongmin An Jeongmin TOP Media
11th Guinn Myah Guinn Myah TOP Media
20th Yoon Jia Yoon Jia YES IM Entertainment
21st Joung Min Joung Min BlockBerryCreative
21st Kim Sein Kim Sein
5th Youngeun Youngeun Biscuit Entertainment
21st Suh Jimin Suh Jimin WAKEONE
21st Ma YuLing Ma YuLing STAR48 Culture Media
21st Wang QiuRu Wang QiuRu STAR48 Culture Media
19th Cai Yubing Cai Yubing
21st Rona Rona FC ENM
21st Chen Hsinwei Chen Hsinwei Yue Hua Entertainment
21st Chen Tzuling Chen Tzuling Yue Hua Entertainment
21st Cui Wenmeixiu Cui Wenmeixiu Jaywalk Newjoy
12th Fu Yaning Fu Yaning Gramarie Entertainment
21st Gu Yizhou Gu Yizhou TOP CLASS Entertainment
21st Ho Szeching Ho Szeching
20th Hsu Nientzu Hsu Nientzu
18th Huang Xingqiao Huang Xingqiao Jaywalk Newjoy
20th Leung Cheukying Leung Cheukying
20th Li Yiman Li Yiman WD Entertainment
20th Liang Jiao Liang Jiao STAR48 Culture Media
21st Liang Qiao Liang Qiao STAR48 Culture Media
21st Lin Chenhan Lin Chenhan
21st Lin Shuyun Lin Shuyun
21st Liu Shiqi Liu Shiqi Jaywalk Newjoy
21st Liu Yuhan Liu Yuhan Jaywalk Newjoy
21st Poon Wingchi Poon Wingchi Echo Entertainment
9th Xiaoting Xiaoting TOP CLASS Entertainment
13th Su Ruiqi Su Ruiqi ETM Skies
20th Wang Yale Wang Yale Jaywalk Newjoy
17th Wen Zhe Wen Zhe Star Master Entertainment
20th Wu Tammy Wu Tammy
21st Xia Yan Xia Yan
21st Xu Ruowei Xu Ruowei Yue Hua Entertainment
22nd Xu Ziyin Xu Ziyin
20th Yang Zige Yang Zige Yue Hua Entertainment
20th Zhang Luofei Zhang Luofei Gramarie Entertainment
19th Zhou Xinyu Zhou Xinyu Yue Hua Entertainment
21st Rinka Rinka Avex Trax
20th Arai Risako Arai Risako Biscuit Entertainment
18th Aratake Rinka Aratake Rinka Avex Trax
7th Hikaru Hikaru Avex Trax
20th Fujimoto Ayaka Fujimoto Ayaka NiD Academy
21st Hayashi Fuko Hayashi Fuko BRIDGE JAPAN Inc.
21st Hiyajo Nagomi Hiyajo Nagomi NiD Academy
19th Ikema Ruan Ikema Ruan
21st Inaba Vivienne Inaba Vivienne
21st MiU MiU N.D.Promotion
21st Kamikura Rei Kamikura Rei
19th Kamimoto Kotone Kamimoto Kotone
21st Kanno Miyu Kanno Miyu
14th Kawaguchi Yurina Kawaguchi Yurina Oscar Promotion
20th Kubo Reina Kubo Reina EXPG ENTERTAINMENT
20th Kuwahara Ayana Kuwahara Ayana NiD Academy
21st Murakami Yume Murakami Yume HYPER RHYTHM
19th Nagai Manami Nagai Manami ND-STUDIO
16th Shana Shana MLD Entertainment
21st Okuma Sumomo Okuma Sumomo CAT'S EYE Okinawa
21st Oki Fuka Oki Fuka BRIDGE JAPAN Inc.
21st Okazaki Momoko Okazaki Momoko AMUSE
8th Mashiro Mashiro 143 Entertainment
20th Sakamoto Shihona Sakamoto Shihona Jellyfish Entertainment
20th Sakurai Miu Sakurai Miu
20th Shima Moka Shima Moka
21st Terasaki Hina Terasaki Hina KISS Entertainment
20th Yamauchi Moana Yamauchi Moana NiD Academy
21st Kitajima Yuna Kitajima Yuna
21st Nakamura Kyara Nakamura Kyara

Episode 1

Aired: Aug 6, 2021

Episode: 1

The 99 contestants are paired in "K-J-C" cells (one Korean, one Japanese, and one Chinese girl) before the show starts using a connection between them (being an actress, their role model, or even liking choco mint ice cream) and the trainees are introduced for the first time with their K-J-C trio cells.

