Kpop songs music show wins

List of every kpop song with a music show win
Position Winner Song name Wins
1st BTS Dynamite 32
2nd BTS Boy With Luv 21
3rd EXO Call Me Baby 18
3rd PSY Gangnam Style 18
4th Apink Luv 17
5th BTS ON 16
6th Wanna One Energetic 15
6th GFRIEND Rough 15
7th Girls' Generation Lion Heart 14
7th IVE After LIKE 14
7th Girls' Generation Gee 14
7th EXO Growl 14
7th GFRIEND Navillera 14
8th BLACKPINK How You Like That 13
8th BTS Butter 13
8th IVE Eleven 13
8th 2NE1 I Don't Care 13
8th BIGBANG Day by Day 13
8th TWICE TT 13
8th Jungkook Seven 13
8th (G)I-DLE Queencard 13
9th BTS Fake Love 12
9th Girls' Generation The Boys 12
9th TWICE Signal 12
9th TWICE What is Love? 12
9th ITZY ICY 12
9th Wonder Girls So hot 12
9th Girls' Generation-TTS Twinkle 12
10th SUPER JUNIOR Sorry, Sorry 11
10th G-Dragon Heartbreaker 11
10th IU Celebrity 11
10th iKON Love Scenario 11
10th TWICE Cheer Up 11
10th EXO Ko Ko Bop 11
10th BIGBANG Loser 11
10th (G)I-DLE Nxde 11
10th BLACKPINK Ddu-Du Ddu-Du 11
10th SUPER JUNIOR Mr. Simple 11
10th SEVENTEEN Home 11
10th SISTAR Give it to me 11
10th Jewelry One more time 11
10th Taeyeon I 11
11th TWICE Dance The Night Away 10
11th Wanna One Boomerang 10
11th IU Palette 10
11th EXO Love Me Right 10
11th EXO Overdose 10
11th GFRIEND Time for the Moon Night 10
11th Girls' Generation Oh! 10
11th BLACKPINK Shut Down 10
11th B2ST (BEAST) Good Luck 10
11th (G)I-DLE Hwaa 10
11th BTS DNA 10
11th Shinhwa Sniper 10
11th Wonder Girls Tell me 10
11th Red Velvet Power Up 10
11th NCT 127 Sticker 10
11th IVE Love Dive 10
11th SHINee Dream Girl 10
12th SUPER JUNIOR Mamacita 9
12th BIGBANG Fxxk It 9
12th MC Mong Circus 9
12th IVE I AM 9
12th BIGBANG Tonight 9
12th f(x) Electric Shock 9
12th Red Velvet Rookie 9
12th VIXX Love Equation 9
12th ITZY Dalla Dalla 9
12th Zico Any Song 9
12th BIGBANG Still Life 9
12th TWICE Knock Knock 9
12th Girls' Generation Mr. Mr. 9
12th T-ARA Lovey-Dovey 9
12th Red Velvet Psycho 9
12th Shinhwa This Love 9
12th Steve Yoo Passion 9
12th BTS Life Goes On 9
12th IU You and I 9
12th AKMU 200% 9
12th MAMAMOO Starry Night 9
12th EXO Monster 9
12th BTS Yet To Come 9
12th SHINee View 9
12th Lee Hyori U-Go-Girl 9
12th X1 Flash 9
12th TWICE Heart Shaker 9
12th TWICE More & More 9
12th Jisoo Flower 9
12th EXO Miracles in December 9
13th aespa Savage 8
13th TVXQ! Mirotic 8
13th Taeyang Eyes, Nose, Lips 8
13th Apink Dumhdurum 8
13th Highlight Plz don't be sad 8
13th Jonghyun Déjà-Boo 8
13th SG WANNABE I Love You 8
13th BTS IDOL 8
13th Steve Yoo Vision 8
13th Girls' Generation Hoot 8
13th f(x) Pinocchio 8
13th Busker Busker Love, at first 8
13th BTS Permission To Dance 8
13th INFINITE The Chaser 8
13th IU Lilac 8
13th Wanna One Beautiful 8
13th CNBLUE Intuition 8
13th SISTAR Touch my body 8
13th (G)I-DLE TOMBOY 8
13th BSS Fighting (ft. Lee Young Ji) 8
13th PSY Gentleman 8
13th BIGBANG Last Farewell 8
13th NCT Dream Hot Sauce 8
13th Soyou Some 8
13th Taeyeon INVU 8
13th IU Strawberry Moon 8
13th SUPER JUNIOR Sexy, Free & Single 8
13th B1A4 Lonely 8
13th B2ST (BEAST) 12:30 8
13th NewJeans Ditto 8
13th SHINee Sherlock 8
13th Trouble Maker Now 8
13th MAMAMOO You're the best 8
13th OH MY GIRL Nonstop 8
14th TVXQ! Keep your head down 7
14th GOT7 Lullaby 7
14th Chungha Gotta Go 7
14th BB GIRLS Rollin' 7
14th MAMAMOO Yes I am 7
14th SECHSKIES Road Fighter 7
14th B2ST (BEAST) Fiction 7
14th NewJeans Super Shy 7
14th TWICE I Can't Stop Me 7
14th PSY That That 7
14th STAYC RUN2U 7
14th SISTAR19 Gone Not Around Any Longer 7
14th Red Velvet Queendom 7
14th BLACKPINK Pink Venom 7
14th EXO Lotto 7
14th BIGBANG Sunset Glow 7
14th IZ*ONE Secret Story of the Swan 7
14th TWICE Feel Special 7
14th Shinhwa Yo! 7
14th 2PM Hands Up 7
14th Taewoo Love Rain 7
14th IZ*ONE Violeta 7
14th Girls' Generation Party 7
14th iKON Goodbye Road 7
14th IU Bbibbi 7