When everyone is seated, the K-pop masters and the training team are introduced. They reveal that 9 girls will get to debut and the members will pass or fail together in the "K-J-C" cells, but the trainees can change them.

Finally, the girls get to perform the songs they prepared with their original groups and, before performing, they reveal the original score (from 1-33) from the evaluatiom they received when preparing the intro song "O.O.O". The K-pop masters comment on their performance and, based on their skills, choose some trainees as top 9 candidates.

The episode ends with the announcent that the voting will begin on August 13 and global fans can vote in the app Universe, with their vote counting 50% and Korean votes the other 50%.

Episode 2

Aired: Aug 13, 2021

Episode: 2

On this episode they finished showing all of the contestant's performances and the teachers choose the TOP 9.
The top 9 got to form their new cells, and, after, the other trainees could choose whether to change their cells or remain as is and then all of the new cells were revealed and the voting started. 

The girls moved to the Planet Campus with each cell sharing a room and in the morning they had a mission in which they had to find the member's children photos and the winners got to decide the 2 cells they team up with on the first mission "Connect Mission". 

In the mission, 3 cells join to do one song together (as 9) and will compete with 3 other cells doing the same songs (8 songs in total). 

The teachers will choose the winner who will receive a benefit (they will receive double votes for a girl group song, three times for a boy group from the online votes) and will perform on M! Countdown. 

After the first mission, they will eliminate 16 cells (48 members), but the 48 eliminated girls will get a possibility to return with "Planet Pass" in which fans can vote for one girl in a cell.

Episode 3

Aired: Aug 20, 2021

Episode: 3

At the start of the episode, they revealed the current cell rankings (with both Korean and abroad votes) and announced that the first voting will end on August 28.

On the second episode they announced the mission "Connect Mission" and they joined 3 cells in one (9 people in total). The girls sat together and were given the same clothes and the girls divided the parts in the song they choose and learned it.

Yeo Jingoo shared that the winning team will appear on M! Countdown and that 16 cells (48 girls) will be eliminated after this mission. He also added that each winning team that performed a girl group song will get their votes doubled 24 hours before it closes (tripled for a boy group song).

Before the performances, they held a dance battle to decide the order.

For every team, they showed the girls training in the practice room and during the rehearsal and being evaluated by the teachers who helped them improve.

After each performance on stage, the teachers evaluated the performances and chose the winning team.

On today's episode they showed the performances of TWICE's "Yes or Yes" by teams "Keep Missing You" and team "Energy Bar!", and BLACKPINK's "How You Like That" by teams "Planet Girls" and "Hidden Card"

Team 1 "Keep Missing You" composed of Kim Hyerim (L), Ma Yuling, Okuma Sumomo, Huh Jiwon, Chiayi, Yamauchi Moana, Kim Chaehyun, Li Yiman, Kuwahara Ayana performed "TWICE's YES or YES" and were the winners.

Team 2 "Energy Bar!" composed of Xu Ziyin (L), Lee Chaeyun, Leung Cheukying, Kishida Ririka, Kim Doah, Arai Risako, Kim Sein, Wen Zhe, Okazaki Momoko performed "TWICE's YES or YES" and were the losers

Team 1 "Planet Girls" composed of Choi Yujin (L), Cai Bing, May, Seo Yeongeun, Shen Xiaoting, Kawaguchi Yurina, Lee Yeongyung, Xia Yan, Inaba Vivienne performed "BLACKPINK's "How You Like That" and were the winners.

Team 2 "Hidden Card" composed of Yoon Jia, Zhou Xinyu, Shima Moka, Sim Seungeun (L), Chien Tzuling, Ando Rinka, Kim Dayeon, Wu Tammy, Sakurai Miu performed "BLACKPINK's "How You Like That" and were the losers.