14th BTOB Missing you 7
14th IU Good Day 7
14th 2PM Again and Again 7
14th 2PM Heartbeat 7
14th GFRIEND Crossroads 7
14th 2NE1 Can't Nobody 7
14th SECHSKIES Reckless Love 7
14th S.E.S I Love You 7
14th Wanna One Light 7
14th Wanna One Spring Breeze 7
14th MOMOLAND BBoom BBoom 7
14th Baek Ji Young Like being shot by a bullet 7
14th INFINITE Man In Love 7
14th MAMAMOO gogobebe 7
14th 4Minute Crazy 7
14th Seungri Strong Baby 7
14th Apink Mr. Chu 7
14th TVXQ! Something 7
14th TWICE Likey 7
15th g.o.d Lies 6
15th SEVENTEEN Don't wanna cry 6
15th STAYC Teddy Bear 6
15th 4Minute What's Your Name? 6
15th SHINee Everybody 6
15th GFRIEND Fever 6
15th 2PM Without U 6
15th Mino Fiancé 6
15th CNBLUE You're so fine 6
15th INFINITE Last Romeo 6
15th (G)I-DLE DUMDi DUMDi 6
15th Stray Kids CASE 143 6
15th GFRIEND Sunrise 6
15th Stray Kids S-Class 6
15th NCT Dream Hello Future 6
15th SE7EN Passion 6
15th FT ISLAND Love Sick 6
15th KARA Lupin 6
15th Taeyang Only look at me 6
15th NewJeans OMG 6
15th Chungha Snapping 6
15th Red Velvet Umpah Umpah 6
15th PSY Daddy 6
15th Stray Kids Thunderous 6
15th Girl's Day Something 6
15th H.O.T Outside Castle 6
15th SHINee Don't Call Me 6
15th BIGBANG Lies 6
15th SISTAR Alone 6
15th WINNER Millions 6
15th EXID Up & Down 6
15th IU Blueming 6
15th IU Love Wins All 6
15th Steve Yoo I'll Be Back 6
15th Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake 6
15th Bolbbalgan4 Workaholic 6
15th SECHSKIES Be well 6
15th Sunmi Siren 6
15th BTS Blood Sweat & Tears 6
15th IU The Red Shoes 6
15th Rain Love Song 6
15th SUPER JUNIOR Bonamana 6
15th Davichi 8282 6
15th Red Velvet Russian Roulette 6
15th BIGBANG Blue 6
15th SHINee Ring Ding Dong 6
15th G-Dragon Untitled, 2014 6
15th Girls' Generation I Got a Boy 6
15th Rosé On the Ground 6
15th H.O.T Hope 6
15th BLACKPINK Lovesick Girls 6
15th V Slow Dancing 6
15th WINNER Empty 6
15th BUZZ Coward 6
15th Apink Five 6
15th SECHSKIES Com'Back 6
15th 2PM I'll be back 6
15th INFINITE Bad 6
16th SEVENTEEN God of Music 5
16th CNBLUE Cinderella 5
16th VIXX Dynamite 5
16th SG WANNABE Partner for Life 5
16th EXO Obsession 5
16th SISTAR Shake It 5
16th BTS Run 5
16th TVXQ! O 5
16th MONSTA X Rush Hour 5
16th Lee Jung Hyun Wow 5
16th Wonder Girls Be My Baby 5
16th NCT Dream Beatbox 5
16th Epik High Fan 5
16th Kang Daniel 2U 5
16th Kang Daniel Antidote 5
16th NCT Dream Glitch Mode 5
16th Red Velvet One of these nights 5
16th Fin. K. L Now 5
16th Red Velvet Bad Boy 5
16th Girls' Generation-TTS Holler 5
16th NU'EST Love Me 5
16th I.O.I Whatta Man 5
16th fromis_9 Stay This Way 5
16th THE BOYZ Maverick 5
16th Yoseop Caffeine 5
16th f(x) 4 Walls 5
16th Im Chang Jung My Lover 5
16th f(x) Red Light 5
16th AKMU Love Lee 5
16th EXO Power 5
16th Taeyang I need a girl 5
16th INFINITE Tell Me 5
16th EXID Ah Yeah 5
16th Rain Rainism 5
16th GOT7 Fly 5
16th KARA Step 5
16th Im Chang Jung You're Like Me 5
16th B2ST (BEAST) Beautiful Night 5
16th THE BOYZ Thrill Ride 5
16th SISTAR I swear 5
16th Red Velvet Dumb Dumb 5
16th ATEEZ Guerilla 5
16th SHINee HARD 5
16th WINNER Really Really 5
16th Kyuhyun At Gwanghwamun 5
16th 2NE1 Missing you 5
16th T-ARA Bo Peep Bo Peep 5
16th Shinhwa T.O.P 5
16th Red Velvet Red Flavor 5
16th IZ*ONE Panorama 5
16th NewJeans Attention 5
16th SEVENTEEN Super 5
16th BoA Hurricane Venus 5
16th SS501 4 Chance 5
16th ITZY Not Shy 5
16th BIGBANG Let's not fall in love 5
16th CNBLUE I'm Sorry 5
16th Wonder Girls Like This 5
16th g.o.d Sorrow 5
16th BIGBANG Love Song 5
16th ITZY Mafia in the Morning 5
16th Sunmi Gashina 5
16th Secret Shy Boy 5
16th S.E.S Show Me Your Love 5
16th BTS I Need U 5
16th IVE Baddie 5
16th ATEEZ Bouncy (K-Hot Chilli Peppers) 5
16th Red Velvet Zimzalabim 5
16th Nayeon POP! 5
16th Infinite H Pretty 5
16th Apink I'm so sick 5
16th Girls' Generation Kissing you 5
17th f(x) Rum Pum Pum Pum 4
17th Trouble Maker Trouble Maker 4
17th G-Dragon Crooked 4
17th NU'EST I'm In Trouble 4
17th B1A4 A Lie 4
17th BoA Girls on top 4
17th miss A Touch 4
17th Sharp Sweety 4
17th SEVENTEEN Ready to Love 4
17th SG WANNABE Arirang 4
17th SEVENTEEN Rock with You 4
17th Lee Mujin Traffic Light 4
17th Rain It's Raining 4
17th FT ISLAND Love Love Love 4
17th Girls' Generation Girl's Generation 4
17th Kim Min-jong Sincere Love 4
17th NCT 127 Fact Check 4
17th EXID L.I.E 4
17th Jimin Like Crazy 4
17th SHINee 1 of 1 4
17th PSY Entertainer 4
17th Fin. K. L You'll Never Know 4
17th Girls' Generation Run Devil Run 4
17th IU Love Poem 4
17th Fly To The Sky Like a Man 4
17th Dynamic Duo BAAAM 4
17th THE BOYZ The Stealer 4
17th S.E.S Dreams Come True 4
17th KARA Honey 4
17th Hwasa Maria 4
17th Younha Event Horizon 4
17th TWICE Yes or Yes 4
17th SHINee Lucifer 4
17th Kang Daniel Paranoia 4
17th VIXX Error 4
17th G.NA Black & White 4
17th (G)I-DLE Oh My God 4
17th TXT Sugar Rush Ride 4
17th CNBLUE Hey You 4
17th aespa Spicy 4
17th BoA My Name 4
17th EXO Wolf 4
17th TWICE Alcohol-Free 4
17th Yangpa Love... What is it? 4
17th MONSTA X Shoot Out 4
17th Taemin Press your number 4
17th ASTRO After Midnight 4
17th Kim Hyun Jung Returned Break up 4
17th Seungri What can I do 4
17th IZ*ONE Fiesta 4
17th NCT 127 Punch 4
17th Wonder Girls Nobody 4
17th IU Friday 4
17th Epik High Fly 4
17th Wonder Girls Why so lonely 4
17th FT ISLAND Severely 4
17th Hyolyn One Way Love 4
17th GOT7 Never Ever 4
17th INFINITE Destiny 4
17th CNBLUE Love 4
17th Kim Hyun Jung Breakup With Her 4
17th Son Dam-bi On Saturday Night 4
17th BIGBANG Bang Bang Bang 4
17th NewJeans ETA 4
17th LE SSERAFIM Fearless 4
17th PSY Bird 4
17th IVY Sonata of Temptation 4
17th Shinhwa Brand new 4
17th GFRIEND Love Whisper 4
17th NU'EST Bet Bet 4
17th NU'EST Inside Out 4
17th Steve Yoo Na Na Na 4
17th ATEEZ Crazy Form 4
17th GOT7 Hard Carry 4
17th Sharp 100 Days Prayer 4
17th TVXQ! The Way U Are 4
17th WJSN Boogie Up 4
17th AB6IX Blind For Love 4
17th Lee Hyori Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 4
17th BTS Spring Day 4
17th B2ST (BEAST) YeY 4
17th Brown Eyed Girls Sixth Sense 4
17th Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra 4
17th Roo'Ra Good 4
17th Ailee Don't touch me 4
17th Taeyeon To. X 4
17th Sunmi Heroine 4
17th MONSTA X Alligator 4
17th ASTRO Candy Sugar Pop 4
17th Im Chang Jung The Love that I committed 4
17th NCT 127 Regular 4
17th SHINee Juliette 4
17th ONEUS Same Scent 4
17th NCT Dream ISTJ 4
17th AKMU How can I love the heartbreak, you're the one I love 4
17th Hyun Joong Break Down 4
17th g.o.d 2 Love 4
17th TVXQ! Rising Sun 4
17th Lee Seung Gi Return 4
17th Lee Hyori Bad Girls 4
17th Baek Ji Young Dash 4
17th Cool Sorrow 4
17th Yonghwa One Fine Day 4
17th Fin. K. L To My Boyfriend 4
17th WINNER Everyday 4
17th Davichi Don't say goodbye 4
18th KARA Pandora 3
18th GOT7 If you do 3
18th OH MY GIRL Dun Dun Dance 3
18th Highlight Alone 3
18th MOMOLAND I'm So Hot 3
18th BIGBANG Sober 3
18th BoA No. 1 3
18th Jungkook 3D 3
18th SISTAR I like that 3
18th OH MY GIRL The Fifth Season (SSFWL) 3
18th IU Twenty-Three 3
18th EXO Sing for you 3
18th g.o.d Road 3
18th Kim Hyun Jung Bruise 3
18th ASTRO ONE 3
18th 2NE1 Go away 3
18th (G)I-DLE Super Lady 3
18th Lee Seung Gi Words that are hard to say 3
18th Ailee U&I 3
18th After School Because of you 3
18th H.O.T I Yah 3
18th B.A.P 1004 3
18th Jungkook Standing Next To You 3
18th B2ST (BEAST) Shadow 3
18th I.O.I Very Very Very 3
18th 2NE1 Ugly 3
18th (G)I-DLE HANN 3
18th SS501 Love like this 3
18th Taeyeon Spark 3
18th iKON My Type 3
18th Cho Yong Pil Bounce 3
18th MC Mong Invincible 3
18th EXO Love Shot 3
18th 2AM I wonder if you hurt like me 3
18th Epik High Happen Ending 3
18th Lee Jung Hyun You 3
18th KARA Damaged Lady 3
18th BLACKPINK As if it's your last 3