Current cell ranks are:

1) Choi Yujin (K) - Cai Bing (C) - May (J)
2) Seo Youngeun (K) - Shen Xiaoting (C) - Kawaguchi Yurina (J)
3) Jeong Jiyoon (K) - Su Ruiqi (C) - Ezaki Hikaru (J)
4) Kang Yeseo (K) - Huang Xingqiao (C) -Sakamoto Mashiro (J)
5) Huening Bahiyyih (K) - Hsu Nientzu (C) -Sakamoto Shihona (J)
6) Kim Doah (K) - Xu Ziyin (C) - Arai Risako (J)
7) Kim Chaehyun (K) - Li Yiman (C) - Kuwahara Ayana (J)
8) Kim Suyeon (K) - Fu Yaning (C) - Nonaka Shana (J)
9) Kim Dayeon (K) - Wu Tammy (C) - Sakurai Miu (J)
10) Choi Yeyoung (K) - Chen Xinwei (C) - Kubo Reina (J)
11) Lee Chaeyun (K) - Leung Cheukying (C) - Kishida Ririka (J)
12) An Jeongmin (K) - Wang Yale (C) - Fujimoto Ayaka (J)
13) Huh Jiwon (K) - Chiayi (C) - Yamauchi Moana (J)
14) Lee Hyewon (K) - Liang Jiao (C) - Nagai Manami (J)
15) You Dayeon (K) - Xu Ruowei (C) - Kamikura Rei (J)
16) Guinn Myah (K) - Yang Zige (C) - Kamimoto Kotone (J)
17) Kim Sein (K) - Wen Zhe (C) - Okazaki Momoko (J)
18) Yoon Jia (K) - Zhou Xinyu (C) - Shima Moka (J)
19) Kim Bora (K) - Zhang Luofei (C) - Hayase Hana (J)
20) Joung Min (K) - Liang Qiao (C) - Hayashi Fuko (J)
21) Sim Seungeun (K) - Chen Tzuling (C) - Ando Rinka (J)
22) Kim Hyerim (K) - Ma Yuling (C) - Okuma Sumomo (J)
23) Suh Jimin (K) - Wang Qiuru (C) - Ito Miyu (J)
24) Lee Yeongyung (K) - Xia Yan (C) - Inaba Vivienne (J)
25) Lee Rayeon (K) - Cui Wenmeixiu (C) - Oki Fuka (J)
26) Lee Sunwoo (K) - Poon Wingchi (C) - Hiyajo Nagomi (J)
27) Choi Hyerin (K) - Liu Yuhan (C) - Aratake Rinka (J)
28) Kim Yeeun (K) - Liu Shiqi (C) - Ikema Ruan (J)
29) Lee Yunji (K) - Gu Yizhou (C) - Murakami Yume (J)
30) Cho Haeun (K) - Ho Szeching (C) - Kanno Miyu (J)
31) Han Dana (K) - Lin Chenhan (C) - Kitajima Yuna (J)
32) Kim Yubin (K) - Lin Shuyun (C) - Nakamura Kyara (J)
33) Ryu Sion (K) - Chang Ching (C) - Terasaki Hina (J)

Episode 4

Aired: Aug 27, 2021

Episode: 4

With the performances for "Fiesta", "The Fifth Season", "The Eve", "MIC Drop", and "Pretty U", the first mission "Connect Mission" ended. 5 winning teams will receive the benefit of doubling (tripling, for the boy group song) the votes they will receive in 24 hours.

Finally, the best of the 5 teams chosen by the judges, "Yes or Yes" team 1 will perform on M! Countdown.

August 28th at 10 a.m. (KST) the first voting will end and next week they will hold the first elimination, only 54 girls will survive

Episode 5

Aired: Sep 3, 2021

Episode: 5

The first elimination was held, only 17 cells survived. The K-pop masters chose an additional 3 girls from the eliminated contestants to survive (54 girls in total). 

In the middle of the elimination, they gathered for a fashion show together divided in their connect mission groups with the models Jung Hyuk and Bae Yoon Young choosing the best and worst dresser team. The winners had a free day pass and went to a theme park.

Before the announcement of 1st, 2nd and 17th place, the Girls Planet 999 Awards was held in which the girls choose the winners (First to Wake Up - Yurina; Beauty Queen Award - Xiao Ting; Best Makeup Transformation Award - Yoo Dayeon; Most Popular - Rui Qi; Cutie Fatal Award - Myah)

The top 9 most voted were shown and sat down in the TOP9 seats.

The second global voting began and it will end on September 17, this time you can only vote for 3 girls in each group (K-C-J).