18th g.o.d Friday Night 3
18th Baekhyun UN Village 3
18th g.o.d Love and Remember 3
18th Girl's Day Darling 3
18th Stray Kids LALALALA 3
18th ZEROBASEONE In Bloom 3
18th TWICE Fancy 3
18th Jongkook Lovely 3
18th ENHYPEN Drunk-Dazed 3
18th T-ARA Roly Poly 3
18th SE7EN When I Can't Sing 3
18th K.Will You don't know love 3
18th Lim Young Woong Grain of Sand 3
18th Baekhyun Candy 3
18th INFINITE The Eye 3
18th Jewelry Superstar 3
18th FT ISLAND Pray 3
18th NCT U Universe 3
18th S.E.S U 3
18th ITZY Loco 3
18th Girls' Generation Tell me your wish 3
18th TXT CROWN 3
18th BLACKPINK Whistle 3
18th Jennie SOLO 3
18th 2PM I Hate You 3
18th GOT7 Not By The Moon 3
18th SECHSKIES Couple 3
18th Brown Eyed Girls L.O.V.E 3
18th Apink Remember 3
18th 1TYM 1TYM 3
18th Turbo December 3
18th Kim Min-jong Why 3
18th SEVENTEEN Oh My! 3
18th SEVENTEEN Left & Right 3
18th BTS Take Two 3
18th g.o.d An Ordinary Day 3
18th Shinhwa Perfect Man 3
18th EXO Tempo 3
18th BoA Atlantis Princess 3
18th ENHYPEN Future Perfect 3
18th SEVENTEEN Boom Boom 3
18th EXO Universe 3
18th IU Eight 3
18th Steve Yoo Wow 3
18th Lee Hi 1, 2, 3, 4 3
18th BB GIRLS Chi Mat Ba Ram 3
18th SECHSKIES Hunch 3
18th Steve Yoo The Love I Waited For 3
18th Mad Clown Fire 3
18th NCT Dream My First and Last 3
18th NCT U Make A Wish (Birthday Song) 3
18th Im Chang Jung Sad Monologue 3
18th ENHYPEN Tamed-Dashed 3
18th BLACKPINK Ice Cream 3
18th Fin. K. L Forever Love 3
18th Block B Toy 3
18th GOT7 Eclipse 3
18th TVXQ! Believe 3
18th TWS Plot Twist 3
18th Shin Seung-hun A Promise I Can't Follow 3
18th AOA Heart Attack 3
18th Kang Daniel Who U Are 3
18th Apink %% (Eung Eung) 3
18th Baek A Yeon So-So 3
18th Lee Seung Gi Please 3
18th Davichi Cry again 3
18th Baek Ji Young Sad Salsa 3
18th Suho Let's Love 3
18th Suzy Dream 3
18th Lee Hyori Get Ya! 3
18th BABY V.O.X Get Up 3
18th Fly To The Sky My Angel 3
18th AOA Excuse Me 3
18th BTOB Remember that 3
18th 2NE1 Falling in Love 3
18th Rain Ways to avoid the sun 3
18th 2NE1 Come Back Home 3
18th miss A Goodbye Baby 3
18th VIXX Chained up 3
18th miss A Hush 3
18th EXID Night rather than Day 3
18th Lim Young Woong If We Ever Meet Again 3
18th Shin Hye-Sung Same Idea 3
18th BTS Fire 3
18th g.o.d Place Where You Need To Be 3
18th G-Dragon Crayon 3
18th T-ARA I go crazy because of you 3
18th VIXX Fantasy 3
18th Junggigo Some 3
18th Jongkook Walking in the same place 3
18th NCT 127 Favorite 3
18th iKON Dumb & Dumber 3
18th B1A4 Solo Day 3
18th Fin. K. L Ruby 3
18th (G)I-DLE LATATA 3
18th GFRIEND Apple 3
18th IZ*ONE La Vie en Rose 3
18th Lee Hyori 10 Minutes 3
18th TEEN TOP Rocking 3
18th miss A Bad Girl Good Girl 3
18th Jongkook Today more than yesterday 3
18th V Love Me Again 3
18th NCT 127 Ay-Yo 3
18th Shinhwa Once in a lifetime 3
18th Kep1er Wa Da Da 3
18th Fin. K. L Forever 3
18th SF9 Good Guy 3
18th 4Minute Volume Up 3
18th g.o.d The Reason Why Opposites Attract 3
18th Son Dam-bi Saturday Night 3
18th aespa Drama 3
18th SS501 U R Man 3
18th SSAK3 Beach Again 3
19th Busker Busker Cherry Blossom Ending 2
19th G-Dragon Black 2
19th 2AM Can't let you go even if I die 2
19th GFRIEND Summer Rain 2
19th CNBLUE Can't Stop 2
19th SUPER JUNIOR No other 2
19th Ben Thank You For Goodbye 2
19th J.Y. Park Honey 2
19th Country Kkokko Oh! Do You Leave Me? 2
19th f(x) Hot Summer 2
19th STAYC Bubble 2
19th Lee Seung Gi Let's Break Up 2
19th MC Mong 180 Degrees 2
19th Lee Hi No One 2
19th Epik High LOVEDRUNK 2
19th SISTAR Loving U 2
19th Wheesung Incurable 2
19th Stray Kids MANIAC 2
19th Lee Hi Breathe 2
19th fromis_9 DM 2
19th Im Chang Jung Be A Star 2
19th SHINee Love Like Oxygen 2
19th Lee Hi Rose 2
19th NCT 127 2 Baddies 2
19th ENHYPEN Bite Me 2
19th SEVENTEEN Fear 2
19th G-Dragon Good Boy 2
19th Jay Park Abandoned 2
19th MONSTA X Love 2
19th TREASURE Jikjin 2
19th EXO-CBX Hey Mama! 2
19th NU'EST W Where you at 2
19th VIXX Eternity 2
19th TVXQ! Before u go 2
19th Fly To The Sky Sea Of Love 2
19th Hwang Chiyeul The Only Star 2
19th Bolbbalgan4 Some 2
19th IU Nagging 2
19th Fin. K. L Eternal Love 2
19th HyunA Red 2
19th KARA Jumping 2
19th NCT U 90's Love 2
19th NCT 127 Be There For Me 2
19th VERIVERY Tap Tap 2
19th 4Minute Whatcha Doin' Today 2
19th NCT DOJAEJUNG Perfume 2
19th Hwasa Twit 2
19th Davichi Love and War 2
19th EXID Hot Pink 2
19th GFRIEND Fingertip 2
19th Sungkyu The Answer 2
19th Park Hyo Shin Good Person 2
19th B.A.P Young, Wild, and Free 2
19th LOONA Flip That 2
19th Chen Beautiful Goodbye 2
19th Suzy Pretend 2
19th Fly To The Sky You You You 2
19th Cool Truth 2
19th MONSTA X Follow 2
19th Cool Jumpo Mambo 2
19th Woody Fire Up 2
19th 2PM Without you 2
19th Lim Young Woong My Starry Love 2
19th H.O.T Line Up 2
19th RIIZE Love 119 2
19th SHINee Married to the Music 2
19th BOYNEXTDOOR But Sometimes 2
19th Wheesung With me 2
19th N.Flying Rooftop 2
19th T-ARA Cry Cry 2
19th Cool Misery 2
19th SUPER JUNIOR Don't Don 2
19th GFRIEND Mago 2
19th LE SSERAFIM Perfect Night 2
19th Lim Young Woong Do or Die 2
19th AOA Good Luck 2
19th BoA Spark 2
19th Eunji The Spring 2
19th TXT Can't You See Me? 2
19th NCT 127 Superhuman 2
19th Eunji Hopefully Sky 2
19th SS501 Love Ya 2
19th 2AM One Spring Day 2
19th Block B H.E.R 2
19th Fly To The Sky Missing you 2
19th SG WANNABE Sin and Punishment 2
19th Naul You from the same time 2
19th Huh Gak Hello 2
19th VIVIZ Bop Bop! 2
19th Jonghyun Shinin' 2
19th TEEN TOP Warning Sign 2
19th Shinhwa Hey, Come On 2
19th IU Through The Night 2
19th Shinhwa Only One 2
19th Zion. T Just 2
19th Uhm Junghwa Poison 2
19th INFINITE Paradise 2
19th g.o.d I Need You 2
19th Red Velvet Peek-A-Boo 2
19th Highlight NOT THE END 2
19th Highlight Calling you 2
19th TEEN TOP Missing 2
19th Chen Shall we? 2
19th SEVENTEEN Pretty U 2
19th IVE Kitsch 2
19th B2ST (BEAST) Gotta go to work 2
19th OH MY GIRL BUNGEE (Fall in Love) 2
19th Yoon Jong Shin Like it 2
19th Niel Lovekiller 2
19th ENHYPEN Blessed-Cursed 2
19th Lee Hyori Hey Mr. Big 2
19th ATEEZ Inception 2
19th TEMPEST Vroom Vroom 2
19th 2NE1 Fire 2
19th B2ST (BEAST) Ribbon 2
19th Dreamcatcher BONVOYAGE 2
19th SUPER JUNIOR Super Clap 2
19th Kai Rover 2
19th TWICE Scientist 2
19th BTOB Only one for me 2
19th B.A.P Skydive 2
19th B2ST (BEAST) Breath 2
19th SHINee Hello 2
19th IVY If you're gonna be like this 2
19th SE7EN I Know 2
19th BIGBANG Fantastic Baby 2
19th Drunken Tiger Good Life 2
19th Minseo Yes 2
19th Sungkyu True Love 2
19th CNBLUE I'm a loner 2
19th WJSN Butterfly 2
19th GD & TOP High High 2
19th Lee Seung Gi White Lie 2
19th Epik High One 2
19th 4Minute Muzik 2
19th TVXQ! Hug 2
19th BLACKPINK Kill This Love 2
19th Ha Sung Woon BLUE 2
19th S.E.S I'm Your Girl 2
19th NCT Dream Candy 2
19th ONEUS Baila Conmigo 2
19th Dynamic Duo Jam 2
19th Lee Hi It's over 2
19th SE7EN Come Back To Me 2
19th Shinhwa Crazy 2
19th BABY V.O.X Coincidence 2
19th Taemin Want 2
19th Im Chang Jung Love Again 2
19th SEVENTEEN Clap 2
19th Lee Hongki Insensible 2
19th Yoonmirae As Time Goes By 2
19th Shinhwa Touch 2
19th Im Chang Jung There Has Never Been a Day I Haven't Loved You 2
19th K.Will Love Blossom 2
19th Golden Child Burn It 2
19th j-hope on the street 2
19th Taemin Danger 2
19th GOT the beat Step Back 2
19th Wheesung Can't You, Please 2
19th BLACKPINK Playing with Fire 2
19th MBLAQ This is War 2
19th Steve Yoo Love Song 2
19th OH MY GIRL Secret Garden 2
19th Apink NoNoNo 2
19th SECHSKIES Premonition 2
19th CLC No 2
19th Stray Kids Back Door 2
19th NCT U Baggy Jeans 2
19th Wheesung Goodbye Luv 2
19th Taeyeon Four Seasons 2
19th Wooseok Sugar 2
19th PSY I Luv it 2
19th MONSTA X Love Killa 2
19th TXT Chasing That Feeling 2
19th Shinhwa Your Wedding 2
19th Jonghyun She is 2
19th Jongkook One Man 2
19th aespa Girls 2