First Elimination Ranks

1) Kawaguchi Yurina
2) Shen Xiaoting
3) Ezaki Hikaru
4) Choi Yujin
5) Sakamoto Mashiro
6) Su Ruiqi
7) Cai Bing
8) Kang Yeseo
9) Kim Chaehyun

Survival Cells
1) Choi Yujin(K) - Cai Bing(C) - May(J)
2) Seo Youngeun(K) - Shen Xiaoting(C) - Kawaguchi Yurina(J)
3) Jeong Jiyoon(K) - Su Ruiqi(C) - Ezaki Hikaru(J)
4) Kang Yeseo(K) - Huang Xingqiao(C) - Sakamoto Mashiro(J)
5) Kim Chaehyun(K) - Li Yiman(C) - Kuwahara Ayana(J)
6) Kim Doah(K) - Xu Ziyin(C) -  Arai Risako(J)
7) Huening Bahiyyih(K) - Hsu Nientzu(C) - Sakamoto Shihona(J)
8) Kim Suyeon(K) - Fu Yaning(C) - Nonaka Shana(J)
9) Kim Dayeon(K) - Wu Tammy(C) - Sakurai Miu(J)
10) Choi Yeyoung(K) - Chen Hsinwei(C) - Kubo Reina(J)
11) Guinn Myah(K) - Yang Zige(C) - Kamimoto Kotone(J)
12) Huh Jiwon(K) - Chiayi(C) - YamauchiMoana(J)
13) Lee Chaeyun(K) - Leung Cheukying(C) - Kishida Ririka(J)
14) Lee HyewonLiang(K) - Jiao(C) - Nagai Manami(J)
15) An Jeongmin(K) - Wang Yale(C) - Fujimoto Ayaka(J)
16) Kim Bora(K) - Zhang Luofei(C) - Hayase Hana(J)
17) Yoon Jia(K) - Zhou Xinyu(C) - Shima Moka(J)

Planet Pass
Kim Hyerim(K) - Wen Zhe(C) - Ikema Ruan(J)


18) Kim Sein(K) - Wen Zhe(C) - Okazaki Momoko(J)
You Dayeon(K) - Xu Ruowei(C) - Kamikura Rei(J)
Joung Min(K) - Liang Qiao(C) - Hayashi Fuko(J)
Sim Seungeun(K) - Chien Tzuling(C) - Ando Rinka(J)
Kim Hyerim(K) - Ma Yuling(C) - Okuma Sumomo(J)
Suh Jimin(K) - Wang Qiuru(C) - Ito Miyu(J)
Lee Yeongyung(K) - Xia Yan(C) - Inaba Vivienne(J)
Lee Rayeon(K) - Cui Wenmeixiu(C) - Oki Fuka(J)
Lee Sunwoo(K) - Poon Wingchi(C) - Hiyajo Nagomi(J)
Choi Hyerin(K) - Liu Yuhan(C) - Aratake Rinka(J)
Kim Yeeun(K) - Liu Shiqi(C) - Ikema Ruan(J)
Lee Yunji(K) - Gu Yizhou(C) - Murakami Yume(J)
Cho Haeun(K) - Ho Szeching(C) - Kanno Miyu(J)
Han Dana(K) - Lin Chenhan(C) - Kitajima Yuna(J)
Kim Yubin(K) - Lin Shuyun(C) - Nakamura Kyara(J)
Ryu Sion(K) - Chang Ching(C) - Terasaki Hina(J)

Episode 6

Aired: Sep 10, 2021

Episode: 6

Yeo Jingoo explains the next mission "Combination Mission" to the 54 girls that survived last round.

The cells are disbanded and, from now on, the rankings are individual and you can only vote for three girls in each K-J-C group. In this mission, the girls are divided in 3, 6 or o 9 member teams depending on the song they choose.

The girls enter a door labeled "3", "6" and "9" where they choose one of the 6 songs. After forming the teams, the girls prepare the performances and they start showing the stages. Finally, at the end of the episode they show four songs created for the next mission, "Creation Mission". Viewers are told to vote who they want to perform which song through the app Universe.

Episode 7

Aired: Sep 17, 2021

Episode: 7

During Episode 7 they finished airing the Combination Mission group performances and announced the winners who won the benefits.

Yeo Jingoo announced that 27 girls will be eliminated next week and the voting ends on September 18.

During the previews for the next episode, the girls are introduced to the Creation Mission songs which were previously shown to the audience in the previous episode.

Episode 8

Aired: Sep 24, 2021

Episode: 8

At the start, the 54 girls are split into four different groups for the four Creation Mission songs, having been arranged through online voting.

The girls begin trying out for the various positions in the song. While they prepare the performances, the second elimination round results are announced.

The top 7 contestants in each group (K-C-J) was announced, followed by the 8th-ranking contestant of each group and the TOP9 is announced. Finally, they announce the three trainees who won the planet pass.