19th DAY6 Time of Our Life 2
19th BTOB The Song 2
19th SUPER JUNIOR Dancing out 2
19th Roy Kim Home 2
19th Soyeon BEAM BEAM 2
19th SE7EN Better Together 2
19th Wanna One I Promise You (I.P.U.) 2
19th SS501 Snow Prince 2
19th SEVENTEEN Thanks 2
19th Park Hyo Shin After Love 2
19th Steve Yoo Sad Silence 2
19th CSJH The Grace One more time, OK? 2
19th THE BOYZ Whisper 2
19th Sharp Great! 2
19th INFINITE Be mine 2
19th Wheesung Love is Delicious 2
19th 2NE1 I am the best 2
19th MAMAMOO Egotistic 2
19th TEEN TOP Going Crazy 2
19th Tiffany Young I Just Wanna Dance 2
19th WSG Wannabe (Gaya-G) At That Moment 2
19th Girl's Day I'll be yours 2
19th NCT Dream BOOM 2
19th Gain We fell in Love 2
19th Dreamcatcher Maison 2
19th Kim Jaehwan Begin Again 2
19th HyunA How's this? 2
19th Baekhyun Dream 2
19th Im Chang Jung Reason to Wait 2
19th MAMAMOO Décalcomanie 2
19th K.Will Day 1 2
19th Younha Secret Number 486 2
19th Taeyeon Fine 2
19th Red Velvet Birthday 2
20th VICTON Howling 1
20th Cho Yong Pil Hello 1
20th Seo Taiji Moai 1
20th Chakra End 1
20th Zion. T Snow 1
20th NCT 127 Touch 1
20th Wonder Girls 2 Different Tears 1
20th Uhm Junghwa I Don't Know 1
20th Wheesung Heart aching story 1
20th Park Ji Yoon Steal Away 1
20th Shin Hye-Sung First Person 1
20th YooA Bon Voyage 1
20th Fin. K. L To My Prince 1
20th Han Seung Woo Dive Into 1
20th INFINITE Back 1
20th Wheesung A Year Gone 1
20th Kang Daniel Upside Down 1
20th Sejeong Plant 1
20th CIX Movie Star 1
20th Hwang Chiyeul A Daily Song 1
20th FT ISLAND Until you return 1
20th S.E.S Oh, My Love 1
20th SISTAR So Cool 1
20th JEON SOMI What You Waiting For 1
20th KARA When I Move 1
20th SUPER JUNIOR It's you 1
20th BABY V.O.X What should I do 1
20th Eunbi The Flash 1
20th Roy Kim Spring Spring Spring 1
20th Rain I Do 1
20th BABY V.O.X Killer 1
20th (G)I-DLE Senorita 1
20th Junjin Love Doesn't Come 1
20th Kim Jaehwan Spring Breeze 1
20th Crayon Pop Bar Bar Bar 1
20th Lee Soo Young La La La 1
20th Jeong Sewoon When it rains 1
20th Naul Emptiness in Memory 1
20th Taeyeon Why 1
20th I.O.I Downpour 1
20th K.Will Please Don't... 1
20th Zhoumi Rewind 1
20th Ben 180 Degree 1
20th GD & TOP Zutter 1
20th Lee Seung Gi I'll give you my everything 1
20th Donghan Sunset 1
20th 2NE1 Clap your hands 1
20th U-KNOW Thank U 1
20th SECHSKIES Crying Game 1
20th LABOUM Hwi hwi 1
20th 10cm What the Spring?? 1
20th Kim Dong Ryul How am I 1
20th IU Winter Sleep 1
20th Zico Bermuda Triangle 1
20th Apink My My 1
20th Toy Warm Hello 1
20th PSY End 1
20th BoA Only One 1
20th 4Minute What's Your Name 1
20th TEEN TOP Ah-Ah 1
20th Lee Jung Hyun Change 1
20th Yoseop Where I am gone 1
20th WJSN Save Me, Save You 1
20th Seungri VVIP 1
20th Dongwan Handkerchief 1
20th Seohyun Don't Say No 1
20th Minah I am a woman too 1
20th Davichi Sad Promise 1
20th MOONBIN & SANHA Bad Idea 1
20th Fin. K. L Pride 1
20th SHINee I Want You 1
20th SF9 Summer Breeze 1
20th H1-KEY SEOUL (Such a Beautiful City) 1
20th Wheesung The day we meet again 1
20th ATEEZ Guerrilla 1
20th WINNER Ah Yeah 1
20th Gary Your Scent 1
20th Lee Min Woo Girl Friend 1
20th Golden Child Wannabe 1
20th Lovelyz Twinkle 1
20th G.NA 2HOT 1
20th Red Velvet Feel My Rhythm 1
20th SECHSKIES Leaving You 1
20th P1Harmony Killin' It 1
20th AOA Like a Cat 1
20th S.E.S Twilight Zone 1
20th g.o.d 0% 1
20th ITZY Cake 1
20th Taeyang Ringa Linga 1
20th TVXQ! I Believe 1
20th Chungha Sparkling 1
20th Hi Suhyun I'm Different 1
20th MC Mong Ice Cream 1
20th EVERGLOW Adios 1
20th Epik High Love Story 1
20th Sharp My Lips... Warm Like Coffee 1
20th Gain Bloom 1
20th SISTAR How dare you 1
20th ATEEZ Deja Vu 1
20th Davichi Turtle 1
20th VIXX The Closer 1
20th SHINee Good Evening 1
20th G.NA I'll back off so you can live better 1
20th Kang Daniel What are you up to 1
20th MONSTA X Dramarama 1
20th Jay Park Know your name 1
20th CRAVITY Groovy 1
20th Gary Lonely Night 1
20th PENTAGON Feelin' Like 1
20th GOT7 Look 1
20th ASTRO Knock 1
20th FT ISLAND Thunder 1
20th Jihoon Serious 1
20th NCT Dream Ridin' 1
20th KARA Cupid 1
20th WINNER Sentimental 1
20th B2ST (BEAST) Shock 1
20th Woohyun If only you are fine 1
20th T-ARA Yayaya 1
20th Kim Hyun Jung Silhouette 1
20th Taeyeon What Do I Call You 1
20th SS501 Deja Vu 1
20th Girl's Day Female President 1
20th Sunmi Full Moon 1
20th Davichi The Letter 1
20th VIXX Scentist 1
20th Seo In Young Goodbye Romance 1
20th Turbo I Got a Girlfriend 1
20th iKON Killing Me 1
20th BTOB Way Back Home 1
20th THE BOYZ Lip Gloss 1
20th VICTON Mayday 1
20th Baek Ji Young Don't Love 1
20th TXT Good Boy Gone Bad 1
20th Billlie EUNOIA 1
20th Wooseok Switch 1
20th NU'EST W Help me 1
20th FT ISLAND I Wish 1
20th HaHa You Are My Destiny 1
20th LOONA So What 1
20th B.A.P Feel so good 1
20th Park Ji Yoon Adult Ceremony 1
20th EXO Cream Soda 1
20th Stray Kids Miroh 1
20th AOA Miniskirt 1
20th Roy Kim Love Love Love 1
20th NCT 127 Kick It 1
20th Onew O (Circle) 1
20th EXO For Life 1
20th Rain LA Song 1
20th Lee Min Woo Bump 1
20th Kim Hyun Jung Show Revolution 1
20th SG WANNABE One Summer Day's Dream 1
20th BF Bounce 1
20th Leo Touch & Sketch 1
20th PSY Right Now 1
20th Gain Irreversible 1
20th Rain Switch to Me 1
20th Golden Child Pump It Up 1
20th Red Velvet Chill Kill 1
20th EXO-SC 1 Billion Views 1
20th CSR ♡TiCON 1
20th VIXX Shangri-La 1
20th ASTRO All Night 1
20th Rain 30 Sexy 1
20th Dongwan I'm fine 1
20th EXID Lady 1
20th MBLAQ Y 1
20th 4Minute Mirror Mirror 1
20th BTOB 4U Show Your Love 1
20th SG WANNABE La La La 1
20th Lovelyz Obliviate 1
20th MONSTA X Beautiful Liar 1
20th IVE Either Way 1
20th Ailee Mind your own business 1
20th Jin The Astronaut 1
20th Jihyo Killin' Me Good 1
20th Block B Very Good 1
20th Lyn Used to Love 1
20th BTOB Movie 1
20th MC Mong Miss Me or Diss Me 1
20th Fly To The Sky Evasion 1
20th Han Dong Geun Making a new ending for this story 1
20th BUZZ Don't Know Men 1
20th Kang Daniel TOUCHIN' 1
20th Shinhwa Venus 1
20th WOODZ Waiting 1
20th ITZY Chesire 1
20th Crush Don't Forget 1
20th OH MY GIRL Summer Comes 1
20th B1A4 What's happening? 1
20th TVXQ! Tri-Angle 1
20th Ha Sung Woon Bird 1
20th B2ST (BEAST) On Rainy Days 1
20th Miyeon Drive 1
20th Zico Boys and Girls 1
20th G-Dragon Who You? 1
20th SS501 Never Again 1
20th Apink Dilemma 1
20th Kangta Memories 1
20th TVXQ! Balloons 1
20th Dynamic Duo Nosedive 1
20th Hyolyn Erase 1
20th Soyou Lean on me 1
20th FT ISLAND After Love 1
20th Cool Understanding Men and Women 1
20th Baekhyun Bambi 1
20th DIVA Why Do U Call Me 1
20th Wheein Make Me Happy 1
20th WJSN As You Wish 1
20th NU'EST W Dejavu 1
20th Heize Star 1
20th Lee Seung Gi I will give you everything 1
20th 2NE1 Do you love me 1
20th VIXX LR Beautiful Liar 1
20th Seo In-guk Love U 1
20th Park Ji Yoon Go Away 1
20th Soyou All Night 1
20th ATEEZ I'm The One 1
20th NCT 127 Cherry Bomb 1
20th EXO The First Snow 1
20th AKMU Last Goodbye 1
20th Secret Starlight Moonlight 1
20th NiziU HEARTRIS 1
20th AB6IX The Answer 1
20th YooA Selfish 1
20th EVERGLOW Slay 1
20th G-Dragon Coup D'état 1
20th Sejeong Flower Way 1
20th B2ST (BEAST) No More 1
20th g.o.d 2Heart 1
20th Yuri Love Shhh! 1
20th Gikwang Predator 1
20th Jo Kwon I'm Da One 1
20th Highlight DAYDREAM 1
20th Lee Chan Won Wish Lanterns 1
20th Taeyeon Rain 1
20th EXO December, 2014 1
20th J.Y. Park The house you live in 1
20th TXT Blue Hour 1
20th CRAVITY Party Rock 1
20th AB6IX LOSER 1
20th GOT7 You Calling My Name 1
20th Kyung Ordinary Love 1
20th SE7EN La La La 1
20th NMIXX Love Me Like This 1
20th THE BOYZ Bloom Bloom 1
20th 2PM Come back when you hear this song 1
20th BUZZ Travel to me 1
20th BoA Valenti 1
20th SF9 Trauma 1
20th John Park Falling 1
20th K.Will Please Dont... 1