The third voting began and now you can only vote for one girl in each group.

Top 9:
1) Shen Xiaoting
2) Kawaguchi Yurina
3) Sakamoto Mashiro
4) Ezaki Hikaru
5) Choi Yujin
6) Su Ruiqi
7) Huang Xingqiao
8) Cai Bing
9) Kim Chaehyun

Surviving Ranks:
1) Choi Yujin(K) Shen Xiaoting(C) Kawaguchi Yurina(J)
2) Kim Chaehyun(K) Su Ruiqi(C) Sakamoto Mashiro(J)
3) Kim Dayeon(K) Huang Xingqiao(C) Ezaki Hikaru(J)
4) Kang Yeseo(K) Cai Bing(C) Nonaka Shana(J)
5) Seo Youngeun(K) Wen Zhe(C) Nagai Manami(J)
6) Guinn Myah(K) Chen Hsinwei(C) Kishida Ririka(J)
7) Kim BoraFu(K) Yaning(C) Ikema Ruan(J)
8) Huening Bahiyyih(K) Xu Ziyin(C) May(J)

Planet Pass: Kim Suyeon(K) Zhou Xinyu(C) Kamimoto Kotone(J)

Kim Doah
Liang Jiao
Jeong Jiyoon
Li Yiman
Kuwahara Ayana
Arai Risako
Hsu Nientzu
Sakamoto Shihona
Wu Tammy
Sakurai Miu
Choi Yeyoung
Kubo Reina
Yang Zige
Huh Jiwon
Yamauchi Moana
Lee Chaeyun
Leung Cheukying
Lee Hyewon
An Jeongmin
Wang Yale
Fujimoto Ayaka
Zhang Luofei
Hayase Hana
Yoon Jia
Shima Moka

Episode 9

Aired: Oct 1, 2021

Episode: 9

On episode 9, they re-distributed the parts for the 4 creation songs as many groups lost members due to the elimination and others had too many members.

After they assigned the parts, the four teams went on a mission to strengthen their bonds called "Planet Teamwork Mission" where the 4 teams - Snake, Shoot!, U+Me=Love, and Utopia were sent to different places and had to perform their song.

When the girls were on-stage with their performance outfits, Yeo Jingoo appeared on screen and revealed the current top 18 and Mnet announced they had opened a form so that fans can send possible names for the debut group.

Finally, the girls had a sports day while in their K-C-J groups.

Episode 10

Aired: Oct 8, 2021

Episode: 10

The 26 remaining girls held a special fanmeeting to meet the fans for the first time, but due to COVID-19 the fans had to remain in their cars during the fanmeeting.

Then they held the performances for "Creation Mission" for the new songs Utopia, Snake, U+Me=Love, and Shoot!

The masters chose the best group who will double their votes 24 hours before the voting closes.

After they announced the winner, it was revealed that the final mission is called "O.O.O Mission" which will take place in the last episode. In this mission, the girls will be divided into three groups that will perform the theme song "O.O.O" and the groups were chosen through the fans' votes in Universe.

Episode 11

Aired: Oct 15, 2021

Episode: 11

The episode begins with the O.O.O Mission. The 26 girls are grouped into three different teams. The girls arrange their parts and practice their performance. Then they perform in front of the mentors. In between performances, the girls are shown video messages and performances by fans of the show from around the world.

The winners of the O.O.O Mission were determined by the viewers of the show; the contestant of each team that accumulated the most number of YouTube likes on their respective video within 24 hours would obtain a benefit.

Then they proceeded to the third ranking elimination, they announced the top 17 contestants and the planet master announced the planet pass for the 18th member.

Finally, they announced that starting from now you can only vote for one girl and the voting will close on the 22nd (when the final episode will air live).

Episode 12

Aired: Oct 22, 2021

Episode: 12

During the finale, they performed two new songs "Shine" and "Another Dream"

The voting was held for one hour and it was revealed that the votes were counted double for this round.

Yeo Jingoo announced the name of the final group Kep1er. 

Meanwhile, they showed the girls being divided into two teams and choosing the parts for the final song. They also aired interviews about what they wanted to do with their fans, the videos of their auditions and their parents.

Finally, they revealed first the top 8, and the last member, the top 9.

1. Kim Chaehyun
2. Huening Bahiyyih
3. Choi Yujin
4. Kim Dayeon
5. Seo Youngeun
6. Kang Yeseo
7. Hikaru Ezaki
8. Mashiro Sakamoto
9. Shen Xiaoting