20th BF Witch 1
20th Lisa LALISA 1
20th Girls' Generation Baby Baby 1
20th LOONA PTT (Paint The Town) 1
20th EXO-SC What a life 1
20th Taeyang I'll be there 1
20th High4 Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms 1
20th Sharp Tell Me Tell Me 1
20th Kim Hyun Jung Love Alone 1
20th EXID DDD 1
20th K.Will I Need You 1
20th OH MY GIRL Real Love 1
20th (G)I-DLE Uh-Oh 1
20th TEEN TOP Love is 1
20th VICTON nostalgic night 1
20th Brown Eyed Girls My Story 1
20th J.Y. Park I Have A Woman 1
20th Davichi Just the two of us 1
20th 2PM My House 1
20th 2AM I did wrong 1
20th EVERGLOW First 1
20th OH MY GIRL Remember me 1
20th GD & TOP Oh Yeah 1
20th B2ST (BEAST) Beautiful 1
20th Jimin Closer Than This 1
20th 2NE1 Lonely 1
20th Nell Walking through memories 1
20th Taemin Guilty 1
20th B1A4 Sweet Girl 1
20th Lee Seung Gi Aren't we friends? 1
20th Red Velvet - IRENE & SEULGI Monster 1
20th Lim Young Woong London Boy 1
20th KARA Wanna 1
20th LE SSERAFIM Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's wife 1
20th Park Hyo Shin Wild Flower 1
20th Stray Kids Levanter 1
20th Wheesung Night and Day 1
20th Park Ji Yoon Precious Love 1
20th Solar Spit It Out 1
20th Chakra Hate 1
20th DKZ Uh Heung 1
20th Yuri Taxi 1
20th fromis_9 #menow 1
20th IU Sogyeokdong 1
20th MONSTA X Fantasia 1
20th BUZZ Confusion about Men 1
20th NewJeans Hype Boy 1
20th MOMOLAND Thumbs Up 1
20th G.NA Oops! 1
20th PSY Champion 1
20th Heize You, Rain, Clouds 1
20th Baek A Yeon Shouldn't have 1
20th Stray Kids Christmas EveL 1
20th GOT7 Miracle 1
20th Homme I was able to eat well 1
20th Zico SoulMate 1
20th FT ISLAND Take me now 1
20th Kim Hyun Jung You Really? 1
20th Lovelyz That Day 1
20th Soyou Stupid in Love 1
20th Kep1er Up! 1
20th Highlight Can Be Better 1
20th Hyun Joong Lucky Guy 1
20th Turbo Again 1
20th Crayon Pop Uh-ee! 1
20th Yena SMiLEY 1
20th Heejun Generous 1
20th Taeyeon Starlight 1
20th Girls' Generation Into the new world 1
20th S.E.S Just In Love 1
20th UNIQ EOEO 1
20th Lee Chan Won Convenience Store 1
20th 1TYM One Love 1
20th Heize We don't talk together 1
20th Ha Sung Woon Sneakers 1
20th DIA WooWoo 1
20th Ailee Singing got better 1
20th T-ARA Why are you being like this 1
20th 2AM You wouldn't answer my calls 1
20th KyoungSeo Shiny Star 1
20th ITZY Untouchable 1
20th ENHYPEN Sweet Venom 1
20th TEMPEST Dragon 1
20th CL The Baddest Female 1
20th Double S 301 Pain 1
20th D.O. Rose 1
20th MONSTA X Jealousy 1
20th 2AM Can't let go even if I die 1
20th 4Minute HuH 1
20th Turbo X 1
20th ONF Beautiful Beautiful 1
20th Hyukoh Tomboy 1
20th Taemin Idea 1
20th CRAVITY Flame 1
20th Taeyang VIBE (ft. Jimin) 1
20th SEVENTEEN Left n Right 1
20th T-ARA What's My Name? 1
20th Lee Seung Gi Because you're my girl 1
20th Toy Three of us 1
20th Tony An Yutzpracachia 1
20th SUPER JUNIOR-D&E Danger 1
20th SHAUN Way Back Home 1
20th Ailee I will show you 1
20th Kim Min Seok DrunKen Confession 1
20th Davichi Unspoken Words 1
20th Block B A few years later 1
20th SUPER JUNIOR-D&E Growing Pains 1
20th BTOB Beautiful Pain 1
20th Key Bad Love 1
20th Insooni A Goose's Dream 1
20th Bolbbalgan4 Travel 1
20th Jaechan Hello 1
20th Lovelyz Now, We 1
20th Im Chang Jung A glass of soju 1
20th B2ST (BEAST) Will you be okay? 1
20th Noel Late Night 1
20th Jimin Set Me Free Pt. 2 1
20th BIGBANG Last Dance 1
20th iKON Apology 1
20th VIXX Voodoo Doll 1
20th Girls On Top Step Back 1
20th Rain Instead of Saying Goodbye 1
20th TXT Run Away 1
20th JBJ My Flower 1
20th SG WANNABE Song of Love 1
20th ONEUS Luna 1
20th Jungkey Anymore 1
20th U-KISS Playground 1
20th fromis_9 Talk & Talk 1
20th Shinhwa All Your Dreams 1
20th Paul Kim Me After You 1
20th iKON Rhythm ta 1
20th EXO Don't Fight The Feeling 1
20th miss A Breathe 1
20th WJSN Unnatural 1
20th aespa Black Mamba 1
20th K.Will My heart is beating 1
20th PENTAGON Daisy 1